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Dota 6.80 Map - Official DotA 6.80 Map & Changelogs (Released!)

DotA 6.80 Download - Official Dota 6.80 Map.
 Finally, after for a month we can only stare at the DotA 6.80 changelogs in the DotA 2, the Warcraft version of DotA 6.80 is released! This map consists of various gameplay changes, balances for items and heroes as well. Earth Spirit got some skill remake to nerf his overpowered combo and Drow Ranger got new skill to replace her silence.

And surprisingly, IceFrog did not include the latest secret boss, Sun Wukong, as the new hero on this map. Maybe he doesn't have enough time to do that, but let's hope he will come very soon. Check out the changelogs and download link below:

DotA 6.80 Changelogs
DotA 6.80 Changelogs

Dota 6.80 Download Link
Dota 6.80 Download - GameWebz Mirror

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Awesome! Now we can play DotA 6.80 and enjoy the new changes! Don't forget to tell what you feel about this map in the comment section! Enjoy the new map guys!

PS: For DotA 6.80 AI map updates, please see DotA 6.80 AI page.

Update: DotA 6.80b has just released!

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  1. last blood!! B-)

  2. sentry ward visible to opponent, shit,
    waste of 200

  3. If Sun Wukong is finally introduced into Dota 2 his name there will be different because in LoL a playable character named "Wukong" exists.

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