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DotA - WoDotA Top10 Weekly Vol.70, 71| DotA - WoDotA Funny Time Vol.18, 19, 20

Miss the WoDotA Weekly? They just uploaded their previous videos on the YouTube, enjoy!

DotA - WoDotA Top10 Weekly Vol.70

10: Orge Magi hitting creep to get to level 6 for a change to get a 2x Multi Cast killing Morphling
9: Mirana hitting a long range arrow on Tuskar Twice Killing him
8: Earth Shaker Blink ulti Grabs a double kill and killing Tiny for Triple Kill. Then Juking Clinks in trees and Tping out safely
7: Windrunner Trapping Juggernaut and Bounty Hunter in Trees with the help of Phase Boots manages to get away safely with help from undying killing them both.
6: Kunkka predicts Invoker’s Movement killing Him
5: Nevermore getting a Rampage
4: Huskar escapes death and gets a Rampage.
3: Pudge turns around to kill invoker then saves Venomancer baiting scourge team and killing them.
2: Vengeful spirit survives a chasing Weaver with Swap every 10 sec and force staff avoid death and baiting Weaver to death.
1: Sand King escapes death with burrow strikes allowing his teammates to backup allow him to get a Triple Kill

Special Scene: Pudge epic Hook causes Magnus to miss his ulti

DotA - WoDotA Top10 Weekly Vol.71

10: Visage using his Familiars to trap Orge Magi killing him
9: Wisp uses Relocate luring Furion and Drow then killing them both
8: Pudge helps BristleBack kills Blood Seeker hooks undying and killing him too lastly killing Slark with a Hook for a Triple Kill
7: Razor Kills Sniper and Furion and with Phase boots traps Naix in trees with Venomancer’s Ward killing Naix
6: Crystal Maiden casts Ulti in Fog to kill Enchantress then using force staff to avoid Sand King’s Burrow Strike uses Frost Bite at the last second to avoid Morphing’s Last hit
5: Juggernaut saves himself with the Healing ward killing both Weaver and Venge
4: Lion Luring Weaver and killing him with Stun and finger then fogs Bane, void and Thrall avoiding Death
3: Tiny Gets lucky with Craggy Exterior Causing Tauren and Mortred death
2: Nevermore Kills Juggernaut and blind raze Invoker for a Double Kill
1: Nevermore Kills Gondar with blind raze and with the help of Venge Killing Furion and Chaos Knight for a Triple Kill
Special Scene: Lich’s Ulti Bounce to Ncing Causing Furion’s Death and Wisp Died as well

WoDotA Funny Time Vol.18

WoDotA Funny Time Vol.19

WoDotA Funny Time Vol.20

Enjoy Them! =)

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  1. very funny video, if you understand chinese, you will more LOL on the WoDotA Funny Time Vol.20.

  2. do anyone know what is the title of the background music used in the wodota funny time? and whos the artist? tnx

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