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DotA - Top 10 Garena Vol 26

Another Week Without Wodota but still we have other Awesome Videos for Everyone to Watch

10: Sand King using ‘glitch’ burrow strike to catch up with Twin Head Dragon killing him.
9:Storm Sprit Timely Magic Stick to save himself and ulting from cliff and fogging Chaos Knight Baiting him and killing Chaos Knight

8: Kunkka and sand king combo clearing Scourge Team
7: Naix using On/Off armlet to save himself from Mirana and Nevermore’s baiting both of them allowing to kill them both then killing Earth Shaker with yet another on/off armlet
6: Pudge Kills Naga with a Hook then kills Shadow Demon with Hook Ulti for a Double Kill turns around to kill bat rider and Zeus for an Ultra Kill
5: Nevermore Kills Troll with Razes the killing Weaver and Furion with ulti Razes Juggernaut for a Ultra Kill and Fogging Rouge Knight for the Rampage
4: Anti Mage Baiting Scourge to Roshan then using Mana Void on Roshan allowing him to get an Ultra Kill
3: Spectral Survive From Terror Blade Last hit by fogging him with the help of Poor Man Shield
2: Zeus and Furion Both With Refreshers Clearing the Entire Sentinel Team
1:Puck Playing Around with the Scourge Team Baiting them and killing them with the help of his team getting a Mega Kill
Special Scene: Techics Switch with Opponent after mining the place.
Sentinel Team Getting First Blood by entering the enemies base before the creeps spawn with the help of Tuskar grabbing the First Blood and all Tping Out.

Enjoy The Video =)

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