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DotA - WoDotA Top10 Weekly Vol.68

Enjoy this WoDota weekly with some nice scene =)

10: Admiral Torrent ship hit whole team with the help of Tide Bringer to get a Rampage
9: Sniper use Assassinate to kill Ogre magi then using Shrapnel to kill Stealth Assassin to get a Double Kill
8: Keeper Of The Light use a timely Chakra to avoid death from Anti Mage’s Mana void and killing him with Illuminate
7: Mirana used Moonlight Shadow to avoid detection from Nevermore and luring Storm Sprit allowing Lina to get the kill. Mirana buyback after getting Mana Void by Anti Mage killing Treant Protector ,Anti Mage and a blind arrow to kill Nevermore
6: Zeus juking Juggernaut allowing his teammates teammates arrive and help him
5: Tauren Chieftain using Ancestral Spirit to kill Spectral then a blind Earth Splitter to kill Gondar
4: Earth Shaker blinks away from a Akasha’s Scream and dodging a Pudge Hook hiding in fog allowing him to blink away.
3: Luna juking Alchemist causing his unstable concoction to backfire then using Magic Stick to save himself from unstable concoction and finally killing Alchemist by using his glaive by denying his own creep twice
2: Ogre Magi gets lucky and get 3 times 4x stun killing the Batrider
1: Puck Backstabbing tiny killing tiny and bane then using illusionary orb to kill Spectral then using illusionary orb to kill dazzle for a Ultra Kill then manages to get out alive using trees
Special Scene: Gondar dying to a clap from furbolg

If you miss out the WoDotA Top10 Weekly Vol.68, you can find it here.

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  1. I wonder what  DOTA 2 would be like? I made an article about it here:

    Though I'd still prefer Dota 1. 

  2. no news about 6.72 AI?

  3. this is so annoying :)

  4.  damn, i belive tauren using maphack

    + + + + +

  6. marcelo choque
    Esta super este video, pero magina estaba pavito

    mis respetos para las 10 jugadas