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WoDotA Top10 Weekly Vol.67 | Expect the Unexpected Season 2 - Mind Games

Another week with a new WoDota Weekly Video, enjoy! =D

10: Warlock uses Crow to get back gem
9: Storm Spirit used ulti to avoid Faceless Void’s Chronosphere and the Lina’s stun then killing both of them
8. Pudge Hook and Dismember to kill Juggernaut then using Rot to kill Bounty Hunter finally hooking Nerubian Assassin to get the Triple Kill .
7: Sniper juking Bounty Hunter, Doom Bringer and Tormented Soul .With the help of Tiny, Sniper managed to kill all 3 of them and Witch Doctor
6: Mirana leaped to avoid Akasha’s ulti then managed to blind arrow Nerubian Weaver
and killing him. Pudge then blind hook killing Mirana as well
5: Invoker uses Tornado and Cold Snap to avoid getting kill and using Tornado again to kill Night Stalker then manage to run home from Nerubian Weaver
4: Clockwerk manages to kill Rasta with 3 rockets
3: Pudge hook Nevermore to save him from getting killed allowing Nevermore to blink and avoid
Obsidian Destroyer’s ulti. Then uses ulti to kill Admiral and a timely Blink to dodge Vengeful Spirit’ Stun killing both Vengeful and Sniper with 2 razes
2: Magnataur ulties all the opponents uphill and with the help of Batrider and Earthshaker clearing team
1: Lina uses ulti to kill Warlock and manage to run away by avoiding a torrent from Admiral 

Special Scene
: Mirana back arrow hitting Anti Mage allowing pudge to hooks Anti Mage killing him

For Those of u who have missed WoDota Weekly 66 Check it out at Dota-Blog Forum.
Here is the 2nd Video :

Enjoy the brand new videos!

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