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WoDota vs GosuGamer Top 10 Moves!

It seems GosuGamer also made top 10 weekly DotA moves. And i don't wanna bother which one is the best and show them both here. As for me, i'm still stick with WoDotA and JK the DotA Media forums moderator prefers GosuGamer. It's up to you guys! We have our own preference. Without further ado, let's see both videos ;)

WoDotA Top 10 Weekly Vol 44

10: Shadow Fiend escapes Sven’s Stun in the last second with Blink
9: Windrunner killing Lion and doing a timely Shackle Shot to stun Bounty Hunter and Lina just exactly after Lina being hooked. That allowing Pudge to Suicide. Alleria ended up with a Triple Kill
8: Tiny turns the tables on BristleBack and killed BB with the help of Earthshaker. Nice combination of Toss and Fissure
7: Silencer managed to escape a 3 on 1 gank with the help of Sand King and manages to kill Naix with Curse of Silent and TPed away in fogged , escaping death from QoP
6: Dying QoP escaped away from Sniper’s ulti with a timely Blink and manages to kill Kardel with his ulti and Scream
5: Invoker manages to kill Alchemist and avoids being killed by Morphing/Orge Magi by running into Neutral Creeps. Quote from the game Invoker says: They Are Crazy (Translated)
4: Pugna escapes death from 4 heroes and manages to kill 4 of them (Pudge suicided) by using the fog
A: Chaos Knight using Reality Rift to trap both himself and Earthshaker. He then managed to kill ES, able to untrap himself and ran away.
B: Sniper turn Armlet off and on to save himself and get an Ultra Kill
C: Techies doing Rampage with Remotes Mines everywhere

GosuGamer Top 10 Weekly Vol 6

10: Bane saving Thrall and denying him from POTM’s last hit and getting a Triple kill by himself and Rampage with the help of teammates. The best moves on this video i think, i wonder why it get the 10th rank.
9: Dying Enigma getting a Double Kill by killing Crystal Maiden and Windrunner
8: Razor cancel the opponent team First Blood by denying Lich, claiming the First Blood for himself and getting Double Kill.
7: Furion Killed Juggernaut and saving himself by using a timely slave and turns back and kill medusa with the help of Tower
6: Kunkka avoids a 2 on 1 gang (with the help of Pudge) and managed to kill Enchantress
5: Pudge managed to get a Ultra Kill with the help of Dark Seer
4: SF getting Triple Kill with the help of Darkseer’s Vacuum
3: Shadowfiend hitting 2 Razes on Bounty Hunter and Pudge ended it with a hook
2: Morphling managed to escape a gang from Pudge and Broodmother
1: Gyrocopter baiting opponent team and kills them with the help of allies.

Thanks to JK for all the timeline. What do you think guys? Which one do you prefer? 

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  1. love them both... :D

  2. yeh!! love them ^_^


    by: laboxx

    galing !!!!! more video plz :D

  3. Good !! Moreee XD

  4. I loved the vid of Wodota more... Idol Techies and his Awesome Remote mines!!!! :D

  5. Both of them are Awesome..!!!

  6. Techies "AWEESOME" i m nt having word more than this...

  7. Hahaha... Techies studied the enemy's possible escape routes in Senti's forest well. Awesome BGM too. Perhaps, can someone tell me the title and artist?

  8. @ ^ prodigy - omen
    wodota clearly win this with awesome editing, nice song and better play

  9. we are electric!

  10. GosuGame replay is easy to understand,
    better than WoDota
    (i try to watch it without read the notes first)
    but the ranking scene on WoDota is better

  11. haha some wicked sick video u got here

  12. Download more videos keep it up


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