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WoDota Vol.45 vs GosuGamer Vol.7 Top 10 Moves!

Another week of top 10 moves from both Gosugamers and WoDotA. And i must say that this week WoDota give us better moves. And what's more, the We Are Electric song is back! Check it out!

10: Mirana Kill Steal Roshan from the Scourge with a timely Arrow
9: Earthshaker and Tiny cleared the scourge
8: Shadowfiend doing a Double Kill on Silencer and Viper. He then escaping Venge’s stun by using Smoke of Deceit
7: Neutral Creep getting a Triple Kill =)) Epic!!
6: Meepo escaped death with timely Poofs and gets a Triple Kill from different Meepos
5: Sand King is able to predict Treant and kills him while Treant is invisible
4: Slark getting Ultra Kill with skillful use of changing Power Treads
3: Keeper of the Light denied tower and manage to get an Ultra Kill by casting Illuminate from the blind side
2: Invoker getting a Rampage by using many skills and ended with Sun Strike on the Scourge base
1: Veno traping Sniper with wards and killing him. Veno then using wards to kill Mirana, Tiny and Puck

Special: Crystal Maiden self kill?

10: Leshrac doing a Triple Kill with a nice stun
9: Windrunner killing Morphling and then using Phase Boots to fet Tiny trapped
8: Windrunner using her illusions to kill herself
7: Mirana able to hit her arrow twice on Bounty Hunter while he is invisible
6: Shadowfiend avoid Sandking’s Burrow twice with timely Blink and timely Manta cast
5: Naga Siren mislead Furion with his illusions and managed to TP away
4: Furion trapping all of its creeps at tower and the killing Ogre Magi
3: Invoker killed Centaur with Sun Strike just when he blinked right into it
2: Storm Spirit avoided Naga’s Song of Siren with timely ulti twice
1: Lina managed to stun Earthshaker,Venomancer, Lightning Revenant twice to escape death and killing Veno and Raigor with the help of tower

Thanks to JK for the help with the time line! 

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  1. double kill!!

    same person as above

  2. Best when neutral get trpile kill

  3. maybe she
    changed the treads to agi???

  4. i don't get the crystal maiden one ?_?
    can someone explain please

  5. We are Electric!!

  6. @above above
    Watch it To the End

  7. WoDota is still better

  8. where is crystal maiden ??

  9. cm scene is just before the video ends

  10. whats that???
    her tread is agi mode from the start of the scene

  11. rampage/...@@@!!!!!!

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