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DotA 6.67c Now is the Stable Map!

DotA 6.67c finally becomes the stable map today. Based on previous occasions, this is a really strong indication that the next map will coming out shortly.
Last time, when DotA 6.66b became the stable map, Dota 6.67 released on the very same day!

So, if you ask me, i dare to say that DotA 6.68 will coming out really soon. Could be today or tomorrow. But again, it still depends on IceFrog decision. Don't worry, no matter when, DotA-Blog will notify you as soon as the map comes out. Just make sure that you already subscribed on our Feeds, like our Facebook Page or follow our Twitter so we can reach you :)

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  1. 1st BLOOD the 1st...then rampage!!!

  2. does DotA 6.67c is stable map?
    i don't think so. there are still many bugs :p

  3. Sweet...
    i can smell it already. XD!!

  4. like this very much!!! ^o^v

  5. how can it be the stable map, there's the Alleria bug, the Morphling bug, then that bird attack bug... fail

  6. 6.68 is latest map now