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Dota 6.67b Bug, Abuse & Exploits | Dota-Allstars 6.67b Bug

Dota 6.67b Bug, Abuse and Exploits. Looks like even after the release of Dota 6.67b, some bugs still remains. And one of the bug that still not fixed is the Magnus drag-me-to-hell bug. Even though this is not as game breaking as the Dota 6.67 Bug (perma-crit on Gondar), the Dota 6.67b bug is also pretty amusing.

If you're doing it right, you will dragged to your own base after the teleport. What makes it game-breaking is, you can also drag your enemies too into the base as you can see on the below video, WOOT!  -_-" (maybe it will be a litle bit difficult, but possible)

Well, without much saying, here is the vids and how to reproduce the bug:
1. Use Magnus (Magnataur) and level up Skewer.
2. Get Kelen's Dagger & Scroll Of Town Portal/Boots of Travel.
3. Hold [Shift] button and teleport to a tower/unit, click the Dagger and target the ground you wanted. Continue with clicking the Skewer and target it to yourself (your hero portrait). This must be done while you're still teleporting.
4. Release [Shift] button.
5. After teleport and using the Dagger, Magnus will use the Skewer and keep moving into your fountain.

I assume maybe there will be Dota 6.67c to fix it, but it all back on IceFrog decision. Enjoy!

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  1. 6.67b Naga Siren's Mirror Image bug!

    just try moving close to some cliffs before using mirror image, then you can see what i mean...

  2. in 2nd vid y tide didnt go left or right

  3. So difficult to do,i cant do it -_-

  4. lol free kill every 60 or so seconds

  5. I am not able to do this?

    1) hold down shit
    2) with mouse, teleport to building
    3) immediately, with mouse, blink away
    4) now, with mouse, unable to use skewer,

    it seemed like, I need to use mouse to hit cancel, and skewer to myself....

  6. the cast on yourself means when you are at the old position, which is a lot of screens away, how can they do it?

    u wanted to hold down shift key, teleport to 5 screens away, blink beside it, and click cancel, move to original screen, skewer on yourself, and let go shift key?

    i did it only if teleport and blink on the minimap, and lose accuracy,

  7. I GOT IT NOW,
    skewer onto the portrait = skewer on yourself!!

  8. Alief, if i make a video of me using this exploit
    could u upload it on this page?

  9. @NoobDota - Can you show me your video link :)?

  10. sure
    its not that good but it does demonstrate use of the glitch and a suprisingly lucky one too

  11. I got an another bug its called ULTIMATE ESCAPE for Magnus (Skewer Ability)..:D

    Be careful at the step 1.X and 4.X..because if you made it DONT MOVE or WALK..because your Warcraft will GET HANG (not fatal error)..

    Heres the links: == HQ Pictures == LQ Picture


  12. You can do lots of bugs with this one..

    This is without any TP or BoT...
    1. From the point where you want the enemy to be dragged, move to one position.
    2. Shift-click the kelen's dagger to the position where you can drag the enemy.
    3. Click skewer and shift-click self...
    You'll drag the enemy to the starting point.

  13. Alief.... can i show mine too??.... i can skew 2 hero..such a lier right but its true... WOOT.... nid upload to youtube but too slow... n i got one more bug.... chaos knight.... my third skill is critical... but when i use second skill n plus third skill.. my critical become more higher... ex=lvl 1 third skill plus lvl 1 second skill my critical 400!?? WOOT... what means it that??

  14. hi anon above me
    check out my video i got some double skews also

    one of them was by luck

  15. oh yeah post up the link of ur vids, i wanna see the bugs

  16. Shame Fun is over alredy 6.67c is out

    Changelog 6.67c
    * Fixed casting distance exploits with Skewer
    * Fixed a bug that could sometimes cause everyone in the game gets a massive FPS drop for a minute
    * Fixed Cleave/Anchor Smash from instantly killing Swarm creatures
    * Various performance improvements when casting The Swarm
    * Fixed Soul Steal channeling text in the tooltip
    * Non-hero units now do half damage to The Swarm
    * Commands like -test and -wtf are now restricted if there is a gamebot deciding the mode to be used
    * Fixed a bug with lifesteal and The Swarm creatures
    * Fixed a rare Mac issue with shared Soul Ring
    * Added passive icon for Strygyer's Thirst
    * Added passive icon for Plague

    Was fun anyways... ^_^

  17. hey ive found a bug in 6.67c its the linken sphere bug...try cast waveform and use manta style must have a linken sphere in your inventory...if made correctly a linken sphere rune will appear on the ground

  18. nah . haruna . it's long bug. ~_~
    i will tell you a little more easier way

    in " WAVEFORM " u've got Invulnerable status .

    so . in logically . Linken is a Status . so if it is Invulnerable that "status" can't go in to status bar

    so this is tutor:
    1. hold shift and walk near shop
    2. still hold shift and use wave form (long distance)
    3. buy a linken sphere when you at a waveform

  19. haha its just a minor bug not intended for cheating/advantages or whatsoever...haha

  20. got some epic footage of the magnus bug
    too bad its been patched
    i do the bug on a spinning blademaster

  21. @anonymous whats that about the naga bug??

  22. may i know about the naga bug?


  24. check your grammar dude
    *continue with click Skewer
    *Magnus will using Skewer

  25. @anonymous - Thanks for the correction, keep 'em coming :)

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  28. Aw, this was a really quality post. In theory I'd like to write like this too – taking time and real effort to make a good article… but what can I say… I procrastinate alot and never seem to get something done.

  29. I played one on one against an A.I. and I use Barathrum while my AI enemy was Chaos Knight. I just wondering that when I charge CK, he just got killed himself and when he had respawned, he became invulnerable. how could this happened? Anybody know this?