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Dota 6.67 Bug, Exploit & Abuse | Dota-Allstars 6.67 Bug (Updated!)

DotA 6.67 BugDota 6.67 Bug, Exploit & Abuse. It appears Dota 6.67 contains a major bug which force IceFrog to release Dota 6.67b just a day after Dota 6.67 released. At the moment this post published, i don't know what kind of bug it is. That is why i'm creating this post so you can share your information regarding Dota 6.67 bug, exploit or abuse. If you know something, please share it here and let the other know :)

Update: Here is some bugs posted here that's worked, including permanent Critical hit on Gondar/Bounty Hunter. Thanks to all who contributing! :)

Bounty Hunter  (Permanent Critical)
1. Don't level up Jinada.
2. Use Windwalk.
3. Break the Windwalk by using Toss on enemy units.
4. Congratulation, now you got Permanent Critical.

*This is fixed on Dota 6.67b

Spiritbreaker (Charge on siege)
1. Cast Charge of the Darkness on the enemies Siege units.
2. After maximum charge, the Siege creeps will destroyed/disappear.
*Cannot Cast Charge of the Darkness anymore on the Dota 6.67b

- Soulsteal credits Neutrals if you suicide with it, on Dota 6.67b fixed as killed himself.
- On Dota 6.67b no longer can cast Soulsteal on allied Siege units.

- On Dota 6.67b fix volume still got disabled when Global Silence is finish.

Below is some other bugs which is also posted but hard to test. If you have time, feel free to try this bugs and share it here the result :)
Magnus : Pathing issues when you land with enemy in certain areas.
Clockwerk : Interaction with some dummy units, including sentinels. 
Puck : Make sure [Aghanims] always says puck and no side effects.

Enjoy this post! And don't forget to update your map into Dota 6.67b so you won't get the above bugs :)

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  1. 1st blooooooood!!!!!!!

  2. if i am not wrong, the cp bonus only stack for 1st 5 captured points. the 6 one does not appeared stacked.

  3. killing spree doppel

  4. I can explain what bug it is. Warcraft has a bug when you edit maps, it's called LEAK. Leak is a memory fail, what it's mean is, a normal game remove things when you don't use it anymore but warcraft don't, so the editor man need to remove it manually but IceFrog fail and much parts in the editor code :P this is the problem. Also the greater bug in this version is the new Weaver ability and probably some new system lol

  5. I found one bug yesterday. I was Venge and when Venomancer trows ulti on me, it drops my life rapidly to 2HP and then stays still and I was not dead. It happend 3 times so it is bug 100% :DDD

  6. Come on, Venomancer spell does not kill. It only reduce hp until 1 =.=||

  7. ^^ And Venemous Gale?? How it didn't kill?

  8. when barathum buys aghanim, nether strike's icon changed to 6.66's icon . . .

  9. Bounty Hunter (perma crit)
    Spiritbreaker (charge on siege)
    Terrorblade (soulsteal credits neutrals if you suicide with it, also cannot cast soulsteal on siege now)
    Magnus (pathing issues when you land with enemy in certain areas)
    Silencer (fixed it so volume doesn't get disabled after ult)
    Clockwerk (interaction with some dummy units, including sentinels)
    Puck (make sure [Aghanims] always says puck and no sideeffects)

  10. Clinkz bug:
    If you use Death pact - wait 20 secs - use refresh orb - use Death Pact again. Death Pact buff is over when passed 15 secs, not 35 secs =/

  11. one of the popular bug.... map hack.... why still can play map hack in this map?

  12. To Laiev...

    How do you know the 6.67 map has a problem on "memory leak"

    * if a wooden computer plays 6.67 map with 128MB memory, his wc3 will suffer later on due to the leak *

  13. @Fury7

    because I edit maps and I know how bad dota are writed, also icefrog put the changelog to "bugs with last patch" but in 1.24d/c/b, we got the same bugs :D he fails

    and how I know? Simple, open the map with a program and you can read lots of things in the trigger which fails xD like ultimate of nevermore, it leak about 5 times per cast

  14. uhm, so how the leak gonna affect the game...go wiki-ed and it said performance is affected in the long run....due to memory leak, but what it does exactly

    @.@ I ain't computer whiz


    the bh perma crit bug


    bh bug^ note. do not pump jinda or the bug wont work

  17. "uhm, so how the leak gonna affect the game...go wiki-ed and it said performance is affected in the long run....due to memory leak, but what it does exactly

    @.@ I ain't computer whiz"

    Leaks brings Lag. IceFrog seems to only use GUI. In a Leakless map, you can barely get any lag (Except if your computer has an old, old Spec).

  18. gondar (perma crit)
    how's it ?

  19. this is old now..

  20. Got some wannabe map editors in the house it seems lol.

  21. hey Dirge with aghanim still dont work since 6.65. also it gets bugged so any other hero that picks it up get upgraded

  22. i mean doesnt get upgraded, my bad

  23. For perma crit, it's only the comestic....

  24. icefrog doesnt uses GUI trigger...

  25. dota's script file is made up of JASS codes, which are in its simplest form...all world editor generated lines are you cant open the map in the world editor...maybe icefrog uses jasscraft

    VENO can 1hit ko weaver 1st skill instead of 4hit this can earn alof of gold from it

  27. found 1 i am using naga siren when sk is casting the epicenter i used my ss and he did'nt sleep.he can move and he's still invul

  28. Permanent invisible/unskillable/unclickable/untruesightable ANCIENT APPARITION..........................

    see for yourslf

  29. A quick note to all those people thinking they are epic at the World Editor:

    Memory Leaks aren't bugs, they are merely bits of memory that exist just to take up space. It may have been used once or twice, but it wouldn't be used again. Generally, the bit of memory would be stored in a variable to be cleared later. Failure to do so results in a memory leak, a fragment of data that you cannot access.

    Next, Icefrog doesn't use GUI, but I believe Guinsoo did. Some of his leftover code are in GUI from what I can see, but it is still relatively leak-free.

    In addition, "World Editor generated lines" only apply for when you use GUI, when the JASS code is generated from whatever you have inputted in the GUI editor. Since Icefrog uses JASS directly, there is no need for WE to generate these lines. The protection method is slightly more complex. I believe it involves corruption of certain essential files (for WE, not warcraft) to open the map. So when these files are corrupted/cannot be located, the map is successfully "protected".

    Just FYI, Jasscraft is a JASS2 Syntax checker. I do my Jass editing in Jasscraft, since I can check the syntax without having to save the map. It also has some really useful features that he WE Jass editor doesn't have.

    Anyway, the bugs are interesting. Such bugs are expected, its new content.

  30. when other skill is related to many things
    (the basic JASS expanded to many
    skill effect - linken or any that may run aother trigger)
    then there leak in between ????? then...

    WHO CARE...
    for any outdate host(specially on garena who host 67 instead of 67b then they are deserve to face this bug)

    usefull anyway...
    wat ever happen ,icefrog plz continue ur MASTERPIECE on sc2 soon heheheheahahahahahahhuhuhuhuhuhhuhhophohohohohohohoh

  31. I found a bug Storm Spirit,whenever Axe procs Counter Helix Storm spirit is unable to cast any of his skils. It will show the starting animation but nothing happens after it. im not sure if other heros have the same problem but its kinda like a perma silence <_<

  32. does any1 know what the multiplier of the damage is?

  33. hum....a bug for dirge

  34. i found a bug... nerubian assassin is an insect thus he is a bug.... hehehe

    but if your toos is at level 1 and wind walks is at level 1 also, the perma crit doesnt happen...

  35. i love dota and i love it very much more than my self hehehehe!!!

  36. There are something for the multicast for the Ogre magi?

  37. New weaver is big bug ! So abused !