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Dota Hero Fun Name List (Updated to Dota 6.74c)

Recently, IceFrog adding a lot of fun names on some Dota heroes. The latest one is on the picture above, MeePwn for Meepo ^^ And after searching on the forums, i compiled most of the Dota heroes fun names on the below list:

MeePwn -> Meepo
MeePwn is a Dota player which is famous for his video, 1v5 action using Meepo. Check it out here.

Gollum -> N'aix
Gollum <-> Naix
From Lord of the Ring movies. N'aix is similar to Gollum.

Kal-El -> Kael (Invoker)
Kal-El <-> Invoker
Kal-El is Superman real name

Clinkz Eastwood -> Bone Clinkz
Clint Eastwood <-> Clinkz

Taken from Clint Eastwood, a famous cowboy actor

Bambi -> Enchantress
 <-> Enchantress
Bambi is taken from the famous cartoon movies

A'noob Arak -> Anub'Arak
A noob, just playing with word i guess ;p

Gilette -> Razor
Gillette<-> Razor

Gillete is a famous brand for razor

Fuzzy Wuzzy -> Ulfsaar
Taken from Fuzzy Wuzzy which is a bear with lots of fur

Gorzerk -> Darkterror
A tribute for Gorzerk, a France that making some tools for Dota. He is using Darkterror as his profile. Check his site here

Mogul Khant Touch This -> Mogul Khan
A parody of MC Hammer song, U Can't Touch This.

Kupu-kupu -> Puck
Kupu-kupu means butterfly

Puck! -> Puck
Taken from "F*ck!" ^^? Now already deleted though..

CoCo -> Kunkka
CoCo is his name on beta stage

Daelin Proudmoore -> Kunkka
Daelin Proudmoore is his name on the story

Captain Obvious -> Kunkka
A popular phrase joke on America, CMIIW

Trogdor -> Knight Davion
Trogdor is a mini game name, try it here ^^

i'm the juggernaut bitch! -> Yurnero (Juggernaut)(deleted in 6.63b)
Maybe it's too vulgar and got deleted -_-

Jackie Chen -> Chen
Jackie Chan <-> Chen
Taken from Jackie Chan, a famous actor :D

Chechen -> Chen
I don't know.. A tribe near Russia?

Gandalf -> Ezalor
Gandalf <-> Ezalor
Also taken from Lord of the Ring movie. Both is an old man with the same long white beard

YaphetS -> ShadowFiend
YaphetS is the famous ShadowFiend player. He beat Yamateh 1vs1 ShadowFiend on the WDC2010. Check the video here.

Merlini -> Zeus
Merlini is a pro player who famous for his Triple Kill scene when Raigor, Leshrac, and Vengeful Spirit tried to kill him. Check the video here.

Vasilij Zajcev -> Sniper
A Legendary sniper from Soviet during World War II.

Riki Martin -> Rikimaru

Taken from the famous singer name, Ricky Martin

Roadrunner -> Spirit Breaker

Roadrunner is a famous cartoon character which can run really fast like Spirit Breaker does.

Moose -> Witch Doctor
Taken from a pro player DL.Moose who played the Witch Doctor. Check the video here.

qwerty- -> Spectre
qwerty- is a legendary Dota player Zaven "Qwerty" Terminasov, famous for his dispersion video using Spectre. He passed away on December 5, 2010

Jumong -> Priestess of the Moon
Taken from a South Korean's legendary archer. Check his wikipedia here.

Taur Thunderhorn -> Tauren Chieftain
This name was in the IceFrog's polling when choosing Tauren Chieftain name (which is won by Cairne Bloodhoof, the name used now)

Kaz Stonebul -> Tauren Chieftain
Same as above

Giblet -> Shadow Demon
I really don't get this one..

Santelmo -> Wisp
Santelmo, or Santo Elmo, is a fireball seen by dozens of Filipinos, especially those living in the Sierra Madre Mountains.

Weird Ball -> Wisp
Well, Wisp is a ball and he's kinda weird -.-

820 -> Vengeful Spirit
820 is a legendary DotA player which arguably the best Venge player

A Phoe Gyi -> Necrolyte
It means an old man in the Myanmar/Burmese language

Do you find another hero fun name that i haven't listed? Or do you know the reason why it got that fun name? Share it here ;)

Credits: Gusty, Qwertaz, ZyBEr.Z

PS: Please correct me if i'm wrong ^^

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  1. so where is the fun hero was?it is in 6.63ai?what shud i type?"-fun"?

  2. First Blood !!!, or it's rather... Double Kill !!!

    Nope, those fun names are from the earlier 6.63 map

  3. Mogul Khan fun name maybe related to the song of Mc Hammer?

  4. These are other fun names i got from
    It's said that you have a 1/7 chance of picking a hero and he has a funny name....

    Void - Gorzerk, Darkterror II
    Chen - Jackie Chen, Chechen
    Ezalor - Gandalf
    Jugger - I'm the juggernaut bitch!
    Puck - Kupu-Kupu, Puck II
    Razor - Gillete , Razor II
    Rikimaru - Rikimaru II, III, IV, V, VI, VII, VIII, IX, X, XI
    Admiral Proudmoure - CoCo, Captain Obvious, Kunkka

  5. @ZyBEr.Z - Yeah, probably. But i still cannot understand the joke -_-
    @Qwertaz - Nice! I forgot to mention Captain Obvious ^^

  6. trogdor:

  7. Fuzzy Wuzzy:

  8. Guys~

    Kupu-kupu is butterfly used in the south east asia launguage.Such as Indeonesia,Singapore n Malaysia..

    So do u guys know if icefrog was from these places?

  9. Kupu-kupu(butterfly) is from malay word..Widely use in Malaysia and Indonesia..

  10. @sLAUGHTER - Is Sven really has that name ^^? Never seeing yet, gotta try ^^

  11. Puck~Kupu - Kupu

    Is Indonesian Word's That mean Butterfly

    I'm Proud Of this(Knowing That IceFrog Used our country Languages^^)

  12. Play Broodmother in windowed mode. Drag the screen and make it small such that "Black Arachnia" becomes "Black". Hahaha

  13. Kupu-kupu?? Lol

    is Icefrog Indonesian like me ^^ †♂⌐

  14. why he can indonesian words???


  16. HOOOORRRAYYYY!!! Icefrog is an Indonesian like us. Long live Indonesia n icefrog!!

  17. The author of the latest comments above is a spammer!!! Please report that!!!

    Anyway, Brad Pitt - Centaur Warchief

  18. Is Puck a butterfly? He is a dragon, isn't it?
    Btw, I'm happy because some Icefrog is an Indonesian. I'm Indonesian too. :P

  19. Fuzzy Wuzzy
    for powerpuff girls?

  20. icefrog is not indonesian noobs ))

    CoCo is tribute to romanian dotaplayer from team IGG called Ro-CoCo

    MeePwn is tribute to a player called MeePwn that is popular for playing Meepo. you even took the picture from his dotaleague profile ))
    there is also a meepo song about him ))

  21. @Alief
    I truly love your blog with all hottest update about dota. Keep up the good work ^_^. Do not forget to remove all the f*cking annoying advertisement about

  22. IceFrog is from US, that's for sure. Maybe he got kupu-kupu from someone suggestion :) About MeePwn, i will check it. But the picture is not from anywhere, i take it from my own computer ^^
    @celestial - Thanks for your support :)

  23. The name "I'm the juggernaut bitch!" it's a phrase from the movie X-men 3. The Juggernaut says this when confronting Shadowcat.

  24. abaddon and levi'athan/tidehunter - wiki it!!!

  25. kupu kupu is from the malay language from malaysia also not only indonesia -.-

  26. kupu kupu is moth not butterfly

  27. kupu-kupu is a butterfly
    maybe icefrog is indonesian , malaysian or maybe singaporean

  28. Anoob' Arak - Anub'Arak

  29. Akasha from "Akasha" played by Aaliyah in "The Queen of the Damned"

  30. Mortred===>Anagram from "Raide Mort", meaning "Like dead", because of her "Coup de grace"

  31. Visage
    Nivea Visage, hahaha its a women cosmetic tough

    A'noob seran

  32. Rhasta for rastafarian

  33. Fuzzy Wuzzy is from a poem or a play on words

    Fuzzy Wuzzy
    was a bear,
    Fuzzy Wuzzy
    had no hair...

  34. Who ever said icefrog is an indonesia or south east asia is all who being alittle bit too obsessive on icefrog. Icefrog is from the western most likely america.
    Kupu-kupu= butterfly
    Rama-Rama= moth
    Both of this word can be indonesia , malaysia or singapore. You can declare anything from those words.

    Well i was confused when i was at primary
    Finally got it sort out

    Finally Puck

  35. I prefer Mortred to be more thread LOL

  36. sorry Puck has butterfly wings

  37. kupu2 definitely Indonesia language, Im Indonesian... Singapore have melayu language like Malaysia
    rama-rama is malaysia

  38. According to my history subj if i am correct, malaysia and indonesia were both conquered by the british. Maybe he's from britain?? hahaha!! seen the fuzy wazzy name since before i even played dota. maybe around 6.53 maybe. i never knew that it was not his real name. Hahaha!! I also remembered that bloodseeker's name before was Stigiwiger>>STRYGWYR

    Anyway that's what i remembered

  39. pfft...language...kupu-kupu is a moth...rama-rama is a butterfly...get ure facts right indonesians lol

    and i dont think icefrogs from asia...if not how will valve recruit him?

  40. @Anonymous
    Malaysia is conquered by British but Indonesia is conquered by Dutch (Belanda).

    "Cili" is Malay languange and "Cabai" is Indonesian.

    So Malaysia is more like British but Indonesia more like Asian.

    IceFrog from USA for sure.
    If he's not American, for what Valve recruit him.

  41. @Anonymous

    Actually, Rama-Rama is Malaysian language for butterfly, and Kupu-Kupu is Indonesian language for butterfly...

  42. it doesn't matter where the words come from but please do not make Indonesia and Malaysia getting problems..all mankind should unite but not fights or DoTA for fun or having entertainment but not for fights............

  43. well its funny for some indos go say hey look icefrog know 1 malay/indo word thus that make him a indonesian just like me!!! oh plz, so does it mean i know 1 japanese word like bagero makes me a japanese? please ****tches

  44. when they will work again for the other map?
    because at its says there that 6.64 is a stable map..

  45. leviathan = batista..

    You know, Dave Batista??? it's his former name in OVW... Leviathan is a slow walking hero and so batista on steroids too...

  46. .,Rhasta === Rhasta Sparta

  47. puck = Kupu-Kupu

    indonesian think the words from thier country...LOL...

    malaysian too mah!!...

    LOL selfishness

    me proud too that they take from malaysian and indonesian language

    no offends :)

  48. I think Trogdor actually originates from this:

  49. Fuzzy Wuzzy is a villain of Power Puff Girls... the purple furried one...

  50. lina-boober.....


  51. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  52. @foxsura - Sorry, but i'm not tolerate flaming about country, religion or race. Let's just talk about Dota OK? ;)

  53. hahahaha ok no problem, that's not important to me, btw when the night walker release??

  54. i think ice frog isn't indonesian. But in the game i saw some indonesian names on the credits screen. Maybe it's the reason. Icefrog give some appreciation for them with named Puck with KUpu-Kupu.

    btw i'm also iIndonesian

  55. sven!! when its still 6.49 sven's name was Arnold Swazeneger

  56. Don't forget about this one-
    Roadrunner - Barathrum

  57. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  58. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  59. Wow Nice blog, really good
    Have glance on mine too

  60. mirana have a new name...sometimes
    i don't remember '-'

  61. Check out this new fun name from a recently posted map(i think 6.69, not certain about it :P):

    the famous singer

  62. mirana ---> jumong <--- WTF beautiful name becomes such an ugly name :(
    btw, i'm Indonesian, n kupu-kupu is indonesian language not malay.
    As far as i know Icefrog is from arabican race

  63. This comment has been removed by the author.

  64. This comment has been removed by the author.

  65. puck > "kupu-kupu"..
    i'm very proud of that name..
    coz i'm Indonesian..
    thanks IceFrog..
    i'm big fan of DotA..

  66. in Malay
    kupu - kupu = moth
    rama - rama = butterfly

  67. alief could you give me information more about fun name, in other ways update it??? I just found many more new fun names, like YaphetS in nevermore ^ ^

  68. kupu-kupu is Indonesian Language,it means butterfly

    btw,thanks icefrog

  69. shadow fiend = yaphets

  70. Mirana- Jumong -- famous archer in korea
    Shadow Fiend-- YapheTs-- player who uses shadow fiend
    Barathrum --- Roadrunner-- the fast running bird!!!
    Io-- Weird Ball --- 'cause he is a weird ball...xD

  71. kardel also has one... i think it's a arabic name...

  72. Ice frog are from different countries they are 15 Uk,US,russia,china,brazil,czech,Philippines,germany,hungarian,france,greece,korea,spain ,turkey,malaysia and indonesia from different countries so ice frog is available from 13 languages this are EnglishSimplified ChineseTraditional ChineseRussianBrazilian PortugueseCzechFilipinoGermanHungarianFrenchGreekKoreanSpanishTurkish

  73. Dota is working now to the "second names" of heroes

  74. Kardel - Vasili Zacjev a famous hunter or a gun user

  75. well, besides all that people have posted...
    I really don't understand that one...

  76. adik pala sa dota 2 kala ko sa ran ug lng 

  77. just my idea.. funny name for pitlord, PITBULL lol, 

    the famous ,,hmm im sure u know who is pitbull . haha

  78. JUMONG is Korean Legendary archer,

  79. I just found one for's called 'A Phoe Gyi'.don't know the meaning.maybe you can find it out

  80. I think Ursa-Fuzzy Wuzzy is from the Power Puff Girls

  81. qwerty is a keyboard layout
    the most common one at that
    the keyboard layout name is created by typing in the first 6-10 letters on the upper row of the keyboard(under function and numeric keys)

  82. no, actually the name fuzzy wuzzy existed before the powerpuff girls i believe
    there`s this song that went something like 'fuzzy wuzzy was a bear, fuzzy wuzzy had no hair...' anyways, you`d have to ask an american about that, since it`s their thing

  83. I have another name from Sven = Flying Penguin because of the movie happy feet 2 there`s a character named Sven a flying penguin !! LOL please put Sven as a Flying Penguin or Penguin!

    ha ha...

  84. Mirana- Jumong -- famous archer in koreastealth assassin = Riki MartinShadow Fiend-- YapheTs--a pro shadow fiend playerBarathrum --- Roadrunner-- the fast running bird!!

  85. Eredar (shadow demon) = Giblet
    Lol, i dont know what it means

  86. TROGDOR is a mini game ..:D 

  87. Mortred comes from Mordred a character from medieval times i think..?

  88.  indonesia has never been conquered by british.

  89. Endlessdarkness97May 31, 2012 at 9:41 PM

    necrolyte. A phoe gyi. it means old man in our language, burmese

  90. kupu-kupu is malay and indonesian language..
    butterfly is also called rama-rama in malaysia..

  91. god damned indonesianJune 13, 2012 at 9:16 PM

    820>>vengeful spirit ---- X!!>>Tinker ----- vasilij zacjev>>Kardel Sharpeye. And fuck off to indonesian. u fucking racisme pls take ur man out from my country. low class country

  92. wrong link for shadow fiend vid..

  93. Thanks, already added it to the list :)

  94. hey guys, lets dotadotadota!

  95. "Chechen -> Chen

    I don't know.. A tribe near Russia?"

    Yes, you are right!

  96. A Phoe Gyi -> Necrolyte
    It means an old man in the Myanmar/Burmese language

    Thank you Icefrog for knowing my language, lol. :D

  97. X!! ->Storm Spirit
    X!! is dai, a chinese player from EHOME.

  98. Dazzle Razzle - Dazzle

  99. Share your Dota Replays, Screenshots, and stories.

  100. i think i have seen old cartoon with goblet or something like that
    maybe that's giblet explanation

  101. one more indonesianJune 30, 2012 at 11:48 AM

    Yes, Indonesia was once conquered by britain. Rafles anyone?
    and also belanda is netherland for those who are not indonesian and malaysian

  102. breal for soul keeper..breal mean writing for blind people

  103. i think rikimaru's name take from the Tenchu game

  104. Carl on Kael. Maybe for fun or from Carl Johnson of GTA SA ??

  105. anonononyoptimuspekpekJuly 3, 2012 at 8:11 AM

    Io = spirit ball of son goku
    tinker= tinker bell
    zeus = god enel ^_^
    jinz'akk batrider = batman batcar
    rubick grand magus = rubic cube

  106. for your information, ezalor model exist before the long of the ring movie exist.

  107. Weird Ball is a reference to Weird Al, the famous parodist.

  108. Slayer = Lina Inverse (Main Character from Japan Anime Series : Slayer

  109. They should call Puck "Paro-Paro" thats what we used for butterflies ! I like the Santelmo they used for Io ! Coincidentally Io is one of my favorite heroes ! Praise Santo Elmo ! xD

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  111. Purist Thunderwrath must be : TRIPLE H (if ye know what i mean)

  112. proud of:
    kupu-kupu = puck
    Yaphets = malaysian player

  113. sometimes sven as ARNOLD SWEITCHNEIGER...
    sorry if wrong...

  114. Santelmo! XD (or St. Emo's Fire) I heard that these are usually found in the provinces and will attract people eventually getting them lost in the forests. And they're usually pictured as floating balls of fire. Yey Philippines! XD

  115. Wala na yan .. luma na yan .. napatunayan na namin yan nagpunta pa kami sierra madre pero wla nman kami nakita nung 2 gabi na yun .. :D

  116. Ezalor model was made before "Lord of the ring". But Ezalor was not yet named "Ezalor" Before this ..

  117. lol .. you do know that "dota-blog" aren't the ones making dota ? you better keep that in mind :)

  118. i know invoker has a another name, i forgot but i know it start on letter O

  119. i remember now, i am the one who post at the above of this post. Not O, CARL is one of the name of INVOKER. Pls update your list.

  120. giblet is taken from the game overlord

  121. Akasha (Akasha Tree) Balanar (Edward Cullen) Lycanthrope (Jacob) Crystal Maiden (Freezy) Lina [Anil (my nickname)]
    Undying (Nemesis From Resident Evil) Pudge (Fudgee Barr (A Famous Cake with mouth-watering fillings)) Axe (BodySpray)
    Faceless Void (AnyTime) Troll (Meme (from

  122. Let's add "Harvey" for Spectre. As in "Harvey Specter" from "Suits" :P

  123. at 1st i think that was hack by myanmar hacker....

  124. Mirana has a fun name "Jumong"
    Jumong is a popular korean tv series, Jumong is a warrior that uses bow and arrow, and he mastered shooting targeted-arrow from far distance, it was name to Mirana for her signature move "Elune's Arrow".

  125. Puck is Punk lol
    look at this character head ^^

  126. i think puck is butterfly too :D cute then the other hero, lol
    puck is my best hero after kael

  127. Im from the future dota 2 is domunating the scene much have changed sir od become new meta, along with invoker and gondar. And roshan place has changed

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