Dota 6.62 Bug & Exploit (Infinite Bottle) - Dota-Allstars 6.62 Bug - DotA-Blog

Dota 6.62 Bug & Exploit (Infinite Bottle) - Dota-Allstars 6.62 Bug

Dota 6.62 BugDota 6.62 Bug & Dota 6.62 Exploit. Dota-Allstars 6.62 has a really serious bug which a trully game breaking one. Thanks to Atti who emailed me a YouTube link this morning. It seems that on Dota 6.62 there's an exploit that let you have an infinite bottle charge. And what make it's more game breaking is that this Dota 6.62 bug is very easy to reproduce with ANY HERO! You can see the below video or just following my procedure:

1. Get any hero.
2. Buy a Town Portal and a Bottle.
3. Empty the Bottle.
4. Teleport into the fountain (click the target circle to the fountain).
5. While teleporting, Shift+Click the Bottle to the fountain (just like when you capturing a rune).
6. There you go! Now you have your own infinite Bottle. If your Bottle empty, just point the target on items (point to your own empty bottle
will also do it!) or units and it will be refilled!

Well, let's wait for Dota 6.62b shall we..? ^^;; What do you think? Do you have another bug to share? ;) Don't forget to subscribe our feeds for more Dota-Allstars news :)

Credits: Atti, thanks for your email :)

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  1. 1st! haha
    so its like the old method of refilling the bottle where you need to click the bottle then click the fountain... on another note, i like the guy's custom warcraft3 theme...

  2. Yay.. spammer & nuker are ownage with this XD

  3. 4th.. (^^,)


    maybe it occurred @ the

    old patch?..

    correct me if im wrong.

    upgrade to patch 1.24b


  4. @above - I tried with Dota 6.61b/Patch 1.23, it didn't happen :)

  5. I've used this exploit to see if it would work and I can verify that it indeed works. The only downside is that you cannot bottle runes as they are unused and non-existent if you do try.

    Unfortunately, I had a not-so-good hero to do this with, Sand King. It wasn't good. I'm sure for other heroes like Ogre Magi it would work perfectly.

  6. tried it on 1.24b/6.62 it works like charm :) .. surely where would be a fix soon.. so imba

  7. Just used this and it is imba! Interesting though, that now one noticed that I used the bottle about 20 times during the same push ^^
    You could theoretically random and intantly buy a bottle and a tp, however, you might end up with a hero who doesnt really need the mana (troll, sylla, etc ).
    Sure, its fun to abuse now, but I hope it gets fixed soon, because I don't want to fight against a zeus with that bottle.

  8. this is serious bug... Icefrog must fix it ASAP....


  10. and yes i have 1.24b patch XD

  11. Alief said...

    @above - I tried with Dota 6.61b/Patch 1.23, it didn't happen :)
    September 2, 2009 9:52 AM

    First of all the bug is for 6.62. you are using 6.61b

    secondly 6.62 doesn't work in 1.23 (and 1.24a) only in 1.24b

  12. @epiquestion - Of course i know ^^ I just want to check if the bug also occur on the previous version ;) (which it didn't)

  13. Alief, did you email this bug to Icefrog? I think he needs to know.

  14. @Frozen_Hunter - Ok, i'll mail him ^^

  15. hi alief

    add my site to your linklist

    link :


  16. works best with -random int at start, I just owned with tinker :DD

  17. 20..lolz...what the heck with the bug....kinda infinite hp at early game

  18. 6.62b released!

    this bug is fixed!
    very fast hahaha!!!!

  19. IM Zero! :

    Pleas For Bug : Replay .Pleas

    Or Other Map Bug Replay :

  20. oh,man...
    this is a serious bug
    this can turn the tables in games
    i was looknig forward to this bug-free version... :(
    Ice Frog pls fix it

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