Dota-Allstars Map/Terrain Layout (After Dota 6.60) - DotA-Blog

Dota-Allstars Map/Terrain Layout (After Dota 6.60)

Dota-Allstars Map/Terrain LayoutDota-Allstars Map/Terrain Layout (after Dota 6.60). Dota 6.60 has significant changes on some part of the map. The tavern now is placed on the top-left map, new juke spots added and some other changes. For those who need the new terrain layout, here it is. A person post it on PlayDota forums. The above map is 400x389 size. If you click it, you will get a larger size picture. But, if you want a high resolution image, you can download the 2700x2700 size from here:

Dota Map/Layout Large (18mb)

Dota Allstars Map Layout

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  1. Wow haven't realize that yet hehe..

    wow im FIRST! ;)

  2. hmmm nice but could you also post some images of new items and heroes(full + layout if possible) thx

  3. hmmm nice but could you also post some images of new items and heroes(full + layout if possible) thx

  4. 5 th

    Haha juking, how many times i can save using that trick... And make a lap in the sentinel mid forest

  5. it is like looking from satellite, like google maps...

    BTW 6th

  6. Wow all of you are able to count!

  7. HI!!!

    how can i do images like this? wich program do u used to take these pictures?? thx in advance

  8. hmmm nice but could you also post some images of new items and heroes(full + layout if possible) thx

    >>go to for heroes and item

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