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Dota-Allstars 6.59d Now is Stable Map!

dDota-Allstars 6.59d At last we got another stable map guys. After months with Dota 6.57b, today we can see Dota 6.59d as the stable map on GetDota. In fact, it's been 8 month since Dota 6.57b declared as stable map! ~_~;;

Some of us maybe doesn't care about this change, but on competitive games this could means a lot. Dota tournament usually go with the stable version of Dota-Allstars. This to prevent the use of game-breaking bug/exploit which usually exist on the new map. But, lately some of tournaments already using Dota 6.59d even before it's decide as the stable one. I guess they cannot wait (8 months is quite long) until IceFrog make it as the new stable map ;)

And last but not least, i hope this change means Dota 6.60 is ready to release anytime soon ;) 

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  1. Good one~~ im first

  2. all the tournaments had already switched to 6.59d some time back, including garena tournaments and wcg -asia. I don't think theres any tournament that uses 6.57b anymore

  3. sohai
    dun say bullshit..i wan oni dota 6.60!!!

  4. @Gehan - Thanks for the feedback Gehan :) Maybe i should give some revision in the post ;)

  5. sure coz 6.59d is free-of-bug map....

  6. Imagine Icefrog dies of some ill unsuspected death right before he releases dota 6.60. No one would ever know what happened.

    But can't wait for 6.60

  7. ^

  8. above puta,
    imagine u die b4 u could f**k

  9. Gehan, how about farm for fame motherfucker

  10. mb Icefrog doesn't know meaning of early. I can't wait for 6.60
    when is the early june? FUCK

  11. I'm tired of refreshing getdota.
    It is always disappointing me.
    plz icefrog.
    Don't let me down more.
    I want to sex with dota 6.60....

  12. This is bs june 8th still nothing about 6.60...wut is this bs....i can't believe of this ****

  13. Early June is from June 1st through June 15th. After that, it's late June.

  14. What about mid June? I usually consider it this way, early June is 1st~10th, mid June is 11th~20th, and late June is 21st~30th.

  15. i have played newer map, the almost finished 6.60 rc6 map, i would sent this to u but i cant find ur email...
    anyway 6.60 should be out this week

  16. Send the map pls to thats the dude who write this blog. I wanna play rc6 noooooow ^^

  17. Or just upload it on rapidshare and post a link here.
    Kudos to you if it isnt fake, burn with those other fakers if it is :-p

  18. Well its 22:44 here in germany. I think he faked it =(

  19. yeah post it here if it aint fake. i've been playing
    to kill time

  20. somebody figure out what this shit means and get us RC4

  21. no dl link in there, just some infos that we already know and that it will come out soon

  22. "Imagine Icefrog dies of some ill unsuspected death right before he releases dota 6.60. No one would ever know what happened.

    But can't wait for 6.60"

    Soz, didn't mean to be offensive

  23. ok, everything i write now is based on: observation of the translation forums, dota-allstars-forums, and some other pages, but i am very sure that:
    - 6.60 will get released within the next 3 days
    - 6.60 translation is completed in chinese, russian and most probably german + a few other languages
    - the creator of the unofficial OMG-mode-map is already developing a new version based on 6.60



  24. @jojo
    Google translator says:
    DCN News:

    6.60CN started from, DCN new map to increase the anti-cheat functions automatically, since each version of this feature will be updated
    The first version will provide the money to anti-money and mutual way of cheating, the game of money any illegal income confiscated and will be the system to give warning on the screen

    * Add a new command-CD mode is expected to replace all-RD Mode
    * Add a new hero pub - pub night to rearrange the distribution of the pub the way to change the appearance of shops
    * The addition of two new heroes: Tauren Chieftains, bats Knight. More capable of the heroic seven challenges Roshan
    * Increase the number of new items
    * Revision of a number of items, including the account redo A, Lincoln Law redo the ball and so on, many items will be divided into two kinds of processes and long-range
    * Redo some hero skills

    Chinese people well-known map sg_elena: now the latest beta version is 6.60 rc4 rc = Release Candidate = candidates = in it can be called community about your candidate should be a foreign participation of up to 6.60 to test the map of human hair
    Out this plan led to a discussion is the mainstream version of the general rc 1 are basically very stable from a map that could be a countdown.

    On the RC version

    RC: (Release Candidate)

    Candidate means a candidate, the candidate is in the software version. Release is issued, the meaning of release. Release.Candidate. Is the release candidate version. And the Beta version of the biggest difference is that the Beta phase has been adding new features, but the RC version, almost would not have to add new features, but the main focus on debugging!

  25. and btw: i dont know any tournament/league which has not switched from 6.57 to 59, so actually nothing changes except that it is "officially" stable now.

  26. Ok all you non believers, since 6.60 isn't out yet (tomorrow i guess), I decided to upload rc6 just like some guy up suggested, I know ur impatiant because you waited foreeeeeeeeeeveeeeer. It's bit more polished than the beta. Ok here it is then knock yourself out:

  27. rather check this out

  28. fuck u mybroodfag! it is actually the real version, i dont know if its the rc6 but at least it looks pretty finished and more progressed than the previus leaks.
    Hopefully it will come out by tommorow so we can play the map public.

  29. @anonymous - thanks for upload the map, i already made new post for it. Thanks a lot ;) I guess it will be tomorrow :D

  30. Looks pretty finished indeed all tooltips are up :) And skills are pretty well explained. Sad though about mystic snake, I like the previous animation better.

  31. 6.59d still got maphack .. what so stable about it ? .. me and my friends still play 6.59b because the c and d version people still use maphack ..