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Dota 6.57b - Dota-Allstars 6.57b is Now Stable Map

dota allstars 6.57b loading screen Images Dota 6.57b - Dota-Allstars 6.57b is Now Stable Map. Well, this is surprised me. I though it will be several versions again until we have another stable map, but heck, now Dota 6.57b is a stable one. I think this is good news, because the AI maker now can make Dota 6.57b AI without any hesitation. The competitive Dota also can use the new stable map too with Kunkka and Windrunner.

And yeah, there's another meaning of this. Usually after a stable version, IceFrog will add some new contents or some major changes. Well, i hope it will happen too on Dota 6.58. Let's just see what will happen :)

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  1. well, i hope that i can see some new heroes in 6.58~

  2. I second that :D
    I just hope those hero are imbalanced! :) That way it would be fun!

  3. Soory if my english is not well. I want to say thank you 2 u 4 information of dota

    Can u say 2 icefrog :
    -neng ==> normal experience and normal gold for ai automatically when the games begin for a justice.

    and I want creeps out in tree of life or you must make tree of life can kill the creeps for example a effect from radiance or tree of life can shot like a tower or 3 towers keep the tree of life. I want tree of life destroy by hero not a creeps

    Thanks again
    Keep posting...

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