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Dota Patcher - Dota-Allstars Patcher (Auto Map Updater)

Dota-Allstars Patcher Dota Patcher - Dota-Allstars Patcher (Dota Map Auto Updater). Wow! This new tool has just been introduced on Dota-Allstars forums today. Basically, this tool work as a launcher and can automatically update your Dota Map into the newest version. The details function of the Dota Patcher are described as below:

* Automatically downloads new versions of DotA and displays the changelog!
* Replaces the Warcraft III Icon on your desktop.
* Options to select additional programs (such as ListChecker) to run with Warcraft III.
* Run any combination of programs, (GGC, Banlist, LC, etc) in any order, automatically.
* Displays the latest news from!

Download link:
Dota-Patcher Download (17.7 Mb)

The Dota Patcher is currently still in development, so there's still some known issues that need to be fixed. Here is the list of current issues at the time i write this post:

Issue: Banlist will not open properly.
Reason: This is because the launcher does not have the ability to stagger program execution, when banlist starts war3 is not fully loaded so banlist complains.
Solution: Implement a delay between program execution
Status: Pending Implementation

Issue: All of the news dates, at least on my system, are listed as December 13, 2003
Reason: News currently is not automatically generated from the dota allstars announcements
Solutions: Ensure news is synced, either through automatic syndication or some other means
Status: Pending Implementation

Issue: A user should be able to have multiple "play profiles" easily selectable
Reason: People may need to change between two or three profiles depending on their current play situation
Solution: Create a way for users to create, manage, and select multiple run profiles
Status: Pending Implementation

Curious? Well, i do. If you already download and tested it, you can share your thought about Dota Patcher here. And if you found problem or bugs, you can post it directly on Dota Patcher sub-forum. Enjoy! :)

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  1. 1st~

    *hope icefrog can set a function in map for kick afker..

  2. @above - um, i think that function is already implemented for a pretty long time. You can type -afk to check how long they've afk, and type -kickafk to kick them out. For details, check this post

  3. 3rd :D
    This tool will be a certain convenience for everyone. :D

  4. this tool is very good
    thank you for inventing this!!!


    ser itlog ko, mas cute sa itlog mo!


  7. The DotA Allstars Patcher is no longer for download at The patcher must be completely changed to reflect new from, and show the latest map and latest AI map (all final), with changelogs for each, and the new name must be " Patcher". I feel that the old patcher is almost no longer in development.

  8. i can't update the map for some reason :(
    the system message said that it's unable to update = =

  9. Yup, looks like since IceFrog leave, the project is stopped..