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Dota-Allstars 6.52c Bug/ Exploit on Syllabear

Dota-Allstars 6.52c Bug/Exploit. At last i found some clue about the bug/exploit on 6.52c, it's on Syllabear. You maybe still remember the Dota-Allstars 6.49b Lanaya bug? This one is even more game breaking. You can duplicate items using Syllabear. That's why IceFrog release Dota-Allstars 6.52d and cannot wait until 6.53. Here is the step and the video about it.

After Syllabear has level 4 Spirit Bear, use this trick.

1. Make your Spirit Bear health under 1000 and you can start to deny it, but don't deny it yet.
2. Place the items you want to duplicate in the Spirit Bear, the video place 2 desolator on the bear. (still not sure, maybe you must have 2 of it?)
3. Start denying your bear while take and drop the item on the Syllabear.
4. After the Spirit Bear died, revive him and voila! Your item is duplicated.

Here is the video about it:

To be honest, when i wrote this post, i'm still in the office and cannot try it. But, the moderator of DotaPortal and some forums said that the bug/exploit on Dota-Allstars 6.52c is indeed on Spirit Bear. Thus, that video make me sure about it. Curious? Why don't you try it and post it in here about the result. If i'm giving you the wrong step, i will fix it after i try it. Cheers!! :)

PS: Cheating is ruining the game, only use this trick for fun ;)

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  1. well i tried it it worked, you can just use any item, and i used hammer and branch the cheapest but best items to duplicate just drop branch two times the same time with the hammer then pick up both then just spam drop pick up the hammer u can get 7 hammers. GL haha GG

  2. How come we never know these sort of stuff BEFORE they release a new version?

  3. Hahaha, not really, the Lanaya bug is used for quite a long time :)
    Maybe it's because there's still good guy who post the bug to IceFrog :D

  4. Beta Team. Read my Profile for Further detail.

    Im only implied to respond to this because it is presented from youtube.

    Now, all i do is simply explain to you exactly how it works and why.

    In recent versions, Syllabear had an issue with dying, and dropping all his items, when bloodseeker ruptured him. that reason happened when the units created by bloodseekers rupture, wood sometimes have collision with Syllabear and cause a pathing error, can't explain the exact coding, for certain reasons.

    For that reason, the coding was rewritten so that it remembers what items syllabear has in the extreme case it were to happen again.

    I haven't tested the bug in this description, but I've read the code and knew it would be exploited if syllabear were to drop and repick up the items, reseting and no executing the variables. you do need two items of the same type for it to work.

    since a new version no longer effects game play, i am obligated to let you know that information, otherwise u would be told to remove the youtube video.

  5. @bloodseeker - wow, thanks for such a detailed information :)
    Are you still an active beta tester? (just curious ^^)

  6. i have tested it and it work with any item and you only have to take the item and deny him in the next sec i really dont have the exact amount of time... but it's very short(1-5 sec)

  7. how is the lanaya bug???

  8. Why don't you click the link about lanaya bug in my post? :)

  9. Haha I've done it... Here's an easy explanation guys... first have the lvl 4bear have any kind of item except for threads "not applicable for duplication"... then lower the bear's health so it can be denied, lastly have the bear killed by syllabear, BUT!!! before the bear dies, have the item you want duplicated, dropped on the ground and picked up also by the bear several times.. then revive the bear, the bear will have multiple item of the same kind ^_^

  10. yes! in every system there is always a bug...
    Dota Addict