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Kael The Invoker Skills/ Spells Guide on 6.50 Dota-Allstars Map

Kael The Invoker Skills/ Spells Guide and Walktrough on 6.50 - 6.50b Dota-Allstars Map. This is the compiled guide about Invoker skills/spells, skills build and items build. By typing "-invokelist" in game you can see an overview of his skills.

Kael the Invoker Images

You can have 3 total orbs out at at time.Unlike any other hero in DOTA, these skills can be maxed to a level of 7. That means that Quas can give you a maximum of 15.75 +hp regen per tick, Exort can give you 21% IMS and +42% IAS, and Exort can give you a max of +63 damage.

Switching between orbs is instant cast and mana cost free, without cooldown, so feel free to mix it up by throwing on x3 Quas when your HP is low, for instance, and Wex/Exort when fighting. And unlike other heroes, Invoker gets his "ult" at level 5, although his "ult" really is only the ability to cast spells.

Orb Bonuses:

Each orb gives a special bonus when it is on active. They all scale linearly. You can have 3 orbs on you at any given point, and there are 7 levels, so 7*3=21 maximum level of power on any specific orb.

Kael skill Quas Images
Quas - 0.75 hp bonus regen per level per instance. With 3 instances of level 7 Quas you will have 15.75 hp regeneration with no additional items.

Kael skill Wex Images
Wex - 2% AS and 1% MS per level per instance. With 3 instances of level 7 Wex you will have 21% more movement speed and 42% attack speed.

Kael skill Exort Images
Exort - 3 damage per level per instance. With 3 instances of level 7 Exort you will have +63 damage.

Orb Combinations:
There are 10 combinations total. Order is not a consideration. So if you have 2 exort and 1 quas, thats all that matters, not which came first. It is more intuitive and usable than before. The abilities are based on which properties form them.

The 10 combinations are:

Kael skill Exort Images
As previously stated, this has 4 levels.. There is a new mechanic here that didn't exist before. Its dual invokes. This is allowed on higher levels of Invoke.

Level 1: 30 CD, 20 Manacost
Level 2: 30 CD, 40 Manacost, 2 Invokes
Level 3: 15 CD, 60 Manacost, 2 Invokes
Level 4: 5 CD, 80 Manacost, 2 Invokes

Current Invoke Spells:

Image Hosted by ImageCows Images
Click the image for full scale

EEW - Chaos Meteor:

EEW - Chaos Meteor

This is mainly fire and aoe. It travels long distance based on Wex and damages based on Exort. Deals 80/110/140/170/200/230/260 damage per second in a 300 moving area. Damage is done in 0.5 intervals, it does not damage over time on the burnt ground, only on the meteor itself as it is moving. Distance goes from 500 up to 1550. Units that get hit by this have a damage over time fire on them. The damage over time is 1/5 of what the regual damage is, and lasts 2 seconds.

Great damaging AoE spells. With proper placed spells (maybe you can combine with Ice Wall/Deafening Blast), this skill give huge damages.

Cooldown: 30
Manacost: 200



Deals damage from 120 up to 300 in a 700 area, based on Exort. same for mana loss, but based on Wex. The speed of the detonation is 4 seconds, down to 2 on max Wex. This is a target point effect, you target a location and the charge builds up there.

This skills works well if you are facing spellcaster. Unfortunately, the detonate time will make this spell easy to dodge. Combine it with some disable or in a team battle.

Cooldown: 40
Manacost: 250

WWQ - Tornado:

WWQ - Tornado

This is a long range fast moving semi-disable ability. It cyclones units in its path, then damages them when they land. Damage is from 175 to 350 based on Wex and Quas. Distance is from 700 to 3100 Wex based. Airtime is from 0.4 to 2.2 Quas based.

A great AoE disable with some nifty damage. Use it on fleeing targets, it has very long range.

Cooldown: 25
Manacost: 150

QQW - Ghost Walk:

QQW - Ghost Walk

This is a wind walk variation. You become invisible, but you move slower. Enemy units near you move slower as well. The amount you are slowed by in wind walk is Wex based from 30% to 0% and the amount the enemies are slowed is Quas based from 10% to 40%.

Use this to slow down your enemies while your allies hit them. In the early game, this skills maybe your first choice to escape ganking.

Cooldown: 60
Manacost: 300

QWE - Deafening Blast:

QWE - Deafening Blast

This is a line ability. A projectile flies and knockbacks units in its way, making them unable to attack for a period of time. Damage is Exort based, 40->280. Attack Silence duration is Wex based, from 1 to 4 seconds. Knockback duration is based on Quas, from 0.25 to 1.75. The attack silence effect starts after the knockback is done processing.

Very usefull skills for initiate and save your allies. The stun and the silence will give chance to kill before they use their spells.

Cooldown: 25
Manacost: 200

QQE - Ice Wall:

QQE - Ice Wall

Slows based on Quas, not sure how meaningful numbers are here, it needs a visual test because of the way its implemented. Its basically the same as the old Ice Wall, except instead of making you crawl to a halt instantly at level 1, it now slows based on Quas level. The duration the icewall is alive is from 3 to 10 seconds. Deals 5->30 dps based on Exort.

The slow effect is huge and if you invest in Exort early game the damage isn't that bad either. Use it to escape from your chaser or even for chasing and ganking.

Cooldown: 20
Manacost: 125

EEE - Sun Strike:

EEE - Sun Strike

Global cast range. Targets a 200 aoe area. Has 2 second cast delay. Deals aoe damage based on Exort from 75 to 450 damage. Spreads the damage over the number of units in the area.

Works like combined Zeus's ultimate and Mirana arrows. Always look on the map for a fleeing low hp enemy and aim this spell on their path.The 1.7 delay may make you miss some kills but with a bit of practice you'll get the hang of it.

Cooldown: 60
Manacost: 250

QQQ - Cold Snap:

QQQ - Cold Snap

Single enemy target. This causes any damage dealt to the target to create a ministun effect (0.2). Duration is based on Quas, from 3 to 6 seconds. Triggers maximum once every .7/.65/.6/.55/.5/.45/.4 seconds. 1000 cast range. Deals 25 damage per freeze.

Use it when you're teaming with a fast atack speed hero or just want to stop a channeling spell.

Cooldown: 20
Manacost: 100

WWW - Alacrity:

WWW - Alacrity

Targets an allied unit. Gives a surge of attack speed for a brief period. Lasts 5 seconds. Gives 40/60/80/100/120/140/160

Use it on your DPS allies like Mortred or even yourself.

Cooldown: 20
Manacsot: 125

EEQ - Forge Spirit:

EEQ - Forge Spirit
EEQ - Forge Spirit

Forge Spirit
Attack Range: 300/400/500/600/700/800/900 (Exort based)
Hit Points: 300/400/500/600/700/800/900 (Exort based)
Damage: 29/38/47/56/65/74/83 (Exort based)
Mana Base: 100/150/200/250/300/350/400 (Quas based)
Duration: 20/30/40/50/60/70 (Quas based)
Armor: 1/2/3/4/5/6/7 (Quas based)

Mana Regen: 4
Movement Speed: 320

Melting Strike
Costs 40 Mana. This is an arrow effect. It has no cooldown. Upon impact on the target, lowers armor by 1. Stacks up to 10. Effect Lasts 5 seconds from the last sucessful melting strike hit. This hits heroes only. Starts off autocasted. It has 33% magic resistance. When Quas and Exort are maxed out, it spawns 2 instead.

The armor reduction will be a free Stygian for you. Use it with Ghost Walk or Cold Snap.

Summon Cooldown: 70
Summon Manacost: 200

Skills Build
Unlike the other heroes, Invoker skills build is unlimited. There is no best skill build. You can choose what are you want to be. It's all depends on your teams. If you want to deal huge damage, max out Exort. Want to support your team, get Quas. Want to be a DPS, grab Wex. But don't be greedy. If your skills build is not focused, you will likely gain nothing.

This build spins around maxing Wex and Exort early game. If you choose this build, you need some regeneration items to cover the missing Quas. You will got high damage early and attack speed-movement speed bonus from Wex. Best choice to make Invoker as DPS hero.

This build is based on maxing out Quas and Wex early on. You will got Tornado, Ice Wall and Cold Snap on your side. With so many disable, you can ganking easier. You won't have problems holding your lane since you'll achieve more regeneration with Quas.

The most common skills build. Quas ensure enough regeneration to keep you on your lane without any other items, while Exort gives you the posibility to last hit easier. This build also assures early access to Ice Wall to save you from chaser. If you are still not feel safe, get one point of Wex to access Ghost Walk.

Items Build
Invoker items build is really depends on your skill build. But basically, Invoker need mana regeneration and stats (since he doesn't have it). If you are going to be a DPS, get MKB. If you want to be a support, get Gynsoo and Shiva's Guard. You can cover stats and mana by getting Linken's. Still looking for the ideal build for him tough. Do you have any suggestion? Let's discuss it here :)

Spells Combo

The biggest problem when you are using Invoker is the limit of the spell you can invoke. With 2 maximal invoke's spells, you must choose and combine the right spells for better result. For optimal result, invoke the 2 spells you want to use and then prepare your next orb combination. Therefore, after spend your spells, you can immediately Invoke another spells quickly. 4 spells combo is possible, but need a lot of practice.

If you're still having difficulties memorize the spells, you can print this great card diagram from Anura. Click the image to view the full size and then you can print it :)

Invoker Skills

Ice Wall/Emp
Anti caster combo. Sneak behind enemy lines with Ghost Walk and Ice Wall them then quickly Emp next to the wall. Creates confusion and limits their nuking posibilities.

Chaos Meteor/Defeaning Blast
Nuking combo, use the Deafening blast to keep your enemies under your meteor.

Cold Snap/Alcatry/Forged Spirits
Use this combo when you are teaming with some nuker/high atack speed hero. If you have MKB you'll see a lot of short stuns and the Forged Spirit acts like a Stygian Desolator ensuring that he'll feel hurt.

Tornado/Sun Strike
Cast Tornado and then cast Sun strike at the location when Tornado almost ends. Assures a high damage combo.

Cold Snap/Ice Wall/Tornado/EMP
Use it on ganking and chasing. Don't use them Tornado immediately after Ice Wall. Wait until the slow effect is gone and then whack them with it.

Tornado/Chaos Meteor/Def Blast/EMP
Another Nuking Combo. Use meteor just after the effect of tornado is off, follow swiftly with Defeaning Blast. Need some practice to do it quickly.

Cold Snap/Ghost Walk/Forged Spirits
Use your Ghost Walk to keep your spirits landing some nice hits. Works great when you have Radiance and you already cast Cold Snap on the target.

You can give correction and feedback if i made some mistake. Since this hero is still new and need more trial, you can also add another skill and combo if you found any. Any correction and suggestion are welcome. The credits will given to you as always :)

Compiled from: HomerTheSimpson,Nigma,mltf of www.dota-allstars.com

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  1. Keep it up man!!! thats a fast update. Now im liking this site even more!

  2. cant see the screenshot but great job~

  3. @link
    Sorry, looks like my image host is down. I already tell the owner. Hopefully it will be fixed soon. Thanks for the info :)

  4. Must have took you a lot of time to figure out all of the details on this one. Fantastic job!

  5. YOU ROCK!!y0u memorize all of those!!??i idolize you from the combo you made,,but im the best user of INVOKER ^^

  6. I was playin' a while ago, and i found a very weird build up, well i was in an AP, and i got the Chaos Meteor/Tornado combination, i found that the proper use for it is cast a Tornado on the direction enemys are walking and then u got 2.2 sec's to cast your chaos meteor without worries, but, the nice point is, that my items build were, [ Orchid's, Shiva's, a Bottle(for runes), Travel Boots (u really need em for fleein'), AND ,here's the weirdo items, Wladimir's offering and Assault Curais. U probably are thinking " why did he get Those?!" well, for pushing and with A.C. u dont need to use WEX and u can Max ATK with Exort, my Dmg was 104-110(level 25) + 177, Armor 8+30 and Intelligence 82+50 (we are obviously aware that all skills by this point are maxed out).

    the Full combination was:

    Tornado>Chaos Meteor> Orchid(in the enemy with the most disable propeties= > Shiva's Guard (for team Vs team battles) > then u change one Exort orb for a Quaz > Forged Spirit's (yeah 2 of em) > change while fightin' to 3 Exort Orb's / if the enemy got away (i doubt so, but, centaur got away a couple times) u mix ur 3 Exorts and u guess where's he, and BOOM Sun Strike. if u want u can use again Shiva's guards, it's C.D. is very short for such reliable item.

    Good Job with the Blog, keep it up!

  7. About invoker, Wex/Quas based build.
    U play most of the time with 3 wex orbs on u and u use tornado as your main skill. Item build: Power treads, Eul's scepter(so when u max your wex you have 441 ms!!), and whatever u like(linken's is nice i think, or an eye of skadi). About your second skill, i prefer Deafening blast, but i think u can make better combos too. A fast description, of how i play invoker... (By w00dy)

  8. Hmmm, i tried the cold snap ability and it rulezz.
    And if u play the build i reported before i think its a nice combo with tornado.
    p.s. nice site..
    (By w00dy)

  9. kael is awesome!! wonder why his in the scourge, his white!! he is my most favorite hero in DOTA!

  10. Listen buddies the really hunting combo against one enemy is alacricity + cold snap
    And if you have crystalis you really own ;)

  11. The best Invoker i ever used was when i have:
    2.Power Treads [intelligent]
    3.Stygian Desolator
    4.Refresher Orb
    5.Assault Cuirass
    6.Shiva's Guard

    MKB and Power treads are for your speed. Assault cuirass and stygian desolator is for your armor reducing abilities. Shiva and Stygian again provide the most armor u can have. U must be saying that i am crazy to have refresher orb. But it is for the Forged Spirit that will further enhance your armor reducing abilities[-10-6-5=-21 armor in total]. And ur aramor will be +30 just by items. I use Refresher orb to get 4 Forged spirit and each of them damages 80+ which means i also get a bonus of 300+ damage just like that....thinks again if the Invoker is a good or bad hero...
    You may say how i get so much money. It's easy. With maximum E+W you will get the best meteor ever. It kills lots and damages everyone in AOE. Had a few free kills also due to Meteor when i was playing. Try Cold Snap with the combination of items i have above. And when the enemy hero is about to die, use sunstrike or ghostwalk to slow him down. Another friend of mine replaces MKB with Radiance. It works well with Ghostwalk. I dunno what u guys might think but it's worth to give it a try.

  12. This hero is very very good, cause it can accomodate to the other team heroes. Just need lvl and then you can rule with the game. Very good with Orchyd staff. Try:))
    Meteor is simply owning but also Cold Snap combo with Forge Spirits is very good.
    Well done with creating this hero,
    hope for more comments,
    Davy Jones, Skopje

  13. Wow!!! This is the best guide for Invoker! I have been searching for Invoker's guide for 2 months. At last, i found this site! Great job with this site and creating Invoker by.

    P/S: Anyone who have a good strategy or guide for any heroes pls pls pls email me @: icebluefiz_93@hotmail.com


  14. This is my [all] skill combo for Kael lvl 25. u must memories all the skill keys. - Kael is a caster!

    1. Alacrity + Forge Spirits [b4 attack]
    2. Ready for Tornado & EMP - Cast EMP first while waiting for it to blow, cast the tornado, right after they get down from the tornado, boom! EMP! then go quickly near enemy/ies,
    3. Cast Ice Wall, while being iced, cast sun strike,
    4, Cast meteor strike, den defeaning blast.
    5, Finally, Ghost walk or/and cold snap. Ghost walk for escape or slow nearby enemies.
    all keys pressed asap

    Equips are:
    1. Dagon - lvl 6 u can kill a hero right away.
    2. Linkin Sphere - mana regen
    3. Blood Stone - good for combo w/ linkin sphere no need to wory for mana regen/hp regen (max quas)
    4. Shiva's Guard - addtnl dmage, and for escape. this is very good.
    5. Vanguard/Hood of Defiance
    6. Boots of Speed
    7. Upgrade ur dagon up to 800 dmg

    I love this hero so much!

  15. Well... There're so many builds for this character. Personally I think of a build like so...
    -Vanguard/Hood of Defiance(if the DEF is not enough, buy two of each)
    -Hand of Midas for faster atk speed and faster money making
    -Power threads for faster movement speed if combined with Wex
    -MKB for higher DMG and ministun
    -Any mana regen items(preferrably Linken Sphere, plus it blocks some skills)
    -Dagon if necessary...

    I prefer to use Deafening Blast at first, then cast Chaos Meteor, then normal atk... And finally Dagon atk to finish the enemy off...

    Email me at ktha2000@hotmail.com to comment on my build... TQ

  16. there an awfull lot of builds for him i personlly goes on somthing like this :
    skillwise i go for exort and quas with 1 wex for the meteor cause that's an hell of a money maker
    the goal is forged spirits /w coldsnap (well thinking of swaping ice wall and cold snap) and a refresher cause 4 forged spirits hiting at 8x each on a disabled target is quite fun when you can disable it once again since you refreshed :p
    itemwise i go like this :
    -power tread (str in early game then depending on enemys)
    - orchid simply cause it gives some disable and the basic stats makes you quite powerfull in early game with 3 exort
    -refresher orb (for double spwan of froged spirits)
    - assault cuirase for armor reduction since chaos damages don't take armor reduction damages but takes armor amplification damages as well as boosting the forged spirits
    -stygian for armor reduction ++ and self dmg ++
    never been able to go have more than this in a game so the last slot's a bracer for the start or something like that well i get i'd go for life like a heart of tarask or a skadi for life n snare

  17. I like to max exort, followed by quas and at least one level of wex.

    Then use meteor (well placed can so real dmg, esp, with a fellow hero who can stun - gives u time to cast).
    and when u get 2 slots, meteor with deaf blast rocks. u can basically blast them off at the same time, if u do meteor 1st, as it takes time to fall. The deaf blast keeps em in place while meteor does its thing.

    with item build, invoker has no stat boost, so he needs things to survive. I like to go:
    - 5 ironwood branches & tango's
    - then boots of speed and mechanism.
    - then bloodstone - real good keeping u and ur team alive, and saves u money.
    - then i tend to go shiva's guard for extra armour and slowing power.
    - then depending on the game, guinsoo or refresher.


  18. oh and i forgot to mention to above, in item build.
    - boots of travel after getting bloodstone, but u can get it whenever u think best. I usually get it before or after bloodstone.


  19. ive been using invoker for months now
    and id like to share my own build...

    i usually rush the euls scepter items cause it matches with the Chaos meteor-deafening blast combo. First, use euls scepter on any enemy hero, on EXACTLY 1 sec. after you casted it, cast the Chaos Meteor then follow up with the deafening blast. in that way, enemy heroes will have smaller chance to escape the combo

    anyway, nice guide... i needed to know how invoker's skills lvl up...

  20. wow buddy nice good job tnx alot this help me alot tnx your so good wahahahah

  21. vanquish the enemy mana! go wex! go emp! make sure emp works! go tornado! emp + tornado build is flawless. even if the emp explodes with the heroes in the air, their mana still gets destroyed.

  22. nice guide

    i still learning on invoker

    currently using defending blast+metero build

    starting item buy waterbottle 1st..then 2 null threads then get 1x oblivion staff for spd n sp regen..should be enouf..then skadi..

    late game blast then meteor str8 away then skadi wack should be able to kill for me

  23. namrock??? you said level 6 dagon??? i thought it was only level 5 lol.... nice strategy dagon lol

  24. ur invoke spell list is currently wrong. WWW is EMP and WWE is Alacrity. I usually use invoker in a non-spamming fashion except on early game.

    Early Game build:
    lvl2-invoke (spam EMP to harass opponents and make sure their mana is low :D it has a high aoe so you can use it to either get ur opponent mana down or force him to back and hence unable to farm)

    etc etc

    i usually dont learn 2nd invoke until lvl 15, depending on the game. I aim to pump up wex and exort (wex is the priority b4 level 6.after lvl 6, exort is the priority skill-meant for using meteor to kill/farm)

    my invoker item build:
    manta (used along with alacrity), shiva, BoT, guinsoo, yasha/dagon, mkb.

    the idea of my invoker at late game is no longer spamming, but rather using alacrity to buff me and guin the opponent. with insane atk spd from alacrity, the mana break can be a pain to most. if necessary, i will use tornado as a means to 'chase'.

  25. Im not going to use invoker even if its good,cause its so hard to memorize the wex,exort or what to use if quas or exort

  26. tried using threads, vanguard, mekansm, arcane ring, bloodstone and skadi. pretty good build having minimum of 30 points to all stats additional with instant HP & MP regen.. about the skills, im still practicing the deafen meteor combo thing but im doing it different from you guys having deafen first before meteor.. can't do the job with that yet.. GG

  27. To hell with this idiot hero! What sort of crap do you think he has?

    That's what my bro says. =D

  28. i dun know how pro can use tis heroo..
    tis is noob hero..

  29. your such a looser the item of it is
    linkin sphere
    power tread/boots of travel

    your character now will be hard as a stone

  30. just use the normal build for battle type snap and alacrity= shiva guinsoo threads deso dagon mkb
    for spamming skills= aghanims linken bot buy i prefer phase boots guinsoo shiva bloodstone
    for fuck up builds like me ahahahha
    kelens,phase boots, guinsoo, skadi, s&y, HoT

  31. Hmmm... it's my opinion for Invoker's item
    1. Null tallisman (in the early game)
    2. Power tread
    3. Dagon (upgrade it to Lv5 faster)
    4. Shiva
    5. Stygian / bloodstone
    6. guinsoo / MKB / Buriza (more damage is more better to become powerful killing machine)

    This strategy is to make Invoker's mana regen more faster and to add great damage to KILL your enemy. use Chaos Meteor, and at the 2 second delay, use deafening blast. then, use Dagon and Shiva... make your enemy CRIES!!!

  32. I think youre crazy, if invoker is going to do all that, no mana will left, so use aghanims and bloodstone

  33. my builds
    1st build
    meoter + forge spirits
    2 bracers
    treads (int)
    force staff

    2nd build
    meteor + ice wall
    2 bracers
    treads int

    note with this build requires a lot of practice. u not just use meteor and ice wall, u use all of ur skills REALLY FAST by invoking different ones and using them. this requires a lot of practice.

  34. mostly...
    cold snap+meteor * alarcity...
    assist = cold snap/defeaning blast + alarcity
    survival = defeaning blast + ghost walk
    ks = sun strike
    chasing = tornado + alarcity
    solo 1v1 no run = forged spirit+cold snap +alarcity(guaranteed winner)

    blah blah blahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

  35. Catn see the pictures=(

  36. me to cant see pictures of items :( i whana see them

  37. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  38. Most effficent way to play invoker for pubs.

    skill build :

    E W R Q(if you are being harrassed and also to get QQW ghost walk for anti gank) if they dont have any dust/ward early game.) Exort till level 4 of Exort then acquire Quas Lvl 4 to get EEQ for your team to Roshan. Roshan combo are coldsnap and alacrity and lava spawn. you can always invoke other spells in the early game but it is not that profitable as you wont have mana for the best spells early game that is alacrity and ghost walk.

    dont forget sun strike for /low he/in the red heroes specially if there is a confrontation. always check enemies after confrontation as they maybe in the red and a sunstrike shall finish them off. practice the timing please.

    items : 5 branches and ring of protection for ROB so you would be able to spam alacrity for your farming. main weapon is alacrity and ghost walk for cowering away. alacrity for damage and buffing your ally if he can go for the kill or you.

    depends if you want to create magic wand but id rather sell branches and get 1 bracer. magic wand is 500? + 3 to all stats and bracer is 510 plus +6 strength and 3 to all stats. best to sell branches and get one bracer and get magic stick instead. you dont really have to get a magic stick but comes in handy.

    rush ROH before ROB and next item is str treads. then get perseverance going to linken. he needs stats and the mana for your team spells like eew/wwq/qwe/www.

    once level 7 please get level 2 invoke so you can gank with wwe and qqq. i no ganking shall occur, it is best to push towers as you have alacrity. best towers to push would be the top lane if you are scourge and next is middle and bottom. although best to push always is bottom lane tower so you can gank there carry/weak heroes who resides at the bottom.

    Early game power :

    With 5 branches and exort invoker has an upper with damage early game. if you wish to harrass a hero have the attack command be done at the back of the necromancer for the enemy creeps not to attack you.

    next item after linken would be trying to rush skadi or get aghanims. I prefer skadi but it takes time.if you get aghanims, be careful as the stats you only rely would be on your linken and bracer. you would still be a soft hero after linken.

    Other methods of use :










  39. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  40. Early game items :

    Please modify to suit your needs, you may also need a salve or tree for regeneration and 5 brances would not always be a good starting item. leave out a branch for your medium of healing. ROB is must for extra 6 dmg and armour and helps you spam alacrity early game while farming for perseverance.

    Note : always a good idea to push the bottom tower instead of the top tower 1st as scourge. Before pushing the bottom tower, please inflict damage to the top tower first.

    Reason to push bottom tower is if you have a pub team that will atleast cooperate in buying wards for senti junglers after the tower is down.

    In addition :

    If the team shall be pushing towers mid game, always invoke beforehand your best spells which is www, wwq and eew. best combination for the team to be safe after those 3 spells. since you wont be able to invoke after a short time after invoking eew, best spells to invoke are wwe and qqq. it really depends. QQQ would be the next best spell as after winning the team clash, since there is a ministun with QQQ, there'd be 2-3 heroes pounding on the unfortunate soul. wwe or eeq(if quas and exort are lvl 4) to continue the further push if you wish.

    Remember, in pub games, you may have your team questioning you if you have meteor spell, best to explain that it costs mana that invoker cant afford early game and you are saving for qqw for anti gank early game.

    For invoker not going skadi. best items after linken are :

    Damage items

    Deso or MKB. Why Deso? If its a 1x1 situation and you invoke lava spawns, would they stand there and fight and let the spawns take their armour away? have deso do that with alacrity activated. MKB for ministuns if you wish.

    Shivas for armour or mekansm for further support and mana. remember, Invoker is an INT hero so the INT attributes shall add to his dmg.

    Dagon is not recommended as mid game dagon lvl 1 wont do much damage and you'd always want mana to use other better spells. Dagon is 27xx while meka is 23xx + 5 to all stats and 5 armour. Mekansm if the team isnt doing well. Dont compell skadi. Its not really game breaking compared to having it on other carry heroes.

    Guinsoo? if you need another disable but you've already have wwq and qwe. doesnt give you much stats to your strength attributes or armour.

    Orchid? another silence for late game? would be nice but it would take you some time to farm and going solo with wwe and qqq with sheep staff is not recommend but is up to you. late game weapon is wwq as this will be your disable and for running away plus you always have qqw.

    bloodtsone? very nice but go for aghanims rather bloodstone. another 6hp regen is doesnt add much and the mana is covered by aghanims plus you'll be able to invoke faster with aghanims with a 2sec CD on invoke.

    ROB to Vlads? never attempt.


  41. what a complex lil fucker.. ill stick to rashta

  42. Going for Aghanims will work too instead of linkens. Agha rush is becoming my favourite. Gives stats a nice cd on your ulti. Also to add, the regen rune when used, the hero can still use their spells while regenerating mana ang hp and the mana will still be replenished to the full while casting spells.


  43. awesome guide :)

  44. i am not so pro , with any hero ....
    i think invoker is the coolest hero and most complicated too....

    1 low movment speed
    2 remembering spells (u forget it usually )
    3 extra care and concentrarion
    4 early use of spells is mere waste (attacks are not effective )

    1 interesting hero
    2 good range
    3 invoke gets reloaded quickly
    4 can change spells quickly
    5 tornado is the best attack with sonic wave (both these slows ur enemy down

  45. I think this is awesome... But, Sun strike is also good if ur enemy is a runner... and the coldsnap/forgedspirit combo is SDF awesome...

  46. Hey.. How about Ice wall/Chaos Meteor+ Sunstrike 4 a heavy damage skill... But 4 me I add one more skill item, shivasguard... What happen next I think d enemy is sent to the heaven where they don't accepted and then sent back to thier fountain to give the enemy a lots of gold and experience.... Invoker is a good Hero 2 play...

  47. My build for invoker..

    1. chicken+bottle.. then go for int/agi threads
    Wex+exort+ulti = 1 meteor @ lvl 3
    then pump exort for alacrity and meteor distance
    @ lower lvls distance = damage
    2. Boots+phaseboots.. + alacrity + meteor farming/ganking machine.. also you can have early ghostwalk *see bone clinks* XD

    this part on I have 2 options for invoker
    pump exort for meteor support/Killer or go hero killer mode ie clinks mode I like to call it..

    If your going for clinks mode pump Quas and wex at this state they should all be lvl 1..
    wex is important for alacity and quas for blizzard/coldsnap for running opponents..

    My style is depending on my enemy if he/she has no stun ability I go for dagon.. Ghostwalk near opponent/s.. alacrity and ready deafening blast
    attack and dagon for insta kill.. Or approach #2
    coldsnap/forge spirit then alacrity!
    If enemy runs away use blizzard! if facing int type spam EMP

    My impt items for this mode is dagon/refresher/eye of skadi.
    crystalis for pets is good too

    Build number 2 int type.. pumping exort and ignoring quas first @ lvl 1. this build I use if I'm mismatched at lane wars.. Wex is still impt for alacrity and meteor = farming.

    if low on mana alacrity then keep ghostwalk handy

    My main item is ginsoo/shivas for survival! @ high lvl alacrity is still usefull because of its cheap mana use so keep that in mind!

    Wex Rules!!

  48. combos should be chaos meteor/tornado or ace wall....and items should be refresher and shivas....

  49. yeah items;

    1.phase boots
    2.shivas guard
    3.refresher orb

  50. I was using invoker for quite some time and for starters I use threads and bracers and aim for skadi doing so I don't use wex to get 2 spawns by having 5 for Quas and Exort each. At this time you have the cold snap-forge spirit at your disposal should an enemy tries to harass you. The main objective is for you to level fast and lane.

  51. Been using Invoker for some time now with the ganker build.

    Starting items, 3 branches, ring of protection and 2 tangoes of essi. farm for a helm while trying to keep your supply of tangoes enough for the helm. farm for boots to treads (strenght). Why? to have extra HP as you are an INT hero slow and soft.

    Why not Phase boots? you wont need another 24 plus damage as you'll be getting alacrity and you really need the extra Attack speed from treads. it really depends when to complete the ROB as sometimes you might use your sunstrike. there are times in games i buy the sobi mask first after helm before the boots. especially if i have casted ghost walk or sunstrike that has a high level of mana requirement.

    But if you're facing a Mirana in the lane, be extra careful and always watch out for her arrow as you always have 3 orbs of exort for last hitting. If you're not able to dodge the arrow, most of the time, this equals death.

    After treads, go for Mask of death and following items is a magic stick. Why magic stick? my favourite item when its time to go ganking. Gives you a nice burst of hp and mana for those dodgy situations.

    Following item is an ogree axe then complete Aghanims. Either Linkens or sheep stick. I prefer sheep stick for an extra disable. Usually what happens is upon completing my aghanmins, i'd be level 14-15 and it really helps to have the invoke to have a better CD.

    Skill set

    exort. wex or invoke. invoke or wex. quas. exort. exort. invoke. exort. quas. quas. quas. then Roshan with 2 other heroes and invoke lava spawns. Please be sure that you have a level 4 exort and quas to have 2 lava spawns. exort. quas. wex. wex. wex. exort. quas. wex. exort. quas...

    Main weapon. Alacrity and Cold snap. Most pub players aren't familiar with the damage output of exort. you can always play mind games with them. Running aways then casting alacrity on your self and dont forget to right click on the enemy hero again as invoker will fire at another target. This is the same as after casting cold snap. right on the enemy hero. When to cast cold snap. It is best to cast cold snap when the enemy has found out they aren't going to win the 1x1 duel or start back pedalling. Cast quas at this instance and not at the same time as alacrity.

    Most heroes wont have enough armour or stats to not be damaged substantially from the alacrity buff. Pretty strong early game hero.

    Laning partner :

    Avoid laning partners with a spell that does not have synergy with your alacrity like bloodseeker, void as you want to have another hero that has a strong spell like a slow, stun or rhasta's shackes.

    Avoid lanes with dual stuns or try your best not to be stunned at all or else you'll have a very diificult time.

    How to harrass. Make sure when you attack the enemy hero, you're behind your necromancer creep as the creeps wont become aggressive to a point.

    My favourite hero!


  52. Tried Desolator, Phase, Cuirass
    Skill used are: Cold Snap, and the summon

  53. I think this is awesome... But, Sun strike is also good if ur enemy is a runner... and the coldsnap/forgedspirit combo is SDF awesome...

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  54. im a crazy player and all
    i go rush for radiance and focus on ghost walk with max wex you can burn enemy with radiance just standing there its fun especially in pub hahaha
    in pro's i go for manta and sheep stick
    with cold snap and 2 summons and alacrity
    thhen set tornado for runners

  55. perfect item for invoker 6 dr! ^^ : p

  56. suport skill build ice wall for slow and emp for mana burn ^^

  57. but the meteor is good for int agi heroes.. wont hurt you to remember one more skill combo..

  58. invoker is very fragile and caster hero
    bloodstone is very effective item for him
    no need dagon or damage item for him
    his a supportive hero not a killer

  59. haha... ill try to practice invoker.. its a nice hero.. a supportive and a killer... what a nice combo.. ^^

  60. im the best among invoker users

  61. who cares if ur the best among invoker

  62. Invoker sucks LAGGER!!!!!
    then the player quits...

  63. I wish Invoker would have more skills :)

  64. invokers best items are:
    and last is up to the user...^_^

  65. another good combo for invoker...

    tornado +emp then cast the meteor+defeaning blast
    then quickly cast coldsnap+icewall on him...then forge spirits.if still alive you can always cast sunstrike..though it is easy to cast because cold snap is still in effect.yeah its possible with aghanim's scepter...i always use it...thanks!

  66. skill and item build:
    lvl13 and so on choose what skill you want to master (but for me exort and quas)

    2x circlet
    2x ironwood branch
    1 tango
    request for an animal courier on your team mates

    mystic staff
    town of portal

    boots of travel

    Cold Snap + Tornado for ganking or killing (mid type)

    Tornado + Deafening Blast + Chaos Meteor

    Tornado + Chaos Meteor + Deafening Blast + EMP + Ice Wall + Cold Snap + Ghost Walk + Sun Strike

    Cool Skill/Skill Combo/Item Build :)

  67. I'm sure WWE is for Alacrity
    WWW = Alacrity??
    It should b a mistake =/
    WWW is for EMP man D:

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  69. Noobs! need 1v1 Sh InVoker!!

  70. invoker is the best hero but bangguiyao and steve laeno invoker is imba

  71. what is invoker item build

  72.  lol radiance to invoker are you crazy

  73. PWE DDDD!!!!!!

  74. i can use all skill of invoker in 1 clash .

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