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Dota-Allstars 6.50 Bugs on Kael the Invoker

dota allstars 6.48b AIplus Bug Dota-Allstars 6.50 Bug on Kael the Invoker. Ah, finally i found it! After some searching and googling, i found this video. This video must be a good reason for Icefrog to released the 6.50b only a day after 6.50 hit the public.

The Summary of the Video

When you swapped Invoker with the other hero in the beginning of the game, Invoker will got 6 active skills (some say it is 5) on him since level 1. Therefore, in the video you can see Invoker use Chaos Meteor, Deafening Blast and Tornado one after another without any delay or troubles. Wow!

Honestly, i haven't try this by myself. I just see the video a moment ago and currently far away from Dota. But, after i read all the comments in that video and some comments from the other site, i think the bugs is true. I hope someone who read this post will give confirmation regarding this bug. At least until i proved it by myself. Cheers..! :)

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  1. anyone experience this b4 " spell mising when playing half way?" even i try to cast another combination... spell icon wont display any spell.. means.. no spell at all...


  2. had this "nospellatall" after picking up a illusionrune couldn't invoke quasbased spells until i died

  3. the bug is real. but you won't be able to use the orbs' passive skills. (no regen, no bonus attack/movespeed, no bonus dmg) and you still need to max the orb points to strengthen your spells. you wont be able to use the remaining 4 skills.

  4. wow its cool i tried it i got it 6 spells : tornado, chaos meteor, defeaning bleast, ghost walk, alacrity and EMP !!but you dont have mana :P and also quas wex and exort must be upgraded for the spells

  5. just find it amazing to know tat invoker has bugs on it. may i know wad map is it? v 6.50a , b, c?

  6. The bug only exist on 6.50, it's already fixed on 6.50b