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Dota-Allstars 6.50 AIplus 1.52 and 6.50b AI DAII v1.2

Dota-Allstars 6.50 AIplus 1.52 (Injected Script from 6.49 buffermeplz map) and 6.50b AI DAII v1.2, Free Download. These map is some AI maps i found for 6.50b. You can try it yourself.

Script from 6.49 1.52c ai plus of lazyfiend ported by buffermeplz is injected to the new map
- kael skills doesnt work
- could have unknown side effects

Download 6.50 AIplus 1.52 Injected Script

The items is already updated. But as it said, Invoker skills is not yet implemented. There are some miss placement of the Neutral Creeps because their position is still based on 6.49c and even the New Neutral Creeps is not yet implemented. I guess we must wait a little while for more decent AI map.

Download 6.50 DAII v1.2
Download 6.50b DAII v1.2

Just like the other DAII map. Use it only to test new Heroes or Items. Not much comment for this map.

However, i haven't test the map by myself yet. I will verify the map quality soon. Until it's done, you can test it by yourself ;)

Warning! Don't expect too much, because those maps is launched very shortly after 6.50 is released. That's mean very possible the map is not as good as RGB official AIplus map. But, since those maps currently the only available AI for 6.50, i guess there's no other choice to give it a shot ^-^"

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  1. Yeah it nice.... But the DAII AI version i only love the -gi commands it is Gold Interest save 1% of your current every 10 secs :)

  2. i know it's not something ,
    but thank you anyway, because
    with this AI map,
    i have the chance
    to try and experimenting
    the new hero an item.
    so thx man...

  3. I cant use invoker's skill in this ai map...

  4. @Chaotic Hellraiser - Which map you use? If you are using the 6.50 AIplus injected, i already mention that you can not use Invoker's skill. Try the DAII map. You can try all the new thing, but the AI is not as good as the AIplus.

  5. Chaotic Hellraiser
    oh ic... din notice that... ok i'll try the DAII map... thx for ur reply anyway

  6. why i can't download Dota-Allstars 6.50 AIplus 1.52 (Injected Script) & Download 6.50 DAII v1.2

    i has been tried 1 week download but can't.

    if 6.50b DAII v1.2 i can download easily.
    can you check it..

    thx a lot

  7. Hmm.. I just try to download all those files and it seems ok. I think nothing wrong with the files. Try to download it from other computer, maybe it works..

  8. Hello every body!!! i'm having problem with Leon (Demon Witch). it doesnt use the first skill. Please some body fix this. THX!!!

  9. i found bugs......6.50 AI plus
    -troll warlord cant use his ulti
    -rowranger,sf, lothar edge recpie but never complted it coz must use 2 claymore

    great AI :)

  10. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.