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Dota 6.50 Map Beta 11 Version, Leaked!

Dota-Allstars 6.50 Beta 11 map is leaked, free download in this blog. Actually this is the first time i posted Dota-Allstars beta version in this blog. I just got it by accident. Please give me feedbacks/comments after you try it :) Oh yeah, you must use nick "IceFrog" to play, because it is beta protected. The download link is at the end of the post.

Beta 11:
Due to the random trees i forgot, here is a rushed beta 11. i added the immolation effect for orchid till we have something better. fixed ghost frost arrow range, fixed swapping/repicking/duplicates in -sd.

Beta 10:

-Do not use techies in games, he is still broken (unfinished recoding of land mines)
-fixed some issues with some neutral spots
-lowered range on NA and lion impales
-tweaked guinsoo again
-changed the ghost ability

-test the new game mode -sd
-play around with the changed items
-keep playtesting and finding bugs
-give feedback on state of neutrals in beta 10 after you try them a bit

Unaddressed Issues:
-Bottle w/rune expiring when hexed (this isn't a new bug, its old. working on it)
-Euls movement bonus on morphing heroes (this is a new bug, i will get to it eventually, not a very high priority given since the heroes that would get it don't usually having morphing abilities)
-for some reason, -apm triggers -mute.. investingating this still, i'll figure it out before the end of the beta cycle, but not top priority

Beta 9:

--Play around with guinsoo/euls/orchid
--Fixed various issues with impale (airtime and hitting magic immune like jugg in blade fury). Try to find other units that have magic immunity that it tosses up in the air.
--Do not use techies, his land mines are in the middle of a rewrite

Download Dota 6.50 Beta 11 via MediaFire
Download Dota 6.50 Beta 11 via RapidShare


Update: The Beta 19 is available.

Update: The official 6.50 map has released!

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  1. Nice DotA_Allstars_v6.49b_AI.w3x
    but can you give the URL for DotA Allstars v6.50b_AI ?

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