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Dota 6.50 Beta 24 Map, New!

dota allstars 6.50 Beta loading screen ImagesDota-Allstars 6.50 Beta 24 map leaked, free download in this blog as always. The latest Beta Map is great! You got to see what i already saw in this map. But if you are too lazy to see it by yourself, don't worry. I will give you some nice preview about the beta map. Just go to this post and watch the screenshot. The download link is at the end of the post. As usual, you must use nick "IceFrog" or the other beta tester nick name to play. Hmm.. Do you know another nickname? Tell me if you know :D Oh yeah, in this post i will also give you the detail change list from 6.50 Beta 1.

  • DotA Allstars v6.50 Betas 14-24 [Invoker Series]

    Beta 24:
    Invoker's tooltips fixed, -invokelist command
    Further work on -ah
    Beta 23:
    Visage Remade
    Some work on -ah done
    Beta 22:
    Scourge Terrain Changed (QFT)
    Beta 21:
    Scourge Terrain Changed (Yes, Again)
    Bug Fixes with Invoker
    Beta 20:
    Scourge Terrain Changed
    Dagger Reworked Again
    Bug Fixes with Invoker
    Beta 19:
    All Invoke spells present.
    Scourge Terrain Changed (Again).
    Beta 18:
    Misc bugs fixed.
    Beta 17:
    Added two Invoke spells.
    Increased Fountain regeneration by 10 Mana per second.
    Beta 16:
    Added an Invoke spell.
    Beta 15:
    Fixed bugs regarding Invoker.
    Beta 14:
    Invoker can now be selected from last scourge tavern
  • DotA Allstars v6.50 Betas 9-13

    Reworked Orchid (immolation effect)
    Reworked Euls (Infinite Cyclone Charges)
    Reworked Guinsoos (3-item recipe, no euls!)
  • DotA Allstars v6.50 Beta 8

    fixed various sell prices
    updated drow\'s story per volcove\'s suggestion
    * Reduced model size on Non-Ancient Golems
    buffed up murlocs a bit
    fixed ravage lvl 2/3 damage
    * Improved creep pathing on top Sentinel lane
    * Improved base int and growth on Visage
  • DotA Allstars v6.50 Beta 7

    Fixed Eidolons armor
    fixed mana shield cooldown
    fixed guin sell price
    fixed level 2 marksmanship
    * Fixed Dark Rift from using cooldown when cast incorrectly
    fixed impale effects to work on ancients
    fixed some visuals with impales
    fixed the stun to start timing after the unit lands from air
    range on na and lion impale is always full range
    added a minimum range for the impale effect on burrow strike so if you target
    yourself, it still impales nearby units
    fixed ravage damage
    * Added Ring of Health to the Goblin Shop
    lowered quarterstaff price
    fixed bottle cooldown (it was still 8 seconds, not 5)
    lowered euls cd a bit and reduced recipe
    tweaked guin/eul/orch a little, see feedback post for complete details
    * Reworked the trees/pathing near the small sentinel creep camp
    did lots of tweaks and changes to neutrals
  • DotA Allstars v6.50 Beta 6

    fixed kickafk giving you options for players that aren\'t afk
    fixed a pathing issue with the trees near the new ramp
    * Reduced cooldown on high level Shapeshift
    kickafk properly shares control on kick now
    increased quilbeast hp by 100
    undid marksmanship change, kept the agi gain nerf
    adjusted leap cd change from last version
    fixed apm command (it was actions per second before i think)
    undid potm base damage change change
    fixed morph courier hotkey
    removed guinsoo recipe
    * Reduced Gravechill manacost and cooldown a little
    * Recoded impale based effects completely, fixing various ramp bugs, stacking issues and lots of rare problems. (Burrowstrike, Impale (Lion), Impale (Nerubian Assassin), Ravage)
    * Removed manacost on Mana Shield
    * Added Javelin to the Goblin Shops
    * Added Quarterstaff to the Goblin Shops
    * Increased Perseverance damage from 7 to 10
    reduced tornado damage on buildings
  • DotA Allstars v6.50 Beta 5

    changed the removal of bottle sell cost to a small one (mainly cause of a problem I was having with it not displaying manacost)
    * Changed Leap cooldown to scale with levels
    * Lowered Mirana\'s base damage a little
    added magic resistance to quilbeast (75%)
    tried to fix the shukuchi issue with dealing damage twice again
    fixed ogres autocasting
    * Changed the pathing around the one of the neutral camp areas on the Scourge Side
    returned damage amplification to orchid and changed from 4.5 to 5 duration
    reduced cooldown and increased range on guinsoo
    * Increased Chainfrost bounce by 1
    * Fixed a bug introduced in the recent scepter changes on Crystal Maiden
    * Improved armor on Enigma\'s Eidolons
    * Removed the stack restriction on Shiva\'s Guard
    * Improved Juggernaut\'s movement speed
    * Implemented a better silencing mechanism in the Black Hole area
    reduced Drow\'s ultimate a little
    * Lowered Drow\'s Agility gain per level
    * Added a new command -apm to reveal your actions per minute
    -afkinfo and -kickafk now work properly fixed -neutrals test spawn command lowered guinsoo recipe cost * Couriers can now disassemble items (161180)
    * Added text descriptions for powerups (68307)
  • DotA Allstars v6.50 Beta 4

    Made linkens 20 seconds (for now..)
    refilling bottle and rune usage doesn\'t share cooldown with regen usage on it (so only regen follows the 8 sec cooldown)
    * Bottle is in full state at all the shops now (still thinking about this..)
    * Fixed Last Word triggering off of Linken Sphere usage
    fixed various typos
    fixed lothars sell cost
  • DotA Allstars v6.50 Beta 3

    Fixed Drow\'s ult
    Changed alpha wolf to a different color
    Reduced chances that the buff icon remains on Broodmother/Sven ults
  • DotA Allstars v6.50 Beta 2

    Made Lothar\'s 21/21 bonuses
    Fixed Lothar\'s cooldown
    Reduced lothar\'s manacost
    Fixed the alpha wolf not spawning properly
    Fixed aggro on new creeps
    * Neutral Ogres no longer auto-cast Frost Armor
    fixed tree types at the new scourge camp
  • DotA Allstars v6.50 Beta 1

    * Fixed Berserker Rage from triggering Essence Aura
    * Fixed Javelin\'s odds being slightly off
    * Increased Morphling\'s base damage
    * Macropyre cooldown no longer increases per level
    * Reduced Expulsion cooldown and manacost
    * Lowered Flying Courier HP to the same as regular Courier
    * Reduced Sprint\'s damage amplification from 20% to 10%
    * Improved Keeper of the Light\'s attack animation
    * Delayed the creep spawn time by 30 seconds in -vr
    * Fixed neutral spawn times in various modes
    * Improved Scattershot from 10-35 damage range to 20-35
    * Improved Alchemist base Intelligence and growth
    * Slightly improved Psi Blades spill width
    * Improved Lich\'s Frost Nova cast range by 100
    * Improved Vanguard hp regen by 1
    * Changed Lothar\'s recipe and stats
    * Increased Maledict AOE by 15
    * Improved Chemical Rage
    * Increased Phantom Lancer\'s STR gain
    * Improved lifesteal on Insatiable Hunger level 2 and 3
    * Reduced Replicate manacost and cooldown
    * Centered swap request notice is given to a player (182779)
    * Fixed an issue with the Cheese drop from Roshan
    * Reduced Vladmir\'s Offering recipe cost
    * Reduced Linken\'s Sphere cooldown
    * Increased Psi Blades range by 10 each level
    * Improved Troll\'s movement speed
    * Decreased Rampage movement speed bonus
    * Decreased Rampage cooldown
    * Removed stacking restriction from Bloodstone and improved it\'s stats
    * Improved Helm of the Dominator damage from 10 to 20
    * Improved Spirit Bear\'s Demolish
    * Improved Oblivion Staff mana regen by 25%
    * Increased Lightning Storm cooldown by 2 seconds
    * Reworked Eul\'s Scepter of Divinity completely
    * Reworked Orchid Malevolence completely
    * Reduced cooldown on level 4 Metamorphosis from 135 to 110
    * Reworked Guinsoo\'s Scythe of Vyse completely (check forums for details)
    * God\'s Strength is longer removed by cyclone
    * Insatiable Hunger is longer removed by cyclone
    * Quarterstaff price reduced
    * Improved Sand Storm
    * Fixed an issue with Forest Troll High Priest\'s pathing scale
    * Drastically lowered Quilbeast hitpoints
    * Improved range on Drow\'s Trueshot Aura
    * Fixed an exploit with Lanaya
    * Improved cooldown progression on Insatiable Hunger
    * Reduced Sven\'s base armor
    * Reduced the slow on Epicenter
    * Changed the locations and distribution of neutral creep camps
    * Fixed some text display problems when viewing replays (thanks DonTomaso)
    * Reduced Lina\'s movement speed by 5
    * Reduced Voidstone by 25 gold
    * Improved Enigma\'s movement speed
    * Modified initial projectile speed and effect on Paralyzing Casks
    * Improved Enfeeble
    * Improved Auto-Fire aoe and duration
    * Reduced Ring of Health by 25 gold
    * Fixed some color issues on the load screen
    * Reduced Queen of Pain\'s Blink range at early levels
    * Fixed some creep death time discrepancies (188461)
    * Improved Earthshaker movement speed
    * Reduced mana cost on dagger and increased cooldown (75->50 mana, 30->60 cooldown)
    * Added cooldown to Bottle usage and removed its sell cost
    * Added -afkinfo that displays how long each player has been idle for
    * Bottle purchased in base starts off full
    * Necronomicon icon now changes per level (190183)
    * Changed durations of some powerups (Haste 45->30, Illusion 60->75, Regen 45->30)
    * Fixed a very minor bug with Elder Form duration
    * Fixed a very minor bug with the damage mechanism on Shukuchi
    * Moon Wells now gather water during night and get drained during day. This has no gameplay impact (60920)
    * Zombies now give a bit less bounty
    * Improved cast range on Expulsion and Fire Storm
    * Change Drow Ranger\'s Marksmanship
    * Added a conditionally available -KickAFK command to boot idle players (171984)
    * Increased Neutral Centaur\'s aura by 5%
    * Added an Alpha Wolf in the wolves creep camp with a command aura
    * Added a new creep camp (1 Ghost w/Possession + 2 Fel Beasts)
    * Changed the Furbolg\'s Stomp to a Clap
    * Added a new creep camp (1 Enraged Wildken w/ Tornado + 2 Wildkins)
    * Added a new creep camp (1 Murloc Nightcrawler w/shadowmeld,1 sec ensnare + 1 Murloc Hunstman + Murloc Tiderunner)
    * Improved Satyr Hellcaller\'s Unholy Aura
    * Added a new creep camp (1 Dark Troll Warlord (Raise Dead), 2 Dark Trolls)
    * Recoded Neutral Creep code for some optimizations
    * Changed the location of one of the Scourge creep camps
Download Dota 6.50 Beta 24 via MediaFire


Update: The official 6.50 map has released!

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  1. WOW, I hope to god IceFrog changes Euls before he releases this. +20ms and infinite cyclones? Who the hell isnt going to buy this on every hero.

  2. I'm confused on what -ah is supposed to be for.

  3. Yes, Euls definitely will be an IMBA items if IceFrog decide to release as it is now. But i'm sure he will consider and give it some more balance. Regarding -ah mode, i'm also still guessing about what it is supposed to do. Let's just wait and see what's gonna happen. Surprise us IceFrog! :)

  4. One beta tester that I know off the top of my head is DonExodus. Should work as a username.

  5. i think -ah is antihacks, i saw a post of icefrog on dota-allstars forum talking about it
    For usernames try and find the beta testers on dota-allstars forum. if you select beta testers it will give you the beta testers registered on

  6. it doesnt seem like you need to have a beta-tester name. i tested in singleplayer with my own name and it was working fine.

    euls has only a 2.5 duration and has a 30 second cooldown. not only that, it costs more. compared to the old version, yes, its permanent, but much weaker. also, you cant change it into guinsoo for late game.

    if -ah is actually antimaphack, that would be awesome. the abbreviations fit and i cant seem to find any differences in gameplay, so its very possible.

  7. I cant dl from mediafire...Whats the problem?

  8. Sange and Yasha is too powerful with its 16% movespeed and 16% maim.

    Movement advantage of lycanthrope and slithereen guard are now unfairly useless.

    Any heroes wit SnY can now easily chase shapeshifted banehallow or sprinting slardar.

    Also any heroes with sange and yasha can easily escape from banehallow and slithereen guard.

  9. Invoker spells are too cumbersome he has unusual skill tree. Invoker should be remaked.

  10. It seems like nobody uses aghanims on Luna Moonfang anymore. The improvements that aghanims gives on eclipse is not worthy of its gold cost.

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