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Crixalis the Sand King Guide & Walkthrough

Crixalis the Sand King Guide, Walkthrough, Item Build and Skill Build.

Sand King

Crixalis was a normal scorpion in Kalimdor's deserts. For unknown reasons, he evolved much faster than his brothers, growing extremely large. Because he was still susceptible to the Sand King King's mind control, he was summoned and is now guarding the Frozen Throne. While much larger, Crixalis still possesses his scorpian abilities, such as the power to burrow into the ground and resurface elsewhere, impaling all in his wake. His tail contains a violent venom, which causes his enemies to explode. Scouts have discovered that he can create large tremors in the ground, killing anyone distracted enough to get near him.

Sand King

Base HP: 492
Base Mana: 208

Strength - 18 + 2.3 (Primary)
Agility - 19 + 2.1
Intelligence- 16 + 1.8

Base damage 43-59
Attack range of 128 (melee)
Base Armor 3.7
Movement speed of 300

Strengths and Weaknesses

Has a great AoE damage, can turn out the game with good placed Epicenter.
Not items
Fast farming with Caustic Finale.

Epicenter needs great timing and positioning.
Possibly targeted by all enemy hero after you initiate.

Skill Descriptions

Burrowstrike (E)

Shadow Strike

The Sand King burrows into the ground, tunnels forward impaling everything above him, then surfaces.

Level 1 - 100 damage, 400 maximum range.
Level 2 - 160 damage, 500 maximum range.
Level 3 - 220 damage, 600 maximum range.
Level 4 - 280 damage, 700 maximum range.

Mana Cost: 140
Cooldown: 11

A really usefull skills. Stun enemies in a row and in the same time moving yourself. Use it for initiate, chase and escaping.

Sand Storm (R)

Blink Strike

Sand King creates a fearsome Sand Storm. The storm blinds his enemies and he becomes invisible to them. In the same time his opponents take damage.

Level 1- 20 damage per second, 200 AOE, invisibility lasts 20 seconds, 0.3 second delay before revealed
Level 2- 40 damage per second, 250 AOE, invisibility lasts 40 seconds, 0.3 second delay before revealed
Level 3- 60 damage per second, 300 AOE, invisibility lasts 60 seconds, 0.9 second delay before revealed
Level 4- 80 damage per second, 350 AOE, invisibility lasts 80 seconds, 1.2 seconds delay before revealed

Mana Cost: 60/ 50/ 40/ 30
Cooldown: 40

The damage isn't good for farming. The only reason you want to take it is for the invisibility. Sometime helpfull in a emergency situation.

Caustic Finale (L)


Each of the Sand King's attack injects a deadly venom that causes the target to explode violently on death, dealing damage in an area.

Level 1 - 90 damage.
Level 2 - 130 damage.
Level 3 - 170 damage.
Level 4 - 220 damage.

Orb effect
Mana Cost: N/A
Cooldown: N/A

Great passive skill for farming. You can kill a wave of creep in a couple seconds. The only drawback of this skill is it's Orb effect.

Epicenter (C)

Coup de Grace

Sends a disturbance into the earth, causing it to shudder violently. All caught within range will take damage, and their attack speed and movespeed slowed by 40%.

Level 1 - 2.0 second casting time, 6 pulses of 110 damage, each pulse has a 300 AoE.
Level 2 - 2.0 second casting time, 8 pulses of 110 damage, each pulse has a 350 AoE.
Level 3 - 2.0 second casting time, 10 pulses of 110 damage, each pulse has a 400 AoE.

Mana Cost: 175/ 250/ 325
Cooldown: 140/ 120/ 100

Magnificent skills! Massive damage and the same time slows enemies. For maximal results, often combined with Blink Dagger or Burrow Strike. The only problem is, the enemies will try their hardest to cancel this.

Skill Build

Level 1: Burrowstrike
Level 2: Sandstorm/Stats
Level 3: Burrowstrike
Level 4: Stats
Level 5: Burrowstrike
Level 6: Epicenter
Level 7: Burrowstrike
Levels 8-10: Stats
Level 11: Epicenter
Levels 12-15: Caustic Finale
Level 16: Epicenter
Levels 17-21: Stats
Levels 22: Stats/Sandstorm
Levels 23-25: Sandstorm

Burrowstrike is taken and maxed early for obvious reason. It will be your primary combo combined with Epicenter. When Burrowstrike already level 4, you are ready to ganking any hero. One point on Stand Storm can save you from early gank focused on you. Only take one level, you only want the invisibility, not the poor damage.

On early game, Stats is ways better than Caustic Finale. Stats will give you more HP and additional Mana for your combo. Taking Caustic Finale early will make you pushing too fast and make you vulnerable for ganked. The only chance you will want to take Caustic Finale early is when you are facing melee hero on your line. It will help you harass the melee enemy heroes while last hitting. On level 12-15, maxed Caustic Finale and you will farm like crazy.

Item Build

1. Gauntlet of Ogre Strength + Circlet of Nobility + Tangos
2. Empty Bottle
3. Finish Bracer
4. Blink Daggers
5. Boots of Speed
6. Second Bracers
7. Finish Boots of Travel

Your core item should be like this:

Bracers Bracers Power Treads Helm of Dominator Monkey King Bar

The most important thing about Epicenter is the positioning and timing. Blink Dagger is the perfect tools to meet the demand. In order to have an effective role throughout the game, you must be ready for ganking and initiating once you've prepared for your items.

Bracers will cover your lack of additional Stats item, while Bottle will cover your regeneration and make you stay longer in the line. After get the Dagger, to maximize Sand King role as ganker, upgrade your shoes into Boots of Travel. It will help you farming and initiate ganking in the same time.

Late Game Items

Heart of Tarrasque + Heart of Tarrasque + Assault Cuirass

Typical Sand King team battle role is to jump into the enemy with the Epicenter and then tanks all the damage. That's why in the late game you will need mass HP and armor boost.

Blink Dagger vs Black King Bar

Blink Dagger is better than BKB because Blink Dagger helps you gank (which is what Sand King would do besides farming, tanking and initiating battle) and gives the value of surprise when you deliver your Epicenter. Usually the enemies would scatter around if you get a BKB, activate avatar and cast burrow+epi, but with Blink Dagger comes the value of surprise. Without them knowing, you could deliver your Epicenter more effectively, and will help you much more in initiating battles.

But it seems the spell immunity of BKB is attracting a lot of people to buy it. But you must note several things. There are a lot of spells which go through avatar and deals a 0.1 second ministun, which cancels your Epicenter casting. You can just activate Avatar every 100 seconds while Blink Dagger can be activated every 25 seconds. And the last, BKB doesn't offer you anything to help you relocate, which can be used in a lot of things. Even so, if you indeed have a big trouble with Epi+Blink, this item still help you.


Start off by going to the lane of your choice. The good thing about Sand King is he is an excellent solo hero, yet an excellent dual-lane assistant as well. So, it doesn't matter if you solo or not. Start off in the lane being very, very passive. Once you get in a lane, before the first wave comes in, try to creep block. It's alternately pressing move and stop in front of the creep wave to delay them in their arrival. This pushes your enemy creeps nearer your base, and gives you a wider capacity to quickly level up.

Don’t burrowstrike yet in level 1 unless the enemy is escaping with an uber low life to make a first blood. Like everything that happens, kill and last hit creeps, and level. Don't do anything to kill the enemy yet. Just farm and get your level up. Once you get to level 6, you are a killer with Burrowstrike + Epicenter. This period of the game, this simple combo can take out many enemies with their predictably low life, also mentioning this combo is devastating anytime.

When you encounter a normal stunner (Vengeful, Skeleton King), let them hit you or your ally with their stuns and do your thing. It’s better if they are stunning you while beside your tower. After all stuns are drawn, you do the burrowstrike, and then the usual epicenter. It’s a very easy task, but not as easy when you encounter two stunners. You may want to call some reinforcements. When facing stompers, it becomes harder because when you burrowstrike them, you have to go a little bit farther to them where you land to prevent getting stomped on, especially when casting your ultimate. And aside from the usual stun skills, there are some skills which deal a 0.1 ministun like Lunar Beam, Void, etc. So don't be fooled by those skills which you think are purely nukes. They might have a twitty stun to destroy your Epicenter casting.

Everytime you almost die with a very low life and the enemies don’t have a stun anymore, burrowstrike to retreat. Not to stun them forward. I’ve seen that sometimes that their Sand King just uses the Sand Storm (If they do have one) after landing. That's a very bad move.

There isn't really an "art" of Burrowstrike + Epicenter, as it isn't rocket science. Yet, it is one of the most effective "moves" in DotA. It usually never fails. First, find a spot that is in the fog of war or out of sight of enemy heroes. Be at most 900 units away from the enemies. Begin channeling Epicenter, and after the green light goes away and you start pulsing (You may miss 1 or 2 pulses if you are a begginner, it's ok) immediately blink into the center of the enemy Heroes. After your pulses are up, Burrowstrike the remainders (if there are any) to sweep easy double kills.

A common misconception is when you Blink in with Epicenter "on" you should immediately Burrowstrike the enemies - This is false. If you do this, the time the enemy heroes spend in the air for Burrowstrike, they enemies are invulnerable, which means, no Epicenter damage. Wait untl all pulses are clear OR you can get a kill with a Burrowstrike.

Some people like to Channel Epicenter and then Shift-click Blink dagger so they wont miss a pulse - I do not like this as the target you want to blink to 2 seconds ago may change in the 2 seconds of channeling.

Now you're leveling and maxing Caustic Finale with you, you're purely a farming machine. With the technique I explained earlier, you'd gain a lot of money in no time and you'd farm for your BoT, and your luxury items if you really are left alone to farm for yourself. In every 3 waves killed, you may have pushed far into the enemies' territory, so go neutral creeping for a while, then when the enemies counterpush, prepare in a spot to release an Epicenter + Blink to the team, while possibly calling your allies for reinforcements. Whenever you really find the enemies missing, warn your allies. They'd probably gank your allies in the other lanes, but mind your own business. Once you get near them, they've succeeded in killing the hero, and aswell preventing you from leveling up. Never let them succeed, so never get fooled.

The time you are ready to do the Epic + Blink, try to let the opponents push (While doing so, hide in a perfect spot), let an ally draw stun, cast Epicenter, and blink in. Usually you become the target of enemies so when you think you can’t handle them after 4 seconds, call your allies (Not necessary if you can handle them). While the enemies are trying to escape, chase them and if possible, do a burrowstrike. Your enemy should possibly be dead by now. However, some enemies might do the opposite. If they don't die, you should decide whether to chase them or to get away since you can still be harmed even if the enemies have a very small amount of life. Never chase heroes when you know they have higher movespeed than you (Unless they are in your burrowstrike range).

Before the mid game ends, some enemies may be fed up with hp increasing items. You should gank less since a single Epicenter won't do the trick to some heroes, whereas you can still live up to your killing power if the enemies are fully incapable of surviving any immense damage.

You are currently excellent in defending. Mind you, even if the creeps are those 833 hp/ 603 hp creeps pass by you, you can tank their 50+ damage, plus you may have an Cuirass. Don’t worry if you loose around 100 – 200 hp each wave as you regenerate fast. Usually, 3-4 kills per large creep wave solves a problem even if they are numerous. Do not fret.

After level 16, your epicenter is deeply flawed, and you may have to do other roles than initiating and tanking. You may have been doing less ganks since you have to defend your lanes. If someone else will take over defending lanes, you can not just defend, but push. You have the power, Burrowstrike + Caustic is a great pushing skill. Watch minimap when pushing and quickly teleport if most of your enemies is missing. Buy some luxury with the gold from pushing.

In the late game, you're a Damage Dealer and also Tank. Now with the crazy farming you've done, you may have even reached the gold to get a HoT. You are now extremely fat and ready to tank damage. You have many escape mechanisms, burrowstrike, blink, sandstorm. In the three, only sandstorm is purely to help you. Blink and (possibly) Burrowstrike is for initiating your combo. This way, we can say that Sand King only has one skill that is solely used for escaping, and the other two is for engaging in battle. When come to the team battle, pick a hiding spot. When your team ready, cast Epicenter and surprise the enemy by blinking them. They should be focus their damage on you. Brace yourself and face them, even if you die, you already do your role. By the time you tank the damage, your ally should do pretty much damage to the enemies and even get some kills.

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  1. Sand King does really need Dagger.

    I am tired of those escaping heroes after the Epicenter. Bleh!

    But, you dont use Monkey King Bar?
    Epicenter is channeling spell

  2. Black King Bar, not 'Monkey King Bar'
    My bad..

  3. @makemoney - Fiuh, after the extreme change on 6.50, maybe all the Heroes Guide should be rewrited. Especially the change on the Dagger.. :(

  4. can anyone tell me how to use skeleton king and razor?

  5. You can go search for the guide about these heroes...

  6. on SK, dagger = positioning not escape. this is aindirect buff to epi.

  7. Even though the dagger has been nerfed, the dagger is still a must item for Sand King. Because of the re-coded impale, now burrow-epi combination is not effective anymore. You will find heroes escaped from your combo now :( that's why Sand King need epi so much

  8. Ok I've played DotA for a lil' while but, after reading this FAQ it seems that you can cast Epicenter and then move without losing the effect... I don't think this is possible as it is a Channeling spell but, if you can cast then move then I've been miising that important detail.

  9. Epicenter is channeling about 2 seconds when it casting. After the casting, you can move with the epicenter already casted. That's why people use the Epi-Blink Combo. Cast Epi from a vlind spot and after it casted immedately blink into the crowd aiming for triple kill :D

  10. I always farming using the sand storm, it really helpful especially when you are at the same lane with melee hero....... besides damaging the creep it also help damaging and chase away hero at the early game...... sometimes to amplify the damage try use radiance...... makes thing easier when you farming alone..... caustic finale combining with battle fury make farming a lot more easier..... why people underestimate sand storm?????

  11. noob... dont hire sandstorm and stats first... hire caustic finale as quickly as possible to farm better...

  12. @^ LoL u think your a pro saying that the guide maker is a noob,well you need to get sandstorm at least one level early game because it can really help in escaping it can also dodge projectile attacks/skills (eg:stormbolt, magic missle etc.), and stats early game for SK is really great considering your not a carry your a disabler and initiator that's why you need the extra stats.

  13. nice guide but ur giude dosent consider the armor problem of sk. As far as I've seen farming costly items like heart and assault is quite difficult in competitive games.
    Better option would be valdmirs, meknesm and vangards even shivas is good.

  14. nice items for SK

    .,but my build is like this.,

    2 battlefury, heart of tarras, black king bar, boots of travel and assault cuiras

    is it good or bad????:)

  15. Well i usually dont buy it but just in case you did'nt know... Caustic Final even overrides Maim... Sooooo IF you want more movementspeed for epicenter and a bit more hp, you might even consider buying sny. Well in well balanced team that shouldn't be a real build, but justin case you are bored. Same goes btw for Ursa. who needs ms...

  16. ., thanks for reply nickfreak.,:)

  17. Imo a good SK build is battle SK, ive played around with a few build but i like battle SK build. Its very annoying to play just epi blink without damage, yes you are doing your part. But its also frustrating if your enemy fled with low hp when youre hitting them like a girl. My SK build is, 2x bracers, perseverence, boots, blink dagger, battlefury(so you can actually hit and kill after epi blink impale) and notice caustic finale can give you double or triple kills on weak heroes. But you need damage, thats where battlefury comes in play. BoT is not really that necessary just bring at least 2 tps whenever you go hunting. Always support teammates, coz its almost a guaranteed kill if you help. After those items on top, get either Cuirass or Shiva's Guard. I personally like Cuirass coz it helps your teammates while on battle too. Heart is expensive and useless, pump on Shiva Guard if you have extra money. The additional armor will do better than tons of hp. Hope this helps, try it out.
    If you AP SK these are the items you should start off with:
    -1x hp potion
    -1x tango
    -2x gauntlets of strength
    -2x ironwood branch
    Play very passive, dont try to be a hero coz SK has ridiculously low hp and armor. Only charge when you know its safe and you have an edge.
    Have fun, let me know how it works for you :)

  18. taruntuz:"heart to expensive and useless" ??????????!!!!!!!!!
    AC have high cost them heart (6K/5.6K)armor is against physical dmg or HP can support both (physical/magical)
    on team fight ur main objective is a well placed epi bcs SK is made for those who play in team if u want a hero killer pick SK is a wrong choice
    PS:sry my english isn't good

  19. SK is a nice pusher and initiator, so your main focus on him is to make him farm/push and initiate.
    This means: focus on a AOE item like Radi/Battlefury and give him some mobility: Make him fast (for cahsing while epicentring, you need to be fast to stay close to your victim) and you need to be on a lane with many creeps, so BOT is THE item on him. You are not a damagedealer with your attacks but with your spells, like Earthshaker.
    And Sandstorm... in a SERIOUS game, your invis will be countered, believe me. lvl one is fine to escape, but ypu main focus is impale/epicenter combo, combines with caustic final... you nee to lasthit early not stand and wait for sandstorm to farm

  20. Sk only needs blink,1/2 bracer or magic stick,boots,tps,wards and thats it!
    with these items your effectivness is very high anythink beyond that is a luxury that in most cases you cant afford them because sk is meant to gank and not farm.

  21. dagger 4 me no need..
    me make dagon n bkb it usefull..
    try it n b godlike!!!

  22. build bracers

    all u need to pwn

  23. lol tis build are not so good..y not considering tis :

    2.go for a boot and direct bf(make sure u get it b4 25min)
    3.finish phase boot
    4.blink dagger

    tis 4 item can own the game di and ++ cheaper and help alot better....normally people dunot need bracer.

  24. @above

    really? your build is much better?

    lol i think most of the time u played with the ai's lol you even dont have bkb or linken? hey most of the time you will be facing to nukers or stunners kid.. you dont need bf to him! you are there to help your allies..
    i agree to you bottle is one of the important item for him and at least 1 bracer..

    my build for him is the new treads inte type, 2nd is bkb, 3rd dagger but m0st of the time i d0nt use it i used linken instead..
    4th heart 5th radiance 6th its up to you maybe shivas or quirass

  25. for me magic stick is good for SK.

    with low armor.. he probably will be the 1st target to be aim by enemy's so 2x bracer in game is good enough for hp and mana.

  26. i don't use the items they requid here i know the items that will make sand king ultimate hero first buy 2 bracer vladimirs,threads.batlefury and tarasque

  27. battle fury!! on SK is useless as it already kills a whole creep wave in 1 stun + 1 hit with maxed out caustic finale..

  28. i always farming with caustic finale... because that's the easy way to get more money than u use the sand strom..

  29. LOL i owned my friends by using this althought before that they called me NOOB hahaha

  30. well, actually dagger for me is now replace by lothars. why?? ... coz if your chanelling the epicenter just after u click epicenter click lothars then you will be invisible and your epicenter will still be channeling

  31. My build on SK:


    Optional Radiance

  32. sk is indeed a support, ganker type.

    start off with some twigs, tangos, and a stick, maybe a clarity or two. some even go basilus. but starting items are really up to u. the new quelling blade is also great. although 200+ gold, the 32% is so much already.

    if u can be careful, just skill up burrow and then bonus. be sure to know where to juke with tower dives from the opposing team. i personally like bottm lane for sk. its near neutrals and a simple juke path in tower range for the dives.

    item wise:
    trvel, aga, dagger, and linken is enough (sometimes too much, you might be overfarming, u must give way to you carry teammates) if ur carry/s are farmed and ready, maybe go ahead with shivas to add 200 damage on combo, epic blink shivas = no escaping (slow)

    what do you think?

  33. Ummm, is it good if I cast a epicenter and after that, I will do sandstorm so when the epicenter is pulsing, Im invincible and heroes cant attack me...

  34. umm after what? th combo starts with epicenter sir. u then blink in to the unknowing enemy. i dont think sandstorming is a good idead because they wont usually be able to attack you and prbbly be just running away. u also need to be as near to them as possible fo max damage.:)

  35. WHAT THE HEll?!

    sandstorm made for the invi only????!!
    watch its damage !80 p/s + alchemist acid + radiance

    WHO THE HELL MADE THIS GUIDE.u may pick sandstorm If:
    u against HARRASing hero and ranged.

    what make u all said bkb is importance on him?
    1st item that REALLY need is (preseverance and dagger)

    with this two item ,enough to own the game .
    got extra money go for somethin that can +++benefit ur hero upon epicentre effect like atack damage,slow(shiva) or anything that make sure enemy hero DIE when epicentre - if epicentre fail to kill better u save ur skill for nexxt round -

    BKB IS WASTE (juz for magic imune????????)

    owh,during epicentre channeling(DURING) u may use this item without lose the chaneling:
    shiva,lothar(the other not yet discovered)

    1st of all aim the dagger and preseverance(hard to farm?take sandstorm.)perfect escape and MANA AND LIFE REG.

    got extra money buy radiance...if you really PRO.u may aim for ur poison that can be harrased( it passive??? IT WAS)

    please remember that maximum level of sandstorm got extra delay b4 you revealed

  36. @above, who stays within the aoe of acid sandstorm and radiance waiting to be killed? wth?!!

    i think its a waste to max out sandstorm in mid game no pro will stay in that storm or not carry dust. and using shivas while sandstorming will reveal sk. (bug?) u need to spam ur stun so go for bonus (u get mana damage and especially life to tank damage - regen is useless if u cant tank nuke combos)

  37. nahhh(u mus sand storm on area that prevent them lvl )

    can they stand and pain inside,(or they lose EXP),maybe they desprately through the acid and sandstorm for exp but alchemist stun settle those kids.

    take note:level gaining range is 1000.far then that gain nothing.beep ....his third good for ppl who pro on last or may get o0o for free of charge from teammate bcoz of keep last hitting thier creeps.

    no,me no say shiva on sandstorm.what i tell is during channeling EPICENTRE.

    if ppl wan shiva and combos the slow with his epicetre slow.(recomended)

    max level of sandstorm got delay 1 sec b4 revealed only overpro will stay long on his sandstorm..sandstorm ->walk away->1 sec after blink or stun for superb escape.

    and sandstorm give u non-obtructed vision.should i say more about this sandstorm usage.on max level ,sandtorm duration too long until the cooldown is finished which allow you to walk back and invi ,walk back and invi(most people anoy with this OKAY!)

    using this hero should see enemy hero line up 1st.

  38. usually use this freak when got tide hunter and puck -cm for sometime-

  39. Magic stick --> bottle --> boots --> dagger --> BoT --> ulti stick --> shivas

    max stun then sand storm all the way to level 9 ( of course getting ulti inbetween)

    I don't know why you guys think sandstorm is bad... Intact it's probably the most underrated power in the game.

    Stun + sandstorm hurts early game and it will give you lane control.

    Level one sandstorm does only 20 dmg and lasts for 20 seconds and the cooldown is around 30 seconds.

    However level four sandstorm does 80 dmg and can last 80 seconds with a much shorter cooldown, around 10 seconds. also you are still invis for nearly 2 seconds after you move out of epicenter.

    Believe me, I'm no noob, when you're playing sk you need to skill sandstorm early.

  40. My Build is

    TREADS --> Travel
    4 Bracer --->
    BaT_Tle Fury


  41. AOE stunners is very bad- cancels Sandstorm
    Via Fissure Hoof Stomp etc.

    Escape Artists- Escapes your Epi via Blink,Waveform,Leap,Void Walk

  42. I've played wit SK in many tournaments.My techniques would be:

    2-caustic (easy farming & keeps melee heroes away if u r good at farming)
    4-sandstorm (gives some chance 4 survival & harassing melee heroes on lanes)

    Depends on the game,& enemy/allied heroes..anyway what other gamerz can farm using B.fury+causticFinale for SK,I can farm using only lvl4 causticFinale.. So,B.FURY is just a waste 4 me..
    Mostly I would prefer:
    -Phase boots(since I might want to prevent some creeps/heroes from blocking my way to move twards enemies when my epic is casted)
    -Dagger(Besides using for casting epic. sandstorm+blink+burrowstrike very good escape mech.&pressing shift+C 900 AOE away from a fight and clicking the desired landing target while still pressing shift..its useful! Not even a single pulse of epic will be wasted!)
    -BKB/Linken(Not only 4 casting epic..Since SK has low Hp and armor,most player would try to finish u quickly and target U when u casted ur epic and blink in..thus,spell immunity/spell barrier is useful in my game for survival)
    -2xTarrasque (Makes U fat and strong! Haha2)
    -shivas(+armor,mana and using epic+shivas combo not only deals high dmgs but also slows enemies effectively..thus,enemies will not escape after your combo since their speeds are like tortoise now..quickly burrowstrike or finish your targets for ultra kill!else your frnz will steal your killz)

  43. This comment has been removed by the author.



    If u are facing a stunner build this (1 on 1)

    1st Phase Boots
    2nd Persceverance
    3rd Bracers
    4th Bracers
    5th Monkey King Bar
    6th Finish Battle Fury
    7th Sell 2 Bracers
    8th Radiance
    9th kirass
    10th Heart of Tarasque/ Kelens Dagger/ Blademail

    If not facing a stunner build this

    1st Phase Boots
    2nd Battle Fury
    3rd Heart of Tarasque
    4th Heart of Tarasque
    5th Currias
    6th Radiance

    Gud Luck :) hahahhahahha TRY this Surely you will win

  45. Follow The Upper Post comment If you`re facing Nerubian Weaver You will Lose

  46. ...
    on early game (which mean b4 mid game-1-13)
    item you should GET .(if not yet have this,better leave the game)

    dagger & preserverance!!!

    from post above.shiva work well during channeling epicentre.

    ....he gain good agi i see

  47. Caustic build is mostly useful in pubs only. In more competitive game, it's not recommendable

    And, I really think Radiance and Agha should be added as Late game items. Epi + Radi hurts

  48. UMMM.......Why not build Eul's on him??? (Euls + Epi)

  49. i got game 1 vs 1 im using sk vs centaur...can sk win gve me strtgy....ppplllllzzzzzz

  50. sk vs centaur strtgy pro n cons

  51. morron build....

    talis man jinsuhh
    botle to satanick
    boots.. to trds or tavel battle
    dager.... or raidians...
    blade male ...

  52. this item for sk can? battlefury,dagger,boots of travel,2x heart and radiance

  53. Sand Storm For SK Is Quite A Dead Weapon To Some Range Heroes. If Your Soloing You Dont Have The Range Advantage But Your Sand Storm Can Help Against Low Ranged Heroes And At Maxed Level It Can Take Care Of Medium Ranged Units Although You Cant Take Care Long Ranged Units Like Sniper And Drow

  54. if u ask me, i prefer to add burrow and sandstorm first. sand storm is pretty useful for forest farm at start and it can save u from being killed at times. caustic after mastering those 2 skills and ulti since caustic is easier to use at higher lvls

  55. bot
    battle fury
    kelen's dagger

  56. i agree on getting lvl 1 sandstorm early game cause sandking is really vulnerable even with 2 bracers early till 1st part of mid. just lvl 1 wuld do cause ull mostly be using it only for escaping most of the time.

  57. sk need lifesteals bcos he's a lifestealer:
    here's my imba build

    2x helm of domi
    2x mask of madness
    2x vladimirs

  58. magaling mag dota si christian talusig

  59. ty. i hope it will do some gd

  60. 1)Bot or phase
    4)Linkens or bkb

  61. What's HoT stands for?

  62. Use these items:
    1.Boots of travel
    2.dagger/lothars edge
    3.heart of tarasque

  63. Sandking is one of the strongest support and carrier hero in DotA. I really love to play with sandking. And I do know a bug which works up to now. It's a super burrowstrike. read it here

  64. I owned a game with sandking carrying
    2.Blink dagger
    3.Refresher orb
    4.Heart o tarrasque
    5.assult cuirass
    6.Shiva guard

  65. HOT


  66. ow it's so nice,, spectacular,,!

  67. umm after what? th combo starts with epicenter sir. u then blink in to the unknowing enemy. i dont think sandstorming is a good idead because they wont usually be able to attack you and prbbly be just running away. u also need to be as near to them as possible fo max damage.:)

  68. sk is indeed a support, ganker type.

    start off with some twigs, tangos, and a stick, maybe a clarity or two. some even go basilus. but starting items are really up to u. the new quelling blade is also great. although 200+ gold, the 32% is so much already.

    if u can be careful, just skill up burrow and then bonus. be sure to know where to juke with tower dives from the opposing team. i personally like bottm lane for sk. its near neutrals and a simple juke path in tower range for the dives.

    item wise:
    trvel, aga, dagger, and linken is enough (sometimes too much, you might be overfarming, u must give way to you carry teammates) if ur carry/s are farmed and ready, maybe go ahead with shivas to add 200 damage on combo, epic blink shivas = no escaping (slow)

    what do you think?

  69. ., thanks for reply nickfreak.,:)

  70. i thik  BKB MORE better than dagger,because BKB add more damage.

  71. i thik  BKB MORE better than dagger,because BKB add more damage.

  72. i thik  BKB MORE better than dagger,because BKB add more damage.

  73. how about lothar edge?
    can it be better?

  74. i think with a black king bar n dagger is enough to make SK a killer.........

  75. for me the BKB is better than the dagger
    because the BKB adds you damage and armor

  76. you dont need domi cause sk is not a hitter... after getting bottle in the early game... its better to get treads and dagger then aghanims right away...

  77. also.. its better to get sand storm instead of caustic finale because even if you can farm fast in a lane, it wont help you in clashes like sand storm right? Sand King is a Clash-type Hero... so Sand Storm is better. I've compared 1.Burrow 2.Sand storm to 1.Burrow 2. Caustic. it really helped me early, mid, and late game...

  78. and Phase Boots DOES NOT HELP Sand King because he has BurrowStrike. And you should instead get ArcaneBoots to help with mana.

  79. it may give you damage but it DOES NOT help you in situations like chasing, running and evading certain spells and attacks.

  80. sandking is my favorate hero i think the guide for me for sandking              is dagger to make gg move  

  81. how about Aghanim's scepter you fuckn retarded stupid nooooobs!! no one talks about AS!
    1. Assault
    2. HoT
    4.Linken sphere
    5.Vlads (its not orb effect) will not mistake if you bought MKB

  82.  My Carrying for sandking is
    4Heart of Tarasque

  83. i always use this item cause it defend your health from enemies
    3.burizo kan nyon4.scepter5.linken sphere/phase bootother helping item i use 1.battle fury
    2.and other non orb affectsi think is like this 1.burrow2.caustic3.burrow4.caustic

    after that i pick other thing but sand cause some hero will stun me too

  84. 1. BKB (it's a MUST!!)

    2. Power Thread
    3. Battle fury
    4. Urn of shadow (you can sell it and get radiance in late game)
    5. Linken sphere
    6. dagger

  85. go fOr bottLe, pOwer treAds, keLen's dAgger, aghAnim's scEpter, shiva's guArd and rAdiance.,

    i don't understand why you guys don't even mention about aghanim's scepter.,
    aghanim's is impOrtant for the extra pulse and additional stat points.,

    it's better to max sandstorm after burrowstrike rather than caustic finale.,
    caustic finale can't be used for escaping an ambush.,

  86. i only build
    arcne boot
    can owned =-=

  87. Heart of Tarrasque

  88. pro item. . . 1.arcn boots 2.dager 3.aga 4.guinxo 5.asault 6.shiva. . . :))))) good luck thiis is realy imba moves. Trust me ^_^ promise! !!!!!

  89. why MKB? sk is not a hitter

  90. i forgot to mention that you need dagger more coz it helps you place the epi better

  91. BKB may give you damage but it DOES NOT help you in situations like chasing, running and evading certain spells and attacks and also landing ur epicenter.

  92. Judging from some of the above comments, I really think that people just wanna kill irregardless of the hero's actual role. Sand King is a disabler and a nuke, adding caustic hinders the farming of the carry you are laning with, only occasionally do you add 1 to it so to harass melee enemy heroes. Getting blink dagger is like a MUST for SK so that it can use it's wonderful epicenter effectively. If heart is not desired, in late game, scepter might prove to be helpful to deal extra damage so that you can be more useful. Shiva or even hex is no surprise on Sand King to provide extra tank and disability on Sand King to help its teammates. Get real noobs, don't just aim for Godlike, aim to bring down the throne as a team.

  93. Oh, and fuck the battlefury, you are no carry, give your teammates the farm and roam to kill, while getting some farm.

    Aghanim's Scepter
    Black King Bar
    Phaseboots/Arcane Boots
    Heart of Tarrasque(Optional)

  95. إن امتلاك سيارة لا يقتصر فقط على سداد قرضك كل شهر ، ودفع تأمين السيارة ، وشراء الوقود. لسوء الحظ ، هناك أيضًا العديد من تكاليف صيانة السيارات التي يجب إدارتها. من أجل التأكد من أن سيارتك تعمل بشكل صحيح وللحصول على أقصى استفادة منها قدر الإمكان ، فإن صيانة سيارتك بانتظام تقلل من التكاليف الرئيسية لاحقًا. خطط لدفع هذه التكاليف الخمسة التي لا مفر منها.

    1. تغيير الزيت

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    2. إطارات جديدة

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    3. وسادات الفرامل

    للتأكد من توقف سيارتك بشكل موثوق ، قم بتغيير وسادات الفرامل كل 30000 ميل أو نحو ذلك ، حسب عادات القيادة. إذا قمت بعمل أميال على الطرق السريعة أكثر من أميال المدينة ، فمن المحتمل أن تستمر الفرامل الخاصة بك لفترة أطول من ذلك بكثير ، خاصة إذا كنت تبذل جهدًا لتجنب الكبح بقوة والسواحل إلى التوقف قدر الإمكان.

    4. البطارية

    تم تصنيف معظم بطاريات السيارات لتدوم في أي مكان من 2 إلى 5 سنوات في ظل الظروف العادية. سيكون اختيار البطاريات ذات العمر الأطول أكثر تكلفة مقدمًا ولكنه يوفر لك على المدى الطويل. بالإضافة إلى ذلك ، عندما تحافظ على التوصيلات حيث يتم توصيل الكابلات بالمنشور ، فإن ذلك يضمن أن البطارية ستستمر لأطول فترة ممكنة ، مما يقلل من تكاليف إصلاح سيارتك.

    5. الصيانة المجدولة

    الفئة الرئيسية الأخيرة من التكاليف للصيانة العامة المجدولة. دليل مالك سيارتك هو أفضل مكان للبحث لتقدير هذه التكاليف والتخطيط لها. سيعلمك الدليل عندما تحتاج إلى استبدال شمعات الإشعال والأحزمة والمكونات الرئيسية الأخرى. خطط مسبقًا حتى يكون لديك المال لدفع ثمنها عندما يحين الوقت.

    من خلال إدراك أن تكاليف صيانة السيارات قادمة ، يكون من الأسهل جدًا التخطيط لها مسبقًا حتى لا يكون لديك أي مطبات كبيرة في ميزانيتك ، لذلك سيكون لديك المال في متناول اليد لتغطية تكاليف الصيانة هذه.

    صيانة اودي

    صيانة سيارات بورش

    قطع غياراودي

  96. تعد مضخات المياه جزءًا من جميع المناطق المحيطة بنا تقريبًا. سواء كان محرك سيارة أو نافورة مياه ، فإنهم يلعبون دورًا رئيسيًا في الوظائف الأساسية لجميع الأنظمة الرئيسية. وظيفتهم الأساسية هي الانتقال من نقطة إلى أخرى. هناك حاجة أيضًا إلى الضغط العالي لمساعدة المحركات المختلفة على العمل بشكل موثوق وفعال. إذا تعطلت المضخة أو توقفت عن العمل ، فإن العديد من المحركات والخصائص ستتوقف عن الدوران أو المبردات السائلة في النظام. هناك الكثير من الشركات والصناعات التي تنهار بسبب عدم كفاءة مضخات المياه. هذا هو سبب وجود طلب دائم على إصلاح مضخة المياه في برايتون وملبورن وجميع الأجزاء الأخرى من أستراليا.

    هذا يحدد المتطلبات الأساسية للمحافظة على عمل المضخات في حالة جيدة. إذا كان لديك أيضًا بعض مضخات المياه الفاشلة ، فقد تحتاج إلى إصلاحها أو استبدالها على الفور. إذا كان هناك ارتباك حول ما إذا كنت تريد استبدالها أو إصلاحها ، فإليك بعض العلامات المنبهة التي قد تساعدك على اتخاذ القرار:

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    من الضروري أن تحدد أهدافًا لعملك ثم تتخذ القرار. هل ستتوسع في مواقع متعددة في المستقبل القريب؟ هل ستطلق منتجات جديدة قريبًا؟ إذا كنت ستحتاج إلى تصميمات رسومية جديدة باستمرار ، فقد تفكر في الاستعانة بفريق تصميم داخلي. لكن ليس من الممكن دائمًا العثور على الموظفين المناسبين على الفور. من الأفضل توظيف خدمة وكالة تصميم الجرافيك. مع وجود شركة مخصصة لتلبية احتياجات التصميم التي لا تعد ولا تحصى ، ستتمكن من التركيز على أشياء مهمة أخرى.

    2. مجموعة المهارات

    قد يبدو وجود فريق داخلي أو العمل مع موظف مستقل خيارًا مناسبًا للميزانية بالنسبة لك. ولكن عندما تحتاج إلى شخص يتمتع بمهارات محددة ، عليك أن تبدأ بداية جديدة وتجد موظفًا جديدًا. يمكن أن يستغرق وقتا طويلا. على سبيل المثال ، إذا كان لديك عقد جديد لرقمنة التطريز ، فستحتاج إلى قضاء بعض الوقت في تعيين مصمم بارع في الرقمنة. من ناحية أخرى ، إذا ذهبت مع وكالة تقدم جميع أنواع حلول التصميم الجرافيكي ، فستكون جاهزًا لتلبية متطلبات العميل.

    3. الميزانية

    السبب الذي يجعل معظم الشركات تخجل من الاستعانة بوكالة تصميم جرافيك هو أنها تعتقد أن ذلك سيكون مكلفًا. لكن ، لا يجب أن يكون كذلك. ابحث عن وكالة موثوقة يمكنها تزويدك بجميع أنواع مهارات التصميم الجرافيكي التي تحتاجها. عندما يكون لديك إطلاق منتج / خدمة كبير ، يمكنك زيادة الطلب الخاص بك. وعندما ينتهي الإطلاق ، يمكنك تقليل إنفاقك. من خلال تجنب فريق داخلي ، ستتمكن من تقليل التكاليف الثابتة وإنفاق الأموال في الاتجاه الصحيح.

    4. الخبرة

    قد تجادل بأن وكالة تصميم الجرافيك قد لا تفهم متطلبات عملك. ولكن بمجرد أن تعتاد الوكالة على احتياجاتك ، ستتمكن من الاستفادة بشكل كبير. لدى معظم الوكالات فريق متخصص من مصممي الجرافيك الذين لديهم خبرة في العمل في عدة مشاريع مختلفة. هم على دراية بأحدث الاتجاهات في التكنولوجيا والتصميم. أيضًا ، ستستمتع بمنظور جديد يمثل دائمًا ميزة إضافية. سوف تكتسب رؤى جديدة في التصميم وتضمن علامة تجارية أفضل لعملك.

    اختيار وكالة تصميم الجرافيك هو الطريق الصحيح للذهاب!

    العمل مع وكالة تصميم الجرافيك يجعل الأمور أكثر بساطة بالنسبة لك. يمكّنك من تقليل النفقات ولا يزال يقدم لك امتيازات الرسومات الاحترافية. لكن من الضروري التعاون مع الوكالة. إذا لم يعمل مع فريق التسويق الخاص بك ، فلن تحصل على النتائج المرجوة. لذلك ، اقض وقتًا في اختيار أفضل وكالة لحلول التصميم الجرافيكي التي تتوافق مع معاييرك وتقدم لك خبرة واسعة.

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