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Syllabear The Lone Druid Guide & Walkthrought

Syllabear The Lone Druid Guide & Walkthrought

Syllabear was spared a time of great strife due to the deeds of his people. Sensing their settlement's impending destruction they turned their child into a bear and sent him into the wild. Syllabear grew up strong and savage, like the bears that inhabited the forests of his home. Using druidic powers, he can enter a state of almost rabid frenzy, and even call powerful bear companions to aid him. Awakened into his elven heritage by Furion the Prophet, Syllabear has regained his true elven form, and brings the bestial spirit of the bear to the battlefield.

Base HP: 473
Base Mana: 169

Strength - 17 + 2.1
Agility - 24 + 2.7 (Primary)
Intelligence- 13 + 1.4

Base damage 46-50
Attack range of 550
Base Armor 2.4
Movement speed of 305

Syllabear maybe a difficult hero to master since you must control two characters. But once you get used to it, he can wreak havoc to your enemies. He is supposed to be a carry hero, witch means hopefully he will be a hero killer.

Skill Descriptions

Spirit Bear

Summons a powerful Spirit Bear companion. At level 4, it randomly Entangles enemies that it attacks, which immobilizes an enemy for 3 seconds, dealing 40 damage per second. Spirit Bear deals 28 - 38 normal damage. Spirit Bear will automatically teleport back to Syllabear if it attempts to attack a unit while he is more than 1500 range away from Syllabear

Level 1 - 1400 hit points, Syllabear will lose 100 HP if Spirit Bear dies. Spirit Bear has 320 movespeed and Base Attack Time of 1.75.

Level 2 - 1800 hit points, gains Return, which allows it to teleport to Syllabear instantly (with 5 seconds cooldown), Syllabear will lose 200 HP if Spirit Bear dies. Spirit Bear has 320 movespeed and Base Attack Time of 1.65

Level 3 - 2300 hit points, has Return, Entangle and Demolish. Demolish allows Spirit Bear to deal 1.33 times damage to buildings, Syllabear will lose 300 HP if Spirit Bear dies. Spirit Bear has 330 movespeed and Base Attack Time of 1.55.

Level 4 - 2700 hit points, Entangles 16% of the time, has Return, Demolish, 33% Spell Damage Reduction, and can carry up to 6 items, Syllabear will lose 400 HP if Spirit Bear dies. Spirit Bear has 340 movespeed and Base Attack Time of 1.45

Mana Cost: 75
Cooldown: 180

This is Syllabear's signature skill and his best skill. The Spirit Bear is extremely powerful and can entangle heroes. The Spirit Bear is also great for tanking towers and is a good tower destroyer with Demolish. One thing which you may note is his extremely high health. When Syllabear is only level 7, Spirit Bear will have 2700 hit points. This is one of his greatest strengths. Spirit Bear is also insanely fast with a 340 base movespeed at level 4, which is boosted to 380 base movespeed by four points in Synergy.


Syllabear can create an intense combative fury in either himself or any of his controlled unit.
Lasts 10 seconds.

Level 1 - Increases attack speed by 10% and movement speed by 5%.
Level 2 - Increases attack speed by 20% and movement speed by 10%.
Level 3 - Increases attack speed by 30% and movement speed by 15%.
Level 4 - Increases attack speed by 40% and movement speed by 20%.

Mana Cost: 50
Cooldown: 30

This is a great skill. It offers a heavy increase in chasing capabilities and damage per second. Most of the time you will be using Rabid on your Spirit Bear in the early game. In late game, it is highly advisable that you use Rabid on yourself because you will have more damage. Note that it only lasts 10 seconds. With four points in Synergy it lasts 50 seconds, that is why we don't get this skill early game.


Increases the Lone Druid's synergy with his Spirit Bear with each level:

Spirit Bear - Adds 10 damage and 10 movement points.
Rabid - Increases the duration by 10 seconds.
True Form - Adds 100 HP per level

Mana Cost: N/A
Cooldown: N/A

This boosts the effectiveness of all of Syllabear's skills greatly. It gives Spirit Bear much more damage and movespeed; it gives Rabid a huge duration boost that it desperately needs; and it gives True Form an extra four hundred health, which is always useful.

True Form

Syllabear learns to morph himself into a brown bear. He can morph freely between human and bear form.

Level 1 - 250 bonus health.
Level 2 - 400 bonus health and has Battle Cry.
Level 3 - 600 bonus health and has One.

True Form's Mana Cost: 25
True Form's Cooldown: N/A

Battle Cry
Give Lone Druid and his units under his control within 900 AoE 20 bonus damage and 2 bonus armor.

Duration: Lasts 10 seconds
Cooldown: 30 seconds
Mana cost: 50 mana

Links Syllabear and up to 2 of his controlled units by the soul. Damage that they take is distributed equally between 2 or 3 of them.

Mana Cost: 80 mana Duration: 35 seconds
Cooldown: About 12 seconds

This gives a lot of extra health to Syllabear which you really need. If you cast it on Spirit Bear, then any damage that either Syllabear or Spirit Bear takes is equally distributed between the two units. One will work on any unit that you control. I use this skill early game to escape from ganks (Note: It doesn't increase your health by a flat bonus, the percentage of health you have relative to your maximum health will stay the same. So when using it to escape ganks, turn it on before they start attacking.) And in late game I use this skill to turn my hero into a beastly tank. One is a very useful skill that you receive by leveling this up and it makes Syllabear a monster tank.

Skill Build

1. Spirit Bear
2. Synergy
3. Spirit Bear
4. Synergy
5. Spirit Bear
6. Synergy
7. Spirit Bear
8. Synergy
9. True Form
10. Rabid
11. Rabid
12. Rabid
13. Rabid
14. Attribute Bonus
15. True Form
16. True Form
17. Attribute Bonus
18. Attribute Bonus
19. Attribute Bonus
20. Attribute Bonus
21. Attribute Bonus
22. Attribute Bonus
23. Attribute Bonus
24. Attribute Bonus
25. Attribute Bonus

Spirit Bear is your most important skill. Spirit Bear is obviously an amazing ability and it is by far Syllabear's best one. So if you disagree with this, don't comment, just stop playing DotA or read another guide. Spirit Bear has 2700 health with makes it a beastly tank, a really fast attack speed, a 380 movespeed which is ideal for chasing, and Entangle, which is a good disable. He's pretty much awesome in every respect.

Synergy is really good because it gives your bear a shitload of damage which you need early game. It also gives him a lot of movespeed. Rabid looks like it might be good early game, but the duration is so short without Synergy that it isn't worthwhile at all. The extra damage on your bear helps a ton in last hitting as well.

I don't get Rabid early because it won't last long enough and Synergy is just far more important because it will add about as much movement speed and it will add more damage per second. I get Rabid at levels 10-13 because the extra movespeed and attack speed that Rabid can give your Spirit Bear are far more important than +8 to stats. It gives your Spirit Bear close to 522 movespeed and a high attack speed which will allow you to chase down heroes extremely well.

True Form is the main point that I expect to take flak from. I don't advise you to use it before level 16 because the trade-off isn't very good until that point. The extra thousand health is well worth and the access to the One ability makes this skill well worth it, despite losing your range advantage. Range is most useful in early game lane control anyway. I don't advise using this skill until you get to at least level 15 or so unless you're just using it to run away. I get level one of this skill at level nine because you can use it when you anticipate being ganked.

Item Build

1. Ring of Regeneration and 2 Ironwood Branches (Sylla)
2. Boots of Speed (Bear)
3. Gloves of Haste (
4. Boots of Elvenskin (
5. Finish Power Treads (
6. Boots of Speed (
(optional : Bracers for
7. Sacred Relic (
8. Finish Radiance (
9. Finish Boots of Travel (

Your core item should be like this :

Spirit Bear


+ (as needed)

Treads on your Spirit Bear provides a huge damage per second increase and greatly increases your chasing capabilities. With Treads, your Bear will be able to increase the amount of Entangles that it does and it will allow it to get more hits in on a running hero because of the large boost to movespeed. With level 4 Synergy, your Spirit Bear has 380 base movespeed. With Treads that becomes a whopping 445 movespeed. This should be enough to chase down most heroes.

Radiance on your Spirit Bear provide a large amount of damage. Radiance is the best damage per second item, and since your Spirit Bear will always be in the middle of battles, it almost ensures that most of the enemy team will be getting hurt by the Radiance area of effect damage. When chasing a hero, your Spirit Bear will get in many more hits than your hero will because he is much faster. Your Spirit Bear will also perform more attacks per second because you will Rabid him and put Treads on him. Radiance is put on the Spirit Bear which optimizes damage. You can harass a hero with your Spirit Bear even if your hero isn't around by moving around with him and not attacking.

Sylla maybe need health boosting items if facing chain nuker, but don't waste money other than 1 or 2 Bracers. The reason for not purchasing any is because you want to get that Radiance as quickly as possible so you are able to best utilize it. The earlier you get Radiance the better. True Form allows you to boost your health by 600 if you know that you are in a dangerous situation and are about to be ganked and such. Boots of Travel allow you to teleport all around. This allows you to farm in open lanes quickly and lets you get right into the thick of a team battle if one is about to occur and you are far away. This one is pretty obvious.

If the games last long, this is your luxury you should bought:


Spirit Bear

Hood of Defiance is to allow Syllabear to tank more, because at that point in the game you will most likely be the first hero focused. I get this item over Heart because 30% reduction from spells is really useful. A lot of the damage that you're going to take is going to come from spells. It's also a pretty cheap item, so it's going to help your survivability quite a bit. When you use True Form, you already have a large amount of health anyway, so that's why I prefer to get Hood.

Butterfly serves two purposes for Syllabear. First, it improves your damage by a lot, improving your attack speed by more than a Hyperstone and improving your damage by 60. It also improves your survivability, giving about 4 armor and a whopping 30% evasion. After the new buff to Butterfly, this item is pretty awesome. I prefer this item over other damage items because it's important to improve your survivability as well as damage. It's also a nice complement to Hood because Hood doesn't help against physical attacks.

Desolator is the next best straight damage item after Radiance. After Desolator, you should get a Heart. At this point of the game, you should have a ton of damage, so it isn't really that important to get more damage. Survivability will be more key at this point, because you're still going to be focused, so the longer you remain on the battle field, the more damage you're going to do.

Hyperstone and Bashers come next so your Spirit Bear can disable the enemy team more. By this time your item slots on your main hero will mostly be filled, so there isn't much other choice. I get Hyperstone before Bashers because it increases the amount of disabling that it will do by more than getting a Basher. The increased attack speed per gold from a Hyperstone and 4 Gloves of Haste are almost exactly the same that it's worth getting a Hyperstone to conserve your slots. If you get 4 Gloves of Haste, that only gives you room for one Basher.


Firstly, if you want to do all of these techniques quickly and efficiently, you should definitely have three different hotkey groups. One group for the Syllabear and the Spirit Bear, one group for Syllabear only, and one group for the Spirit Bear only. Also toggle the button near your minimap that has a bunch of dots on it. You want it to look like the dots are all spread out instead of in a pyramid. That will ensure that the units in your selected group don't all move at the speed of the slowest unit.

You should request to solo. Since Spirit Bear can't Entangle until level 5, just do your best to farm your lane and only harass minimally. If you're level 5 and you do get an Entangle, just attack with both your hero and your bear and hoping for a kill. Last hitting should be really easy with Syllabear because you have huge combined damage with your Spirit Bear, so try to farm a lot. Whenever your creeps push out past the river, go farm the neutral camp. I also highly recommend that you creep the neutrals if you're having a tough time surviving in your line. Farming neutrals will still net you a decent amount of gold and experience, so even if you are forced to do this, you can still be on track for your Radiance. Remember that neutral creeps will spawn every minute, so try to take advantage of this when farming them.

Use the bear to tank a tower while tower diving a hero. Tower diving means that you are trying to kill a hero next to his tower. This can be dangerous early game because your hero will not have much health. The Spirit Bear will have a ton of health though, so this is a much safer method. Use the bear to follow a hero that is ganking as an observer ward or like Beast Master's Hawk. Entangle will never proc unless you issue an attack command to your Spirit Bear to attack (don't have your bear auto-attack anything.) Use the Spirit Bear as a chicken at level 7 because it can hold items for you. Whenever you send it back to heal, don't forget that you can buy items on it to then transfer to your hero.

You can also put a Gem on your Spirit Bear if your team needs a Gem holder. This isn't always the best idea, but if you are careful with your Spirit Bear, he will be difficult to kill because he is so fast and has Return. If you do this, you have to be really careful with your hero too, because if your hero dies, Spirit Bear will drop the Gem. When you are getting chased and your bear has treads, attack the hero that is chasing you, and there will be a good chance that your Spirit Bear will entangle him, allowing you to escape peacefully. (If you don't have your treads on bear yet, send your hero to the fountain while microing your Bear to block the hero as you would with a creep wave.)

When you are pitted against an extremely difficult lane combination you should put your hero out of nuke range but just at the edge of the experience range. Micro the bear to get gold/denies. That allows you to farm safely. When you have just chased really far into enemy territory after a hero and are returning to your side of the map there may be some creeps following you and your Spirit Bear. Use the Spirit Bear to attack the creeps while you run away so the enemy team doesn't know where you are. You can dodge them with this technique.

If you're sending your Spirit Bear back to the Fountain to heal, it's a good idea to transfer your Radiance to your hero until your Spirit Bear gets back. But make sure that you have an open item slot on your hero, or else you could drop it and an enemy might pick it up, costing you the game. If you're really having trouble with your lane, then it's really helpful to creep the neutral creeps near you. It's very effective with Spirit Bear. Also, if your creeps are attacking the tower, and you don't want to cross the river, you can just creep the neutral creep camp that has two trolls and a kobold taskmaster for some quick, safe experience. I highly recommend that you do this, because crossing the river is pretty risky, and these creeps are easy gold. If Spirit Bear Entangles a creep, focus another one because Entangle lasts a long time on creeps. Remember that neutral creep camps will respawn every minute, so try to take advantage of that and not be near the camps when creeps respawn.

You should have your Radiance by about 35 minutes in. It's really important that you do, but if you don't you really need to just power farm. If you are having trouble farming in your lane, farm ancients and regular neutrals. Once you have your Radiance, your Spirit Bear will be extremely strong. You should constantly have your Spirit Bear on Rabid and just try to chase down as many heroes as possible. When you have Radiance on your Spirit Bear, don't forget that even if Sylla isn't next to it, you can chase the enemy around with it while not attacking, and the immolation from Radiance will still damage them. You can also use this tactic to farm creeps while your hero is at the fountain. Your team might start pushing here or they might not, it depends on your strategy. If they are pushing, you should be leading your team with your Spirit Bear, and going for their weak intelligence heroes. If your team isn't pushing, just farm up a storm. With Radiance on your Spirit Bear, you should be last hitting pretty much every creep. Neutral creeping is also much faster once you have Radiance.

When you are level 16 you might want to always stay in bear form. You might want to use it only when you are being attacked like Morphling's morph stats, but it doesn't work because it has a casting time so your health goes down by a good percentage when you are transforming yourself. When you are level 16 use one whenever you are in True Form. This spell is so awesome, it makes you a huge tank. But, against a team with a lot of AoE this spell is useless so you might want to put the radiance on yourself and not on the bear, cast One, then move your bear out of the fight to tank as much as you can. One only lasts 30 sec so you need to press the hotkey for your bear, return, and use One again. You should be leading your pushes because you will be your team's tank at this point. Just go for those low health heroes. If it's really late in the game, use One with Spirit Bear and keep it out of the beginning of the battle, then bring it in towards the end to clean up. This will make you a monster of a tank.

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  1. .,Syllabear is a good hero too if you

    know how to control it.,..:)

  2. ., sange and yasha is a good item to syllabear too..

  3. .,taga philippines din kaya akoh!!!.,:) kaw saan ka sa pinas??

  4. Sooo ill tell you my gameplaystyle
    First start wirh 3 Tangos, headdress of rejuvenation + GGbranches. You can buy a Ring of regeneraion from the sideshop and it helps your bear as much as you. As soon as the bear gets lvl 4 get him a Stoutshield, a nice tankboos for him for 300 gold.
    IF you can survive with syllabear you don't need bracers, if you don't get 2 of these, Your next target should be Treads for the bear. Then you may decide: BoT for you or radi for the bear, remember: Radiance is a nice damageboost AND you have a 522MS on the bear who just needs to run close to the enemy's hero. Get him a hyperstone and then focus on the hero himself: IF you want wo tank (thats what i prefer: get him a skadi. Combines with the entangle-bear, this is really a nice boost for you and the team). Game should be over by now anyways.

  5. powerthread for bear and diffusal for sylar actually alrdy enuf for early game.

  6. I don't think that heart is a good choice for sylla because of his True Form that gives him 600 bonus health and One!!! Don't forget to use one(most of the players do).
    My build for Sylla goes like this:

    Start with Wraith(for last hit) and tangoes
    Then u should start building mjollnir(it's really important to have this item as early as possible)
    then u can go for treads and if you're farming is really good (which is not very hard at from the beggining because of the bear) u should be able to have vladi also but the time you're level 10-11.
    Next u sholud focus on some critical shots and if you have the time you sholud also go for butterfly.

  7. There is an scientology commercial on this page. That's immoral. It may be a funny commercial, but taking money from this kind of criminals is immoral.

  8. "., sange and yasha is a good item to syllabear too.."

    epic fail!
    s&y is the most bad item on syllabear!!!
    you are fast enough with new rabid
    and if you have hot you dont need more hp....
    maim is also stupid bacause your bear can entangle and stun with basher, so nobody can escape!
    ->stygian is rly better!

  9. So what about now that syllabear has been revamped? One has been eliminated, but his battle cry is now 60 at true form lvl 3.

  10. I also like Helm of the Dominator and necronomicon and mekasm. Makes you an awsome pusher with an army, which you can boost with battle cry :)
    Just give it a try.

  11. Love this character, very fun to play with but takes a while to build up his items. Once you have your desired build you are as good as any. With your summoned bear, it's always 2 versus 1 to your advantage.

    My build:

    Spirit Bear: Threads, Valids, Hyperstone, Cranium, Radiance, Battlefury or MKB or Buriza.

    Syllabear: Threads, Butterfly, Satanic, Cranium, Radiance, MKB or Manta or Buriza. Even Skadi.


  12. can sylla and that bear own in 1 on 1???

  13. all is expensive item...useless...

  14. most powerfull hero. Go woods with start items quelling blade bear and stout shield bear.Tangos Sylla. In 13minutes u have relic, you can buy radiance(best) or divine bear extreame. This means that u need naga in team, roof, or similar disables sou you dont loose your divine. When bear has divine u can kill tower in 4 seconds. U can basically gank towers and push 2 towers in less than 15 secs they will be destroyed. My aproximation , divine you sholud collect in less than 20 minutes(i did so). so, finally by pushing two towers you should have 1500 gold or more for extra items for sylla or bear. Vlads is first after power treds to both bear and sylla.

  15. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  16. syllabear is a nice hero!!i dont put HoD-.-" i better use vladdimers offers....soo bear got lifesteal too...and a basher for bear is good idea with rot and bash would definetly drain ur enemy's hp....!?!

  17. all the noob around ,(suddenly)goes pro a triangleMay 14, 2010 at 4:30 PM

    bear add damage and speed@@
    ok let see,

    phase boot
    A C
    basher/mkb(one only please)

    total damage:227(around that circle)
    ms:70 + ??% upon activation

    why not thread?
    yes thread good,move and atckspeed,but during chasing running enemy,the will able to hit once and chase ,hit once and soo with phase,faster chasing[same thing will happen too hit once and chase until rooted],and this significancy for radiance.then the 6 stat is waste bcoz bear do not need stat or leveling.focus on damage thank you

    why i prefer mkb?
    bcos it add many damage and true strike(NO MISS)
    dps:that i know 40(radiance),+ 100 bonus damage(with percentagesss)

    what should i look for?
    phase and a glove for bear!and your self an powerthread.

    and then?
    radiance,put it on bear,if the bear to far from u,u may cant hit but there is burning!!40 damage.

    hey!why only bear?how bout me?
    u may look for this:
    sny:if u extra speed,or life
    diffusal:fucking magic that always put me off,and chase the stupid faz bullshit slide.

    my role?my bear role?or nc all time?
    yeap,if too hard for radiance str8,go for vlad and nc all over(idiot),syla may go for suport bear(not recommen) by focusing slow or any,but syla may go for atacker(recomended)u go for damage,speed for bear(hope for root),and syla damage not bad too @@!

    priority of enemy!
    hey during clashes,who should i kill 1st?
    magic or dpser(damage dealer),and avoid you(syla) from deal so much damage ,if you die,you bear die too.try ignore tanker,tanker life to many(almost tanker like that) plus supported by healer...that annoying.that why ur target is magic/caster and dpser.

    its already 18in level !my bear still dun has any item,that also on me.NOTHIN!

    solution:if there is 18(all player 18) and you been controlled all over the game until farm out a shit and dying all along the game.JUST LEAVE THE GAME.dun make ur allies suffer by ur feedingsss.

    owh,is miss to use thee!waterfuck buriza there !i mean on bear??!!
    its help to finish and annoying hero,help it kabomb faster,KABOOMB!!

  18. For a whole new build, try this for syllabear, max rabid first then synergy, and when true form is available, remain in true form. You'll find it much more imba than having a bear. You can tank more heavily than axe or centaur while having huge dps and atk speed like void and troll. Item builds would be threads, vanguard, domi, basher, mkb, cuirass, and in late game get satanic and replace vanguard wit HoT. Imagine - Troll+Axe=Syllabear without his bear. You will be capable of playing the role of tank and carry at the same time. If the game drags long enough, get the spirit bear at least a basher and mkb.


    criticism on traditional syllabear build:
    this build usually forces the user to focus on the bear, the bear may be imba but your hero is not. Even if you have the bear, your hero will still be super easy to kill, especially in ganks.... Example: your bear has threads and radiance, you have BoT, your bear takes 10 hits to die, you take 3. See my point?

  19. in the latest map, sylla can't use One

  20. Only pick sylla if there is 3 or more melee attackers.. Sylla have no chance against range Heroes like traxex, Fiend etc..

    Naix, pudge, sven, etc. is a good opponents.

    Rhasta' is one of the best heroes u can play with, his shackle with u and ur bear owns!..

    1x Quellingblade for bear
    2x tangos for sylla and bear. Yes bear can use tango, to get health!..

    At lvl 4 u should have boots for sylla
    Now go forest, and finish treads for sylla.

    Then get phase boots for bear.. (Many will disagree with me here, but phase is much better than treads for bear. With phase,faster chasing, and more hits on enemies, and a bigger chance for root. And it gives a big quantity of dmg. And the Attack speed from treads doesent matter that much, when u get hyperstoner, + Rabid!

    Get Diffusal blade for sylla, so u can purge enemies..

    Now u should gank, get a hyperstone for bear,
    after get Cranium Basher.

    After that get Vladimirs Offering for bear

    Go kill Roshan,

    Get Assault Cuirass bear

    Get Cranium Basher for sylla..
    Get Heart of terrasque for sylla.

    Bears items:
    Quelling blade
    Phase boots
    Assault Cuirass
    Cranium Basher

    Sylla's items:
    Cranium Basher
    Heart of tarrasque

    The last item on bear and sylla can be butterfly for sylla, and radiance for bear.

  21. orb of venom.. (+) jango.. new trends in the new version.

  22. zzz ' use frostplated armor( shiva's guard ) for the bear and then S&Y for sylla .. Threads is enaf. and also attack modifiers .. noobbb's

  23. syllabear is the strongest hero in Dota...

    most would say there is no such thing as strongest hero because all have their counters which is true in a game basis..

    but in a scientific way (trial and error)

    the condition of 1v1 only, with infinite gold to build all items needed,..
    then all heroes would face up at round robin..

    syllabear would be the champion beating all others because of his 12 item slots..

    in that case the question would be
    " who is the weakest hero that would end up losing more than any other heroes? "

  24. Tsss,

    At first Rabid level 4 instead of Synergy is needed, grants MS and AS boost which is nice for farmin and to escape if needed from gangs in early game. If the game is harsh with massiv gankin skill true Form level 6 so you can tank.
    Next thing is FUCK treads on Bear. Phase boots are much 100% better. Grants massiv dmg boost and unitwalk which is needed if you chase down heroes. + 24 dmg boost with Demolish is great if you start pushin towers in early game.



  27. sylabear for desolator and batterfly and Hot Bot BKB MKB.then this spirit bear=vladimirs BoT batlefury,cuirass,radiance,MKB if u have money

  28. URE ALL WEAK FOR SURE WIN skylabare 6 dagons lvl 5 and the bear has radiance and 5 divine

  29. awesome 2 bears but i don't think your teammates will agree coz to easily defeat roshan you need agility and strengh heros like troll and dragon knight not intelligence or range heros like lich or windrunner coz don't forget ur at lvl 1 which means that intelligence heros need about 1.5~2 sec to hit once and there dmg is very weak!teammates won't accept since they are forced to pick only agility heros!!!!!
    in my opinion stick to the normal 1 bear!
    it's a genius idea but it will make almost every teammate weak bcoz they are all attackers and not long range spell casters!
    i hope you get my point!
    wish i thought of a way to have more bears like you did but let's face won't garante a win!:(
    i hope for a reply
    thank you

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