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Furion The Prophet Guide & Walkthrought

Furion The Prophet Guide & Walkthrought

The land is never safe. Furion, therefore, never rests. The leader of all Night Elves, Furion tirelessly works to protect the sanctity of his woods. It comes as no surprise that he who helped defeat Archimonde would be called upon once more in the Sentinel's hour of need. The fury of nature is at his disposal, the trees come to life at his command, the wind carries him to lands far away, and nature itself strikes all who defy his will. He is more than just a Keeper or a Prophet, he is a savior.

Base HP: 473
Base Mana: 169

Strength - 17 + 1.8
Agility - 15 + 1.5
Intelligence - 21 + 2.9 (Primary)

Base damage 39-53
Attack range of 600
Base Armor 4.1
Movement speed of 300


Sprout (T)

Sprouts 8 trees around a unit, trapping it in place.
Level 1 - Lasts for 3 seconds.
Level 2 - Lasts for 3.75 seconds.
Level 3 - Lasts for 4.5 seconds.
Level 4 - Lasts for 5.25 seconds.

Mana Cost: 115 / 140/ 165 /205
Cooldown: 12 seconds

This skill is very usefull for ganking, especially when ganking melee heroes. But you must watch for this countering measure!

There are two heroes in dota with blink and many heroes like to buy a blink dagger. Sprout is useless on them. Dont waste your time and mana. Later on when you have guinsoo you can disable them properly. There are also a bunch of other assorted "blinkers" like sand king, Darkterror, morphling and priestess of the moon. Some spells like rikimaru's smokescreen and beastmasters wild axes will also destroy trees.

Tango of Essifation
This can be used to counter sprout effectively. I wouldnt worry about it too much though because there is reaction time to consider and they arent going to carry a supply of tangos around for the entire game.

Teleportation (R)

Teleports to any explored point on the map.
Level 1 - 60 second cooldown.
Level 2 - 50 second cooldown.
Level 3 - 40 second cooldown.
Level 4 - 30 second cooldown.

Mana Cost: 75/ 65/ 55/ 50
Cooldown: 60/ 50/ 40/ 30

Very usefull for ganking. You can surprise your enemies by suddenly teleport to the blind spot and gank with your friends.

Force of Nature (F)

Converts trees in an area into Treants. Each tree is transformed to a treant. Treants have 550 hit points and deal 21-23 normal damage, and 0 heavy armor. Treants last 60 seconds.
Level 1 - Raises at most 2 Treants.
Level 2 - Raises at most 3 Treants.
Level 3 - Raises at most 4 Treants.
Level 4 - Raises at most 5 Treants.

Mana Cost: 160
Cooldown: 40 seconds

This skills is very usefull for pushing Furion. But, since this strategy is focused on build carry Furion, this skill only usefull for helping neutrals creeping.

Wrath of Nature (W)

Summons damaging energy to swath around the map and damage random enemies. Each enemy hit beyond the first adds 7% damage.
Level 1 - Deals 140 (155 with Scepter) base damage, hits 12 targets.
Level 2 - Deals 180 (211 with Scepter) base damage, hits 14 targets.
Level 3 - Deals 225 (275 with Scepter) base damage, hits 16 targets.

Mana Cost: 200/ 380/ 610
Cooldown: 90/ 60/ 60

Skill Build

1. Sprout
2. Teleport
3. Sprout/Stats
4. Stats
5. Sprout/Stats
6. Wrath of Nature
7. Sprout
8. Stats/Force of Nature
9. Stats/Sprout
10. Stats/Sprout
11. Wrath of nature
12. Teleport
13. Teleport
14. Teleport
15. Stats
16. Wrath of nature
17-20. Stats
21. Force of nature/Stats
22-25. Force of nature

Sprout first is needed to creep block. Maxing sprout early is recommended when you have a lane mate, because another 2.25 seconds will help you ganking. When you are soloing, choose stats to help you get last hit and survivability.

Wrath is taken at level 6. Even tought the damage is not significant, if you use it wisely you can still help your teams get a kill. Teleport is not maxed until mid game when the set lanes break down and you can teleport around rapidly and farm. During early game it will just be needed to tele/sprout gank and make fountain trips.

Force of nature is a great pushing skill but furion is better played as a ganker and carry hero. Due to mana and time restrictions you cant be a pusher and a ganker at the same time. You will also need the stats to buff up for a carry role. If you like to neutral creep I suggest adding a point of force of nature. It lets you creep without losing any HP at all.

Item Build

1. 2 circlets & 1 tango of essifation
2. Gloves of Haste
3. Finish Hand of Midas
4. Boots of Speed
5. Guinsoo's Scythe of Vyse + Bracers
6. Power Treads

Your items should be like this:

Start with 2 circlets and 2 tangos for a nice stats boost and some light regeneration. You can make easy fountain trips with teleport if tangos are not enough. The circlets will later be made to bracers. Now try your best to get the midas. It is imba but only if you get it very early. You will have a noticably buff late game, which is particularly important for furion and the attack speed is very good for a battle mage. If you can't finish the midas due to a very hard lane or you just suck at last hits and denies then skip it. No midas at all is better than a late midas in furions case. Guinsoo will come too late.

As you get spare change make a couple of bracers. If you're european go ahead and make 6 bracers. If you went a stats skill build you might not even want to bother. Teleport scrolls on furion are more than a little broken so make sure to abuse it as much as you can. If you get low on HP in a push or fight you can scroll back to base and teleport straight into the field again.

Guinsoo is your next best option because you are a ganker furion. With a 5 second sprout 3 second hex and teleport you can appear out of nowhere and hold a target down while you and your team rape them. This will also be your only means of countering the very frustrating teleport scroll. The mana bonuses here are very essential as well. Sprout costs a hefty 200 mana and later on you will need to constantly use wrath of nature to farm and it costs 600 mana. The damage you get from this is also equivilant to a sacred relic. A very good deal. Forget using the euls charges, just upgrade it to guinsoo as soon as you can. Euls has been well nerfed so the hex is much more useful. You have a 30 second cooldown teleport so you dont need BoT. Treads are then the perfect option for your battle furion, especially after the convenient buff from icefrog.

If the games last long enough, buy this great stuff:

OR +

Aghanim's Scepter will boost your ultimate. Whenever your ultimates active, use it immediately for fast gold and help your creeps pushes. Aghanim's will also gives you additional health and damage. If you are a good ganker, well farmed and lust for more damages, go for Desolator and Tarras. Those two items will makes you even more Godly.


The first thing you need to do is choose your lane. I wouldnt reccommend any particular lane for furion. He can work well with an ally because of his very long disable and range and can often handle a solo lane. Just work with whatever strat your team is pulling. I often like to use the solo lane. If you can get your levels and money quickly you can start tele/sprout ganking much earlier which can absolutely destroy some teams. The downside to choosing solo though is that furion doesnt have the worlds best lane control. He will get heavily denied, outfarmed and possibly killed if versus a very strong lane combo (bane/necrolyte or lich/pugna). Use teleport and just adjust to the situation.

One thing you can do to give yourself a lane advantage is creep block. Its much easier with furion than any other heroes because of sprout. Just sprout as many creeps as you can on their way to their lane. Most of the time they lose their pathing and will just stop. This means the enemies completely miss out on exp and money from those creeps you manage to stop. Note that this is often illegal in leagues. If it is, just use conventional creep blocking, which is walking in front of the creep wave and slowing it down.

Furion doesnt have any nukes to speak of so you are just going to have to use your attack. Concentrate and fight hard for every last hit and deny and keep them at bay with your attack. Versus very hard lane opponents you may have to play very conservatively to avoid dying. When closer to your tower and with an ally you can play more aggresively. Sprout is an unusually long disable and its a strong possibility to snag a kill.

Furion has the very powerful ability to instantly teleport behind a target and sprout them for 5 seconds. You can turn a lane from 2v2 into 3v2 with the element of surprise. This is a very effective technique and can give your team a large advantage. You will have to watch the minimap diligently to see opportunites. Generaly you want to catch heroes away from their tower in a fogged area for a surprise gank. The little pink portal appears when you teleport so if you teleport right next to them they will just run away. You can also teleport in after fights to mop up.

I find the best way to avoid ganks is teleport. You should be watching the minimap carefully anyway for tele/sprout ganking so seeing the heroes go missing is easy. Even if you dont notice and get ganked you have a good chance of getting away with teleport. Often they wont have readily available stuns or won't react fast enough to stun you.

A useful thing you can do is run into the bush where there is heavy fog of war. This makes it very difficult for enemies to get in and target you with stuns. If teleport is on cooldown or gets cancelled you can try sprouting them and running away. It only really works against single enemies though. Later on when you get euls and guinsoo they are also options.

When reaching mid-game, the game ganking becomes slightly less effective as the set lanes break down. Start to focus a little more on farming and getting that guinsoo finished. Wrath of nature is now an avaliable tool. Between farming use your guinsoo teleport and sprout to make sure that the enemies arent farming. That is the core of a ganking lineup and strategy. Keep picking them off individually and dont let them farm. You need to establish a clear level and monetary advantage.

To farm you need to teleport around rapidly between lanes. The best defence against getting ganked while farming, is to use teleport every time it cools down. Dont give them the time they need to get organised and kill you. If there arent any free lanes to farm, get a point in force of nature, teleport to the sentinel creep camps and kill everything there.

When dealing with an aggressive pushing scourge there isnt a hell of a lot you can do. Defend your base by focusing key targets with sprout and teleport. The best defence against nasty pushes is to keep ganking, get an early kills advantage, keep them distracted from pushing and your lategame can then come into play.

Wrath of Nature increases in power the more enemies are shown on the map so you should only use it when you can see all three creep waves in the three different lanes. If you time it right you will find you get quite a few creep kills. If you plan to use it on heroes, use it on the creep wave and it should bounce around a little to gain some damage before hitting the hero.

Late game is going to be all about finishing luxury items, backdooring and pushing. Teleport gives you a massive advantage in this kind of gameplay. Use it whenever it cools down. Changing lanes every 30 seconds makes you almost impossible to get ganked and puts pressure on their base. Pushing constantly from all sides often keeps the enemy team distracted and locked up in their base trying to fend off the pushing. If they manage to mount a large push however make sure you are there to defend. Also if your team is mounting a large push, push with them.

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  1. thanks for the guide ! :D

    I'll give it a try.. ^_^ I found it very easy to use since got trap and teleport.. haha..

  2. i love furion so much, he's one of my favorite hero...
    but why you don't go for dagon?
    i made it every time i play furion

  3. hmmm .. this is very different from my personal build. I agree on the core, but the skill build I will focus heavily on force of nature and teleport, and will try to get a refresher orb and soul booster for the Mana regen/capacity. At times I will have three waves of treants using the referesher, so 15 of them will definitely give me an edge of taking care of towers.

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  5. Duuuuuude, i think YOU are insane. Fuck that cheap splatterstory from a 13-year old kiddy. It's almost impossible to read, because your english is soooooo bad. Please alief, erase that bullshit

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  10. Maybe there is a reason why you posted it here, but it's a DotAblog, not a write-your-freaky-story-plox- blog. I don't insult your english, but maybe you should at least TRY to keep it as understandable as possible

  11. Some__Guy (Garena)June 9, 2009 at 3:18 PM

    I got Furion through -random. he's very easy to use. I got him a boots of travel and then went straight for orchid. After that I wanted to get blademail but i disconnected. It may not be a good item build but I got a few kills.

  12. Nice guide, I realy appreciate your effort...

    i find your guide pretty effective..

    thnx again :)

  13. wow i think da strategy is very nice, except furion's ulti wudnt improve much with a scepter :D?

  14. It was extremely interesting for me to read that blog. Thanks for it. I like such topics and anything that is connected to this matter. I would like to read more soon.

  15. I usually get all the auras I can and focus on buffing my trees. After that get the refresher orb to get 10 instant trees and double ult to really mess up the map for the other side. Generally you don't want to fight heroes, you want to take down towers quick and efficiently as this guy, so use teleport to jump to a new lane just as enemy heroes come and just push a new lane.

  16. if you dont get dagon you can hardly get a kill dagon is very useful on this hero

  17. mkb and helm and assault !!!thats my choise

  18. Wow! My friends were right! This is a wonderful blog site. Just like KimClement. Please visit KimClement.com because there's a lot information about prophecy, prophet, and etc.


  19. i suggest... 2 stouts 1 tango... build vanguard for its overall gives. then build threads desolator and cuirass... i would be a total godlike trust me... (works if u played well on furion) don't be a noob...

  20. don't max out sprout early game you'll find yourself always short in mana, Lvl 4 Sprout cost 205mana while lvl 1 sprout cost 115mana you have enough mana to cast another.. I max out Tele first cause i like to travel to different lanes(Gank)..my skill build is(just my opinion)

    2-3 - Teleport
    4- Stats
    5- Tele
    6- WoN
    7- Tele
    8-10 - Sprout
    11- WoN
    12-25 -Other skills
    i dont have treants im not a pusher ^^

  21. Hello guys... For my opinion... furion is better as a ganker... and a dagon 5 will suit him... Don't worry about those fags that says your build is a super KS... Don't mind them because in this build... later you will become invincible... trust me Iknow... >< -Datchi

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  24. for me furion is a killer
    my build is
    total ownage!


  26. guys, phrophet is more effective as an early rape hero,, the strategy where you start the game wif sprout and 2 heroes in one lane, i used yurnero and rylai wif phrophet. double kill.. blast i walk in, sprout.. kill... early double kill is actually more than just an extra 650 gold, its actually gonna drop the enemy's morale..

  27. hy guys i played wt furion trice..n its pretty cool at early n a gud ganker n a supprtive 4 da team tuu... its nice choice 2 go wt dagon n MKB imba..

  28. 1. sprout
    2. teleport
    3. force of nature
    4. force of nature
    5. force of nature
    6. Wrath of nature
    7. force of nature
    8. teleport
    9. teleport
    10. teleport
    11. wrath of nature
    12. sprout
    13. sprout
    14. sprout
    15. stats
    16. wrath of naure
    17-25. stats

    i'd prefer to take 2 gauntlets 1 cirlet and tango,later i take mjollnir,mkb,desolator,guinsoo,aghanims and of course power threads {strenght}

  29. i used force of natures to brake towers i think that furion is ganger and dont needed to have level 4 srout 1 level its ok 3 sec

  30. Yes! I can now use Furion well. Because he is a CREEP PUSHER! :D

  31. my build is..
    -battle fury
    -sny for finisher..
    joke lang.!!!
    weak kaung lahat!!!

  32. My item build

    - Power Treads (Strenght)
    - Mjolnir or Satanic
    - Assault Cuirass
    - Manta Style
    - Buriza or MKB
    - Linken or BKB/ Guinsoo or Orchid of malevolence

  33. thanks i just dominated with furion

  34. my Item build 
    Phase Boot
    Double crystal
    B Fly

  35. tango + glove of haste for starting...Buy Shoe and go for Maelstorm if u want to be a farmer.Or Go for Dagon for Ganking..Scepter Or Guinsoo or Necronomicon goes next...Sprout then Burn Mana + Dagon = GG.Com

  36. item build shows how noob you are, i doubt you can even complete those items

  37. powr tred ,manta, buriza,guinso, eye of skadi ,  mkb thats all +attck use 1st skill then keep attck no nid dagon he sure die like a tanker

  38. furion's guide its old... sorry to my english
    the guide to furion is very weak to the year
    plss update it'''

  39. hahaha....deso, buriza, devine

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