Dota 6.79 Map - Official DotA 6.79 Map & Changelogs (Released!) - DotA-Blog

Dota 6.79 Map - Official DotA 6.79 Map & Changelogs (Released!)

DotA 6.79 Download - Official Dota 6.79 Map. After 8 beta maps, IceFrog finally released the official DotA 6.79 map. The long awaited map contains a lot of items and heroes balance with skill remake on Slark, Dazzle, Bloodseeker and some others. But the most important changes is on the gameplay itself. IceFrog now enable Evasion stack, shorten day and night cycle time from 6 into 4 minutes and more exciting changes. And.. The tradition of DoA 6.x9 secret quest also included in this map! Check out the full changelogs and download link below!

DotA 6.79 Changelogs
DotA 6.79 Changelogs

Dota 6.79 Download Link
Dota 6.79 Download - GameWebz Mirror

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Wow! Finally we got the official DotA 6.79 map! Let's try all those changes and don't forget to share your comment here!

Update: DotA 6.79b released!

PS: Don't forget to check our DotA 6.79 Quest Guide!
PPS: For AI map updates, please check the DotA 6.79 AI page!

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