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DotA 6.77c AI v1.4 Rev2 Changelogs

Check out the below list for the DotA 6.77c AI v1.4 Rev2 Changelogs..

Fixed 1v1 bug.
Fixed human's skill-autousage and skill-disable bug.
Fixed bugs in AI engage and engage-cancel system. Now AI should not ignore attacking heroes after cancelling engage.
Fixed bug in SB's Charge of Darkness behaviour. SB can now use Charge to escape.
AI can now Sentry lanes. Increased flag check rate for dust and ward.
Fixed Siren's Rip Tide casting condition.
Fixed Courier not regenerating life/mana in fountain.
Fixed Viscous Nasal Goo.
Greatly improved Courier's behaviour. AI's courier now spawn not directly above fountain to prevent selection masking.
Updated item builds of Tiny, Warlord, Invoker and Ursa.
Fixed bugs in item system, including double boots and several others.
Fixed Heaven’s Halberd's Disarm bug.
Improved sideshopping.
Improved AI behaviour near enemy tower. Now AI should not towerdive recklessly.
Improved AI chasing behaviour.
Improved Riki's behaviour.
Improved defense system.
Improved Razor's Static Link usage.
Added safety measure to prevent Requiem bug.
Various tweaks and fixes.
Fixed a bug with melee/ranged items.
Removed usage of Naga`s ult when Enemy tower is low HP and enemies are near it. Outdated conditions.
Disabled -random when under -pa/-pe
Removed DebugMsgs for Riki
Fixed a bug with the Familiars
Tiny`s Aghanims fixes
Fixed courier's go home delay when it`s master died
Added extra check to prioritize Siege units upon defending
Tweak the condition of Void`s ultimate cast
Fixed some wrong OrderIDs for Void
Fixed Meepo clones triggering sideshop function
Tweaked Diabolic Edict tower code
Tweaked skillbuild for Leshrac

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  1. WOhHHHO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! FIRST comment Mark angelo :) ehehe DMA :)

  2. can make the ai attack fountain ? like crystal maiden frostbite the fountain . i wish , ai can attcack fountain .. sooon

    1. will AI even reach ur fountain ? mega noob

    2. what if roshan attack fountain? :herp

    3. This comment has been removed by the author.

    4. its a suggestion you faggot ..

      like the whole team attack enemies fountain .
      like making your allies attack roshan ..

  3. nah as i expected... many thanks for fix it

  4. whether the bug fix in kunka also??

  5. shadow demon also have bug on first skill when level 16.
    razor have bug on ultimate skill (for AI).
    Ishkafel have bug on ultimate skill (for AI).

  6. thanks for share nice info and keep on

  7. wtf! why i can't download this map !! >:(

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