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DotA 6.77b AI v1.4 Changelogs

Wanna know what's new from the DotA 6.77b AI v1.4? Check out the detailed changelogs below!

DotA 6.77b AI v1.4 Changelogs
New: Ported the map content to latest DotA 6.77b
New: AI Owned private Courier system. Something like AI Delivery Express, only difference is - Humans don`t get access to this courier`s services If there is a Human in the Ai team.. he also gets a courier.. free.
New: Massive changes to Item`s build system, ganking and overall functions.
Fixed: AI-Dummy Caster fixes.
Fixed: Updated the outdated ability ids and AI skill usages
Fixed: Auroth, the Winter Wyvern & Zet, the Arc Warden got new and shiny AI
Fixed: Bug on aiSideShopping stuck.
Tweak: Improved sideshopping post-action.
New: Coordinated kill and cancelkill.
New: Added midas, MoM, and veil support.
Tweak: Rod of Atos & Veil conditions.
New: Added Ethereal Blade use.
Fix: Try to Fix the problem of jungling caused by Issue Attack order to nonvisible Sleeping Creeps
New: Add Class-Check Counter
Tweak: AI Hero Jungling changes
Tweak: -XM mode value changes (5% reduced penalty on kill, 5% bonus on death)
Fix: removed extra-HoT from item system. It was messing with the item builds.
Fix: Issues with sideshop TP
Tweak: Removed Spirit Breaker from Midas list
Tweak: Add Sven to MoM List
Tweak: Now Centuar(Double Edge,40%chance) and Meepo(F,70%chance)will have chance to cast to creeps when pushing (with sufficient HP/MP/Level and no enemy hero targets nearby)
New: AI msg Strings injected into game txt files. Replaced most AI msg in script to GetObjectName('ID'). This is done to make the AI "language" translated on other languages.
Fix: Removed the extra Linkens Sphere from Storm Spirit`s build.
Fix: Fixed item pick and aegis problems.
New: Aiming for Jakiro's Ice Path.
Fix: Break AICastAbilityOnPoint if the Loc parameter is null to prevent AI cast spells 0n (0,0)
Tweak: Updated the Names List for -CN mode (Cool Names mode)
Tweak: Changed gamemode notification text. Added new "Gold/Exp Mode" "Quest" in Map Info
New: The human courier will spawn only with at least one AI ally
Tweak: The Courier Item will spawn on the Circle of Power instead of the nearby the spawnloc of heroes
Fix: Many leaking functions fixes.
Tweak: Lina's Light Strike Array Aiming
New: Added theoritical tower evasion to courier
Tweak: Added damage check on Alchemis's Unstable Concoction. Usage conditions tweaked.
Tweak: New item set for Rubick, Bristleback, and Alchemist
Fix: - Courier on -sp (with AI message on this bonus)
Tweak: - Improved lothar use on escaping
Fix: - Disables sideshop tp when having BoT
Tweak: New Razor's item build.
New: Added condition to check enemy heroes when courier delivers.
Fix: Added forcefix for Necronomicon
Fix: Attempt to fix Tombstone`s usage wasted on creeps
Fix: The missing AImsg in itemstrings.txt
New: Added a CN version of Itemstrings (based on DOTA cn ver)
Fix: Fixed autousage skills of Centaur, Zet, and Frost Wyrm
Fix: Fixed DefaultString error on courier bonus message

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  1. storm spirit.. level 2 skill dissappear whn reach level 4 after used

  2. About invoker ? please fix him coz he can use two skills even he has only level one invoke?

  3. wew. invoker can use 2 skills even though the lvl of invoke is lvl one only. logic men. invoke can use his 2nd skill if the ss is already cd

  4. I've been wanting this for so long,thanks man,god bless you on your great work

  5. raigor skills disapear after lever 12.... please be fix...

    1. lion too his impale disappeared fix pls

    2. pls allow -apso mode for change team to kill teammate back after them ks me so many times

  6. Rigwarl can't use his first skill, the cooldown of this skill is on but the effect doesn't show up

  7. many heroes' skills disappear actually. experienced it with azgalor, sven, kaldr, and one other i think though i forgot.

  8. Skeleton King and Nerubian Assasin stun also disappear.

  9. puck has 6 linken sphere, sometimes fireblast(ogre) will gone after level 11 multi cast. icepath(jakiro) will also gone after level 11, and divine if drop AI will attack it forever but it will not break and also if 1vs5 or 3vs5 AI, ai will not respawn whenever I go to lane.

  10. Tiny disappear his avalanche at level 4