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DotA 6.77 will Come Before Christmas!

DotA 6.77IceFrog recently has just put some comment in his profile page which let us know about the DotA 6.77 release date. We got several hints from his comments. The release date will be before Christmas and there won't be any new content yet, but we will get some balance and fix. However, personally i hope he will give us something for the Chistmas or New Year gift.

Check out the below pictures for the details!

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  1. Replies
    1. first k?
      bkit ndownload mo nb?
      bobong chinese!!!

    2. Damn another ks...
      damn zeus...

    3. YES, zues uti miss ,last 1 hp.
      i coming !
      damn invoker......

    4. @yy
      how can zeus ulti miss? LOL

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. please nerf Drow I just tired to see drow every match....

  4. balance silencer pls

  5. looking forward to the quest on the .x9 map, hope we will have one on 6.79.

  6. please have a new hero rocky the earth panda :D

  7. u kNow viT waTer dRink it??


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