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Dota 6.73b Changelogs | Dota-Allstars 6.73b Complete Changelogs

Dota 6.73b Changelogs - Dota-Allstars 6.73b Complete Changelogs. You can get the map in this post. Here are the complete changelogs:

Dota 6.73b Changelogs
* Couriers are now invulnerable near their fountain
* Fixed Santa Hats on Illusions
* Fixed Tiny's Tree visuals when he gets cycloned
* Fixed first hit with Sleight of Fist being unable to bash
* Fixed a big exploit with Fire Remnants that could cause it to do dramatically more damage than intended
* Removed Pudge Santa
* Fixed Meepo clones not respawning with full mana
* Fixed Stone Giant's Aghanim bonus stacking with multiple instances
* Fixed Whirling Death damage tooltip
* Fixed Zeal HP regeneration
* Fixed Meepo's interaction with Tranquility Boots
* Fixed attack range on Legion Commander and Goblin Shredder being slightly off
* Fixed Goblin Shredder's agility and intelligence growth values being off
* Fixed Skywrath Mage not triggering Land Mines
* Fixed a bug with Sleight of Fist and Manta Style
* Duel can now only target heroes (it didn't do anything on non-heroes already)

Enjoy the brand new map!

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  1. sleight of fist is a little imba make its cooldown longer!

  2. Amazing. You now release your map quickly. Now I Can't wait for 6.73 AI :D

  3. A lawmawm thei hle mai. Thanks

  4. Think of Santa Pudge ;O

  5. good ridence of that big ugly santa-pudge

  6. wtf?
    so, in the previous map duel can cast to non-heroes???