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DotA - WoDotA Top10 Weekly Vol.77 |Fail Scenes Vol. 58 | Anti Kill Top 10

10: Nevermore kills Stealth Assassin then fogging Sniper in trees and using Manta to prevent the last hit from Sniper and killing him for a Double Kill
9: Anti Mage Does a timely blink to dodge the Rocket from Thinker and with the help of Ring of Health Kills Thinker
8: Jakiro Sets up Ancient Apparition’s Ulti Helping him get a Rampage.
7: Wind Runner Kills Sand King and Vengeful Spirit getting a Double Kill and using Stick to prevent last hit from rubric and Tping out safely
6: Nevermore kills Bone with a blind Raze then Spectral then razing Pit Lord and Blind Razing Brood Mother for an Ultra Kill
5: Pudge Hooking and killing Sven and Mirana the hooking Tide for a Triple Kill and ulting Huskar For an Ultra Kill then hooking Ancient Apparition to get a Rampage
4: Kunkka fogging Phoenix to kill him then blind Torrent Stealth Assassin to kill him and torrenting Phoenix once again for a save on invoker and a Double Kill
3: Destroyers kills Tide and Fogs Omni Knight and Centaur and killing his team to get away safely
2: ClockWerk Hooking and kill Tauren and Hooking to invoker to Save himself and finds a Regeneration rune. Hooks back to kill Rouge Knight and Morphling then Hooking to kill Templar
1: Rubric and Dazzle Buys Backs and Bot to Bottom with awesome teamwork and Forcestaff and Timely Graves they managed to kill Akasha, Earth Shaker and Nevermore
Special Scene: Fail Furion xD

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