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WoDotA Top 10 Weekly Vol. 65

DOTA 2 has attract all the attention on the last few weeks, but now here we go on the usual Top Ten Moves on WoDotA!

10. Invoker kill 3 heroes and then escape using Phase Boots.
9. Lion Finger went through all the way to the base when Yurnero escape using Portal.
8. Dying Rexxar chased by Panda but called by Ezalor and leave Panda trapped and killed by the creep.
7. Windrunner escape from Furion and Gondar by using timely Shackel Shot and later kill Gondar using Power Shot.
6. Mirana and Io helped each other to kill Azwraith.
5. Dying Invoker running away using the fog and still manage to kill Slark on his escape.
4. Clockwerk running away from Furion, Na'ix and Lich. The chaser ended up died killed by Clockwerk's allies.
3. Furion killed Leshrac and escape from the Magina chase using the trees.
2. Using 3 Force Staff, Pudge is perform a super ultra long hook. Awesome!
1. Troll juking from Kunkka and Witch Doctor, both chaser ended up killed by the tower. Tinker who came later also got killed.

Special Scene:
Magina got killed by Spectre's Dagger which going all the way to the Sentinel Base.

Did you note that your country flag is now showed? Enjoy the video!

Credits: Thanks to JK as always :) 

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  1. @alief:disqus Do note that the special scene was the same game from number 10 =)

  2. no, its actually different. in #10 u could see the stiffling dagger hit invoker and he tped but in the special, the dagger was flying at invoker while he was a base

  3. That troll was just lucky, and the enemies are simply too stupid. The others deserve 1st more than him, especially that Clockwerk, the way he uses those power cogs are really good!

  4. Nope u can see the same courier the same movements and the triple kill by invoker,

  5. holaaa, el video esta super bueno, ni que decir de las jugadas, es uno de los mejores videos que he visto, DOTAAAA lo mejor  

  6. I agree. Tinker could just use his rockets and end troll, but he didn't.

  7. NICEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE troll juked them all HAHAHA!

  8. SUPER ULTRA LONG HOOKSHOT was an epic, and the last moment of magina being hit by spectre dagger is the worst ever LOL

  9. gempak arrr dorang main hahaha

  10. In the special scene, does the Spectre's dagger hit Invoker 2x? Invoker get hit from the dagger when tp, but still the dagger repeated
    and follow Invoker to the base, seem buggy to me :/

  11. amazing pudge.....super duper hook

  12. whats the theme song used ????

  13. ahayyy .... go!go!DOTA ...wahaha

  14. ang cool nung sa finger of death ni lion