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WoDotA Top 10 Weekly Vol. 57 & DotA Fail Scenes Vol. 39

More awesome moves and funny scene! Enjoy!

10: Venomancer use the wards to help him get a double kill.
9: Pugna use Decrepify at the last minute to save himself and blind blast Phantom Lancer.
8: Furion got a triple kill from his ultimate and teleport to get a Rampage.
7: Syllabear use his bear summon to block Rhastam, killing him and Death Prophet.
6: Pudge uses Force Staff hook to kill Windrunner then Abaddon, biting QoP for a Triple Kill then Force Staff Hooking Magina for a ultra kill and ended with a Rampage killing Doombringer with a help from PotM.
5: Shadowfiend got a Triple kill and a blind raze Bounty Hunter for ultra kill (fail move by Pudge Hooking Rikimaru).
4: Rubick uses Force Staff and Spell Steal to get Pudge’s Hook, killing Pudge then blind Hooking Nerubian Weaver.
3: Mirana juking Nevermore, cast Elune Arrow backward when Leaping and killing him with timely Manta to avoid a Raze.
2: Lanaya using Meld to avoid Gondar’s toss and killing Rubick, Gondar, Barathrum and Clockwerk for an ultra kill.
1: Sandking got a Rampage with the help of Clockwerk with a timely Hookshot and Cog.

Tired with awesome moves? Relax and watch these funny scenes :)

Enjoy the movies! Thanks to JK for the time line as always :)

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  1. cih, do you need to say First Blood on every Post? Is that necessary ? Pathetic

    Dota blog, it seems you forgot to write the special one that nevermore can killed himself

  2. on the funny video there, got one is only chatting.

    tat one actually host is typing "-roll dick length", end up the result.......well, you all already see it. :P

  3. Easy guys, you seems need take a break..

  4. Cool moves!

  5. awesome play, i wonder how can i play like it

  6. hahaha TB make a love foot print
    so romantic

  7. Wat plugin is needed to view these movies?

  8. The guys who got pwned are epic fail.
    Gotta admit though, awesome play from the dudes who pwned 'em.

  9. The mirana vs nevermore duel was just EPIC.

  10. i'm just thinking that all actions in movie are manipulated, or they're using Map Hack program which can reveal everything on the map..

  11. No, i think WoDotA won't doing such a thing which can ruin their reputation :)

  12. just because ur nub doesnt mean every1 is like u

  13. ur such a noob

  14. whew! hahahaha...have u ever tried to save ur game? save it then say map hack again on the videos...

  15. I couldn't figure it out how to  cast elune's arrow backward XD

  16. LOL, huskar got killed by neutral creeps and creeps got a high regeneration rate thanks to nature attendants aiustha is the worst I ever seen

  17. I always look forward for the next FAIL scene, it doesn't happen everyday

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