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DotA - WoDotA Top10 Weekly Vol.53

Here you go, the Vol. 53 of WoDotA Weekly Top 10!

10. Rhasta ganked by Gondar and Sandking but killed them instead with the help of Tinker
9. Zeus got rampage with a single ulti!
8. Razor kills Ogre Magi by using the fog
7. Dying Panda lured Huskar and Sniper into jungle with Remnant already placed and kill them both
6. Invoker survive from 4 heroes gank and kill 3 of them
5. Magnificent escape from Puck by perfectly timed Phase Shift to evade Windrunner's Power Shot
4. Nevermore got an Ultra Kill alone with perfect Raze
3. Windrunner got triple kill with perfectly aimed Power Shot
2. A really awesome timing from Darkseer's Vacuum allow Nevermore Requiem and Earthshaker's Echo Slam hit all heroes and killed them all
1. Techies kill 5 heroes with his mines and ended it with suicide


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  1. number 10 : you forgot Jahrakal ^^

  2. wtf happened to GosuGamers? XD

  3. GosuGamers is available at forums. Check it out there

  4. so noob sf.......

  5. razor...
    What The F**K...=)

  6. IMO #2 was the best

  7. puck was also cool , he managed to avoid like 6 arrows and his certain death :P ,but invo is a lucky dude when i saw him being hunted by kunkka and the magic-creep was hitting i said that's it he's dead ! nice

  8. what the **** nc invoker his a jungle man he know every blind spot of the trees