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Warcraft 1.25b Patch Bug, Maximum Speeeed!

If you curious why Blizzard released Warcraft 1.26a Patch just couple days after Warcraft 1.25b released, watch the video and you will know why ;)

PS: The bug is on the Warcraft 3 engine, so it will happen on any DotA map as long as it use 1.25b Patch.

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  4. Hi, I'm in Indonesia..
    I'm waiting for DotA 2.. :D I think, that's a good improvement of this game..
    Hm,would you like to tell me what are the requires of this new game?
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  5. dont have official minimum spec yet..but they make sure that people with older computers and the PCs at LAN centers will be able to support the game +_+!