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DotA 6.67b AI Rev2d Map Released!

DotA 6.67b AI Rev2dDotA 6.67b AI Rev2d Map Download - Dota-Allstars 6.67b AI v2d Map has finally released! This new map contains better AI than the previous ports. All thanks to PleaseBugMeNot and the team. On this post, there will be 2 Dota 6.67b AI Rev2d versions, the regular BMP port version and the upgraded version (CIPD) which suggest you a better AI. They also adding a command to rename the AI player ;)

6.67b Rev2d Changelogs
1. Fixed when typing -csx (x is an ai number) to show AI creep stats, it showed K:Y gg_Maintimer:Z ( Y and Z are values).
2. Treant Protector is now able to use Living Armor on towers, if he wants ofc (cipd)
3. Fixed the prices of some items for the AI knowledge:
- Phase boots decreased from 1500 to 1400
- Blades of attack decreased from 500 to 450
4. AI is now able to use some more items:
- Phase Boots: when running and blocked by creeps(cipd)
- Shiva's Guard(cipd)
- Orchid Malevolence
- Blade Mail
- Better Dagon Usage (AI will finish u with dagon more often)
5. Fixed some code in Bristelback`s skills... they were bugged (there is still a bug but it is from original map).
6. Added skills and items build to Kaldr, Ancient Apparition
7. Changed item numerous item builds.(tnx to the AI team)
8. Changed skills builds on many heroes.(tnx to the AI team)
9. AI should now be able to teleport to raxes if the third tower is dead and raxes are attacked
10. AI should properly defend the lanes now whether its specific third tower is dead or not
11. AI should no longer get stuck in the base after defending it(cipd)(removed that by request)
12. Some of the AI players use 3 tier skills learning system: every tier for EASY, NORMAL, INSANE levels (Axe).
13. Added some *basic* AI for Kaldr, Ancient Apparition(he can use now Cold Feet+Ice Vortex+Ice Blast+Chilling Touch added to his items usages)
14. Changed Rylai Crestfall, Crystal Maiden behavior(cipd)
15. Changed Axe`s use of BladeMail and Satanic for defence purposes
16. Changed some behavior for Luna and Morphling(better using of waveform for escape). (cipd)
17. Fixed modes: mc, sc and the orders from the AI UI for changing lanes (my mistake after deobfuscation)
18. I think i fixed some hero swap bug after correcting some errors after Harreke`s deobfuscation. Needs testing.
19. Changed the way AI choose its lanes at the beginning if there's no lane restriction. They go 2-1-2 at the start of the map. The heroes in the middle are picked up from a predefined Hero pool(cipd).
20. 2 new modes (Skillbuild View): when in game, write -osv XX or -osven XX for looking the skills trees of the AI heroes. XX == id of the hero. For ex.: -osv 2, -osven 6. (cipd)
21. Fixed Puck`s Dream Coil with Aghanims - it was not showing the cooldown on the scoreboard.
22. Fixed an old bug with command: All Ally push Left - just an old typo left from the BMP days
23. ADDED ENEMY AI COMMANDS: -osden (stay defense base) -oden (return to defense) -oaen (resume attacking)
24. Fixed Nerubian Weaver`s new skill The Swarm - now he uses it on enemies
25. Fixed Nerubian Assassin`s Urna swarm
26. Added AI for Nerubian Assassin`s scarabs - beware mages.. if scarabs see you, be prepared for silence galore. They are very aggressive when you are in range.
27. Syllabear`s bear now gets rabid effect but the thing is still bugged with random not growing stuff. Better -airepick that hero <- thats ok for Alchemist too... very bugged. 28. Added Arcane Ring to support items usage when command in chat: -aid. U must but in atleast 650 range to the owner of the ring(not tested) 29. Added *basic* AI skills usage to Tauren Chieftain.. needs more work (he doesn`t use them much ) 30. Fixed bug with AI buy outs when dead: sometimes they were buying but not respawning in base 31. Fixed bug with empty bottle and storing runes.. before they didn`t expire after 2 minutes 32. Magnataur should not initiate dagger blink without mana for at least one slam. 33. Added Skewer to the skills usage of Magnataur (didn`t test it alot... maybe it will need later fixing). Also added Skewer as escape mechanism when low HP. (not using it very good) 34. Added Scepter to Axe`s AI skills knowledge and updated his conditions level check of ultimate ability+ability with scepter.(needs testing that he is using his upgraded with scepter skill instead of unupgraded) 35. Fixed inaccurate replay data for assists ("Assist"+AssistPlayerId,VictimPlayerId)(6.67c) 36. Fixed Puck`s phaseshift (there is still a bug in IceFrog`s map when in phaseshift and Mirana`s ulti, sometimes Puck is moving in phaseshift form) 37. Fixed scroll of teleport usage (new TP scroll demands Point usage instead of Target and AI couldn`t use the scrolls). Big thanx to Phaselock and i mean it VERY BIG! 38. Obsidian, Enchantress, Silencer and Bone Fletcher got better management of mana when using orb skills... they should last hit with orb skills (cipd) 39. Added Scepter to EarthShaker`s skill knowledge... need confirmation he uses the skill with 2 echoes instead of one. 40. Added Midnight Pulse and Demonic Conversion to Enigma`s skills usage 41. Added Warcry usage for Sven. 42. When -aid typed near Sven or Kaldr, they`ll aid u with Warcry or Chilling Touch. I may add more supporting skills when i have the time to look over skills. 43. Troll Warlord now should use Berserker Rage to switch from Range->Melle and vice versa
44. AI should buy sentry wards or gem when Slark is in the enemy team
45. Treant Protector now casts Nature`s Guise on him or allies. Use -aid if u need Guise or Living armor asap
46. Treant Protector now uses Sentinels to stun the enemies. NOTE: AI-Normal and AI-Insane Sentinels aim only for HEROES. THIS IS NOT A BUG so do NOT report as bug. That makes Treant 300% more effective supporter.
47. Made some changes which cipd posted in forum about last hitting - also i made a dynamic last hit value of creep`s HP. That needs testing.. if it`s not working good i`ll change it back.
48. Fixed Diabolic Edict considering invulnerable buildings as valid targets and wasting some hits
49. When distress call AI will look for third tower and raxes to TP... now it will also look for the Left and Right 4th towers or the Throne/Tree to teleport, if raxes are dead.(not tested)
50. AI Normal have 1/3 chance to pay for consumables like salves, AI Insane have 25% to pay for consumables. Easy should pay always. Also wards and gems are now free for AI. The reason i made that is... that wards and gems waste too much cash and AI just sticks without gold.
51. You can -airepick many times now.
52. Hakuna matata bug prolly fixed (cipd)
53. Removed cipd`s defense patch by his request. Old BMP`s defense is up again.
54. Added -cn mode - coolnames mode... all bots gets a "+" infront of their names.(cipd)
55. Removed a bug with Medusa`s moving.
56. Removed teleporting to side shops.
57. Changed teleporting with boots/scrolls from target to point use.
58. Added Aghanim`s scepter to the item`s build of Juggernaut.. also tried to make him use the upgraded skill.
59. Balanar will use Darkness during the night... that way he prolongs it much further.
60. Fixed Undying and Visage not learning all the skills. Some heroes may have that problem too.
61. Minor adjustment (+50) to the extra aoe XP bounty(6.68)
62. Added new enemy command: -oroshanen - send the enemy heroes to fight Roshan. If u send your allies too... they can make an orgy there
63. Added item and skill builds to Slark. Also added some _basic_ AI for skill usage. Don`t expect wonders. I`m not done with him.
64. Naix - Casting Open Wounds no longer loses attack focus + memory leak fixed (6.68)
65. New ingame command added: -rn BotNewName .... where should be: Blue -> 1, Teal -> 2, Purple -> 3, Yellow -> 4, Orange -> 5 | Pink -> 7, Grey -> 8, Light Blue -> 9, Dark Green -> 10, Brown -> 11. Names must be max 19 chars long. They also get their "+" infront. Should not be like any other name in the game. And you have 10 renames per game.(tnx to GetTriggerUnit-)
66. Decided to release an AI+ version with the CIPD`s Defence patch. Which is better... i don`t know... hence the both versions.

Known problems:

1. Crashes still going on. Maybe it is a skill or memory leak... we couldn`t track it... it`s just too random.
2. AI will use skills if Alchemist uses Concoction in their range
3. Kaldr`s Ice Blast is causing AI to use skills on the dummy unit.
4. Until level 11... AI will try to TP from fountain area... but sometimes will fail and they`ll buy another one... and sometimes they`ll have 2 slots with TPs. They`ll probably clear it the next time visiting fountain. That bug will be addressed for the next release.
5. There are still thousands of little incomplete and causing problems things... but that`s for now... until someone makes new AI framework from scratch!

List of Incomplete Ai:
Razor,Slark(basic AI),Admiral,Clockwerk,Invoker,Visage.
Here's also a list of Heroes that Ai uses and its worth making them to -airepick:
Alchemist,Spiritbreaker,Bristleback,Lycanthrope,Un dying,Lone Druid,Templar Assassin,Soul Keeper,Storm Spirit,Windrunner,Batrider,Tinker,Techies.

Download links:

DotA-Allstars 6.67b AI Rev2d

CIPD AI (Improved AI)
DotA-Allstars 6.67b AI+ Rev2d CIPD

Thanks to PleaseBugMeNot and other members who worked hard for this version. Hopefully with this map released, they can now work fully on Dota 6.68c AI. At any rate, enjoy this map guys! :)

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  1. Thnx For The Map PBMN!!!!

  2. Thanks PBMN! We owe you this one. Please continue improving this humble DoTA Community 'till Valve DoTA comes.

  3. i like that u at least tryed to solve the bugs. I can see there are so many and some of them are too random.

    Thumbs up :P

  4. i like that u at least tryed to solve the bugs. I can see there are so many and some of them are too random.

    Thumbs up :P

  5. Cant open map with warcraft.. stated that wrong code or character too long... using 1.24e and 1.24b.. cant play O_o

  6. filname too long or contain invalid characters*

  7. Can you play with this map?? which one works well?? ALL IZZ WELLL????

  8. "filname too long or contain invalid characters*"

    -Please right click map, rename, remove just the "+" sign(w/o "").....Enjoy!

  9. thanks for released
    but why not 6.68!!!???

  10. keep in Folder name "AI" ....U can play it ...

  11. how does the rename AI work?


    NO 6.68AI map???

    SO SAD. :(((

    Iam WAITING FOR dota 6.68AI map.

  13. THERE IS A BUG too

    THE DOOMBRINGER type -tips and then




  14. thnk you very much ai makers
    I Owe You

  15. Many Thanks to PleaseBugMeNot and team ! Btw are you related to BMP ? Answer This !

  16. BMP is my neighbor.
    - PBMN

  17. Really appreciate their work.
    @Those who are constantly asking for the newer AI versions.
    Stop it. BMP was probably fine with it when he started, but it eventually got to him. PBMN is already rather unhappy that people are pushing him for the newer versions.
    Those guys give up their free time for the DotA community, let's show them some appreciation now. Not when they decide to stop work.

  18. me little bit confuse about how to change ai name... can s1 tell me more about it

  19. akasha bug
    she don't use ultimate

  20. lol "she don't"..
    she doesn't

  21. i can play this me with this..

    it showed jus another warcraft map..

  22. ezalor too, he doesn't charge at all and not using his mana leak.
    and as mentioned at point #29, tauren use some of his basic skill (the previous map he did not use them at all). he is not using ulti...too bad cause i like his cool ^^
    anyway, thanks alot for the map. keep on the great work

  23. Gem and Wards free for AI is too imba. Not to mention that AI knows when you get close invisible and automatically plant a ward there to see you.
    Where can we report bugs?

  24. Been waiting for this... thanks a lot =)

  25. Can't play on lan it said file name too long

  26. "filname too long or contain invalid characters*"

    -Please right click map, rename, remove just the "+" sign(w/o "").....Enjoy!

  27. thankyou very much, great map!

  28. what's the difference between bmp ai and cipd ai?

  29. cipd map have much smarter ai while bmp ai have medium ai heroes.

  30. can't play what's wrong?
    i'm in 1.22

  31. Update to 1.24e, it'll much be better.

  32. mine is working like a charm

  33. I found bugs ...

    Shadow Priest
    - he used shallow grave on him repeatly...
    - didn't use his/her 1st skill
    - Sometimes when he used his skill, it made your game fatal error (it happened to me when i facing him )
    - Maybe make rylai spam her skill 2nd more often in early game (it just an idea not a bug)

    Sorry my bad english ^^v

  34. please add AI commands such as -oui, -croshan, etc in the help (F9) section.

  35. How to change the AI name? any ideas.....?

  36. Simply add -cn to your gamemodes to change ai names!

  37. at last a new ai map..
    thanks for all the hard work guys!!

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  39. nice job but ursa will cause fatal too..

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    its both too easy to use or too hard to defeat T_T
    once she has taras, then it's game over for the enemy...hahaha
    my opinion is, the image cooldown have to be longer and the image can't do critical. i think that is

  41. naga siren is just ok. shes not imba

  42. nagasiren is just ok.
    if you use earthshaker.. she will die inmediatly

  43. bakit ayaw gumana ng 6.67b Rev2d AI+. how i can play this map? it say's file name is too long or it contains invalid characters.

  44. Great job with this. You guys focus on quality and quantity. Now I see why you guys took so long. Good work.

  45. great job guys, hopefully u can release the 68 really soon, u dont have to make lots of changes with the next map. all u gotta do is create the code for the new heroes and some items and thats it!

  46. Awesome man..thanks for the hardwork!!

  47. lately i encountered a major bug with AIs. Ever since AI 've started playing Naix, in every game there's always a bug keep going on and on. When the AI's hp was half or less, it died instantly, then resurrect with armor invurenable. This only happened with Enemies 's AI. I son't know if it's fixed here in this Version of AI map

  48. I 've saved 2 replays , I Played Magnus and Storm
    I'll upload replays later

  49. here is those 2 replays

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  51. nice job dude!!!
    i hope that this AI would be better

  52. please add this mode to AI maps
    terrain snow
    please2 :D

  53. @hongha: dont worry man, this new ai map doesn't contain that bug anymore..

  54. @hongha: dont worry man, this new ai map doesn't contain that bug anymore..

  55. yeah so far i only hated AI with gems gems gems that means invisible heroes are all useless
    Kill them and 60s later they get a new gem, jewelry store at my fountain lol

  56. you are all weak!! RAMPAGE! ULTRA KILL!

  57. Fatal error when using Razor's 1st skill. And a random town portal scroll is spawn near the fountain....

  58. all comment of this are fake, they are all fucking moron BASTARD.

  59. Awesome! 2-1-2! I hoped that the AI would get better so I chose CIPD! What does CIPD stand for?

  60. Do you watch Unreal 300 on You tube?!! If it No GO GO GO watch!!!!!!! its very funny =)

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  62. command -od is not working???? +ai keeps pushing x(

  63. hmmmp..silence please/./?

  64. i cannot wait 6.68 ai map....

  65. one dumb thing is viper AI doesn't learn nethertoxin at early level, this make viper useless

  66. hei i just found out that leshrac's diabolic edict didn't attack tower that a bug?

  67. also watch on youtube ultimate storm spirit.. LOL!!

  68. you just remove the (+) sign at the data map to make it work...thankz

  69. thr's a bug wit veno's gale it stops at aome point not movin at all!!!! fix it bmp!!

  70. how to download it?

  71. this AI it's so easy for me...
    there's many AI doesn't use ultimate skill...
    (banyak cacad e)

  72. when is the 6.68 AI will be released?

  73. The map is great, especially the CIPD version, where the defense system is great, AI's are getting too imba for some of them like naga, lion, axe, but a great challenge, all of you asking and asking for 6.68 AI please reconsider and wait, its a hard work to port an AI Script and adapt new heroes, items, combinations, functions etc, those guys do it for free and without 'em we would be stuck in older versions, so say a BIG THANK YOU to all of them and enjoy the damn map!

  74. Here is a cool hero that i dream of.. i hope u can make it pls..this hero look like Volverine with Huge and long claws (Agi hero)
    1st skill is Dead claw: (orb eft)
    Lv1/2/3/4:+atk speed 20%/40%/60%/80% with bash chance of 10%/15%/20%/25% , last for 6/7/8/9 scd ;cooldown 20scd
    2nd skill is graveyard:
    Lv1/2/3/4:Form a circle Barrier around the hero trapping him and his foe, the barrier forms through underground causing 2scd stun with minor 80/120/150/200 damage to who ever stands on the end of every edge of the circle, the barrier last 4/5/6/7 scds. ;cooldown 50/40/30/25scd
    3rd skill is Vanish
    Lv1/2/3/4: Invisible for 6/7/8/9scd with movements speed increase by 10/20/30/40%

    Ulti skill is Judgementday; range of target is 500unit
    Lv1/2/3: (on click to target hero) A Giant undead claw hands (looks like the undeads unit building period..where 5 giant finger claws forms through underground waiting the building process done) comes through underground to the targeted foe grabbing it and pulling INTO the ground and does a minor damages of 100/150/200dmg and reappear INFRONT of the hero wit 2scd being CAUGHT time(unable to move or skill) ; cooldown is 100/85/75scd UPGRADABLE with scepter
    Ulti after upgrade: CAN CATCH More than one enemy hero which only if any enemy hero is closed by to the targeted foe with 200aoe. Decreases Cooldown to 40scd and DOUBLE the duration of the CAUGHT time (4scd) and also the damage (400dmg max)..
    This hero is Magnificient isn't it? ^^ GODlike hero!! Pls.... and i'm sure many plp will sure keep choosing this killer hero..
    The concept of this hero is his Combo skill:
    Ulti(judgement day) then 2nd skill(grave yard) + 1st skill (dead claws).... the 3rd skill is to either run or kill the unkilled hero... ^.<

  75. 1 comment the effing wardign is crap two ai have 4 sentry and the res has fucking 2 sentry how did that happen thats not acceptable

  76. how to download 6.67 ai + map ? asap

  77. BIG THANK YOU to the AI maker

  78. Thanks for The ai map, would you please upgrade Drow ranger.

  79. Hey, What about Alchemist Stunning Players?
    I've NEVER see the alchemist stunning any hero, the bots don't use the alchemist stun, could you improve it?

  80. I'm getting sick of my 6.67c ai rev2 because after I created my power threads and my first item (except for bracer, null talisman, wraith band, headress of reju) it's a one sided game... and when my allies are Balanar, Axe, Yurnero, Zeus... they always left and spam with my kills... T_T

  81. were getting sick of admirals face

  82. where did we find the downloading area..!!!

  83. i would like a super strong and long game mode which makes all the towers more powerful and resistant by each level this make the game more challenging...i think its better:)

  84. ^-st (super towers..dunno if this is it or is it still implemented)

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