Dota 6.68d Map | Official Dota-Allstars 6.68d & Changelogs (Updates) - DotA-Blog

Dota 6.68d Map | Official Dota-Allstars 6.68d & Changelogs (Updates)

Dota 6.68dDota 6.68d Map - Official Dota-Allstars 6.68d Download News and Update. Fiuh.. There's been so many bugs lately on DotA. I guess many contents means many bugs. Even though i hope that Dota 6.68c will be the last of DotA 6.68 series, there's still a possibilities for Dota 6.68d. Therefore, if you found got bug that still occur and wanna fix it on the Dota 6.68d, drop a comments.

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  1. Double Kil....Oh man another one... -.-" i havent encounter any bugs at 68 or B or C and now maybe D too :P

  2. eredar's 2nd skill has a typo. it says there "ererdar"

  3. Eredar's Purge Removes All buffs, even the positive one, it says it removes negative ones only, the whole Eredar is not balanced with that shadow posion, needs to be remade!

  4. eredar is quite balanced. He/she/it is made to be an early game hero. like saying that bane elem's brain sap is imba. hahaha!! eredar has a low hp at late game and his skills will become useless when your enemies got wicked regen items like pipe/defiance/HoT or linken..
    Murloc is more imba than him if you ask me since he can pawn in early, mid and up to late game with a stunner ally.. harhar!

    BTW does a ghost scepter that removes negative buff when activated.. (not quite sure but it removes venom splash) weew!!

  5. daaaa...ofcourse la...... murloc rock.......

  6. create a hot female hero :)

  7. There already are hot female Heroes...

    2 busty chicks

  8. Yeah, Windrunner and Drow Ranger but we want a female that is Sexy yet Strength Type.

  9. yeah...i played this game for a long time..but i only abit sad coz there is verry little of female heroes in dota..majority of them all are intelligence heroes..i hope on the next map,there will alots of strenght & agility female heroes..surely they should be sexy..if no..they are not interesting..


  10. Yeah man, a female strength hero that could burn mana if attacked, wow! sounds cool! able to suck mana if attack and the absorbed mana will be converted to strength!

  11. I used sandking and managed to kill himself!? xD
    such bug, and after I die rune came out. wohoo~

  12. Hi, i found a bug with shadow demon using disruption or whatever it's called to make illusions on an clinkz while he was in invisible state (seen by gem). But the illusions doesn't appear when cast while hes in this state.

  13. lol. a very very VERY sexy female character is needed. needs to be IMBA for an interesting game. ^^

  14. Female strength Hero? Then you have lady Gaga!
    Lala Oh lala!

  15. there are few bugs In DotA 6.67b AI that ur armor goes invulnerable and some tyms enemy hero is when killed get re spawned at its base with out any wait.

  16. why a very sexy female ? ¬¬

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