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Dota 6.68c Roshan Abuse with Familiar

Seems Roshan abuse is like a never ending story. This time, with the help of the Visage's Familiar, you can kill Roshan with ease because he will busy chasing the Familiar and ignore your attack. Check out the video below!

Here's the step:
1. Pick Visage
2. Get level 6
3. Summon Familiar
4. Attack Roshan with Familiar and place them just above the tree near Roshan
5. If you do it right, Roshan will keep trying attack the Familiar but he won't reach it
6. Now is the chance, secure the Aegis guys!

Compared to the Batrider bug, this exploit is pretty abusable. But the decision for the DotA 6.68d is lies on IceFrog completely. Hope this bug won't delay the DotA 6.69 development :)

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  1. damn, roshan have so many bugs o.o

  2. wew!! maybe there will another bug about roshan...

  3. Why is it that it is always with Roshan that this kind of abuse/bugs happened?

  4. not a bug it just an abuse only... playing with roshan blindspot....

  5. its not a bug its mostly a trick

  6. I dont think its a bug, it is a good trick, just like when u use image to take roshan attack..

  7. paki bilisan ung 6.68 ai map

  8. As long as Dota i not a standalone game, the bugs are going to endless.

  9. Not a bug, its an abuse. Read guys. ^^. I think the only way to repair roshan's blind spot is to lessen his range, increase his sight range and to make him a non-focusing attacker...

  10. ^Yah it's an abuse, aside from increasing his sight, roshan should attack those creeps/summoned units/heroes that frequently attacked him.

  11. A bug is the last thing that's gonna come up in my mind when someone tries to kill Roshan by avoiding him in different ways.
    It's more like tricks players now tiresomely try to find & I appreciate that.

  12. you will kill roshan in 200 hours with that trick

  13. this is not bug u idiot!!

  14. it's not a bug, it's just 'another way to piss roshan off'so he'll lose focus then you can own him.

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