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Dota 6.67c OMG v1.04h Map | Dota-Allstars 6.67c OMG Released!

Dota 6.67c OMG v1.04h has just came out. It's the second OMG version for the Dota 6.67c. ~Bob~ added several new skills into the pool like Juxtapose, Counter Helix and even Grow! Wow, imagine Kunkka is growing just like Tiny did, that would be awesome ;)

~Bob~ also changes the -sa command. Previously it only shows our friend's abilities, but now it will show everyone's abilities. Nice! I'm actually a little annoyed when i must remember 5 opponent heroes with their 4 different skills. Now that wouldn't be a problem anymore. Great updates :)

Dota 6.67c OMG v1.04h Changelogs:

* New skills are available in pool (after some recoding; all features are saved): Juxtapose, Grow (may has some scale glitches), Take Aim (range only), Jinada, Psi Blades (range only), Tide Bringer (melee only), Counter Helix, Sticky Napalm.
* Removed Natural Order and Charge of Darkness from pool.
* Fixed Lunar Blessing (vision).
* Changed Illuminate and Unstable Concoction type from multi-icon to normal, Forest Sentinel from normal to multi-icon.
* Replaced Enchant Totem from useless skills to normal.
* Skills replenish time in taverns is increased to 9999 seconds.
* Renamed -showallies into -showabilities (shorted -sa stays same). Now it shows everyone's abilities.
* Fixed Skewer.
* Tooltips fixes.

Dota 6.67c OMG v1.04h Download Links:
Dota 6.67c OMG v1.04h via GameWebZ

As a reminder, you can activate the OMG mode by using one of these commands:

Random Draft
type -ra with other game modes. Examples: -ardmra (random heroes, random skills and death match)

Abilities Draft
Type -ad with other game modes.

 Thank you ~Bob~.. Enjoy the new OMG map guys! ;)

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  1. First Blooooooddd!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  2. Storm Bolt + SK ulti on ES... RAMPAGE!!!!

  3. again??!

    same post.. zz

  4. if psi blades and take aim stack, then impetus will be very deadly

  5. where is link download

  6. there are some skills that are not shown why?

  7. Because the abilities are bieng draft,and there are too many abilities..i think:)

  8. DotA v6.67c OMG 1.04i+ has released today. But, ~Bob~ has currently no announcement about this. Because of this, the map may be fake.

  9. AGAIN....

  10. hope that you make an omg ai map..that would be fun:)

  11. i would like to suggest to have 2 ultis in a certain hero.. could that be?
    just for fun

  12. do they have omg ai maps?

  13. i use windrunner i got skills are impetus,overpower,frosbite and learns take aim...haha...

  14. hey how to download it?

  15.  ap kode dota omg ya.....????

  16. Jejeje........he dont know to download :D................................................................................................I ♥ To Play Dota O.M.G

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