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Traxex Guide & Build | The Drow Ranger Strategy

Traxex Guide & Build, the Drow Ranger Strategy. Traxex is one of carry who can own the game when she got her items. Her agility is awesome and her attack is induced with frost effect which can slow enemy's speed. This post contains Traxex the Drow Ranger guide, item build, skill build and strategy.

Drow Ranger

Traxex was a skilled archer in her oppressive underground homeland, the Underdark, until she grew sick of her kin's evil ways and fled to the surface world. As a part of her resolution, she joined the Sentinel, bringing her excellent marksmanship to the fray. Some of her abilities include stripping magical beings of their voices, and enchanting her arrows with an icy cold. While such powers are valuable, her true origin will never cease to linger around in the judging eyes of others.

Strength - 17 + 1.9
Agility - 22 + 1.9 (Primary)
Intelligence - 15 + 1.4

Base damage 40-51
Attack range of 625
Base Armor 2.1
Movement speed of 300

Traxex Skill Descriptions

Frost Arrows (R)

Induces a freezing effect to the hero's attacks. Each attack slows the enemy's movement and attack rates.

Level 1 - Slows attack rate by 5% and movement rate by 10%
Level 2 - Slows attack rate by 10% and movement rate by 20%
Level 3 - Slows attack rate by 15% and movement rate by 30%
Level 4 - Slows attack rate by 20% and movement rate by 40%

Mana Cost: 12
Cooldown: 0

This is the best orb effect skill, a free Eye of Skadi, even better. It makes her one of the best chasers as well as other hero with a blink type move (such as Mortred), with high movement speed(such as Balanar) and probably with poison effect(such as Viper).

Silence (E)

Stops all enemies in a target area (275 AoE) from casting spells.

Level 1 - Lasts 3 seconds
Level 2 - Lasts 4 seconds
Level 3 - Lasts 5 seconds
Level 4 - Lasts 6 seconds

Manacost: 90
Cooldown: 15 seconds

This skill differentiate between Drow and other dps hero. Six seconds AoE silence can:
- completely screw up an enemy gank,
- prevent enemy from initiating team battle,
- decrease enemies continuation attack impact after initiate team battle,
- prevent enemy's escape from the death.

Trueshot Aura

An aura that gives friendly nearby units bonus damage to their ranged attacks.

Level 1 - Increases base ranged damage by 7%.
Level 2 - Increases base ranged damage by 14%.
Level 3 - Increases base ranged damage by 21%.
Level 4 - Increases base ranged damage by 28%.

This skill is no use in early game. It is needed when a big war started, her rangers team need more damage. It will be awesome for Drow with supported by level 3 of Marksmanship and nice item like Butterfly.


The Ranger's accuracy has increased, giving her more agility.

Level 1 - +15 Agility.
Level 2 - +30 Agility.
Level 3 - +45 Agility.

Since this ability changed from 20% instant creep kills, it has turned Drow into a dps machine from her beginnings as a farmer/pusher. 45 Agility is more than any item in the game gives.

Traxex Skill Build

Level 1: Frost Arrows/Silence
Level 2: Stats
Level 3: Silence/Frost Arrows
Level 4: Frost Arrows
Level 5: Frost Arrows
Level 6: Marksmanship
Level 7: Frost Arrows
Level 8: Silence
Level 9: Silence
Level 10: Silence
Level 11: Marksmanship
Level 12: Trueshot Aura
Level 13: Trueshot Aura
Level 14: Trueshot Aura
Level 15: Trueshot Aura
Level 16: Marksmanship
Levels 17-25: Stats

Frost Arrows is taken at level 1 to harass earlier against melee hero. Silence can be taken first too to help prevent First Blood at level 1 which can occasionally happen with a good ES or PotM on the opposing team and can also be used to help assist early kills in a lane against Blinkers and Windwalkers.

Frost Arrows is the best skill had by Drow, maxing it will be useful in a lane to get single kill. 1 level of stats is needed in early game to gain more health.

Maximum level of Silence will be useful in mid game against enemy's nuke heroes. Once they got silenced, they can do nothing and Drow together with her teammate will kill them or at least kill one of them.

Marksmanship is taken without need much explanation. More agility increase her damage, attack speed and armor and at level 16 no hero can equal her agility.

Traxex Item Build

1. Circlet of Nobility, 2 set of Tangos, Animal Courier
2. Slipper of Agility (from the side shop)
3. Finish Wraith Band x 2
4. Boots of Speed
5. Finish Power Tread
6. Yasha, Kelen's Dagger or lothar edge

Drow Ranger core item should be like this:

2 Wraith Bands will increase her health and damage.

Power tread gives her extra attack speed and:
- 190 hp (strength mode) or
- 10 damage (agility mode).

Blink Dagger or Lothar Edge is needed for surprise attack and a good escape. Blink dagger is better than Lothar Edge for surprise attack but Lothar Edge gives her more damage and better for escape.

Yasha is a core item now as it gives IAS and MS. It can be turned into Manta later.

Traxex Late Game Items

Manta should be the first item to be made after finishing her core items. It gives her a lot of DPS and also gives 190 hp. Then Crystalys should be built because it will give her a critical chance and this will make her do a lot more damage. The Butterfly made for +30 damage, +30 agility and +30 evasion will increase her survivability and on top of that her images will get the bonus damage from the agility stats. Buriza is better then mkb because true shot doesn't work too well with frost arrows but critical carries to images, giving the better dps (Also RED NUMBERS ARE IMPRESSIVE). Heart is a pretty choice to boost her hp and hp regeneration for her survivability much better.

Strategy to Pick and Play Drow Ranger

You should pick this hero if your team needs a good carry hero which can silence enemy's nuke hero even can kill if you do a surprise attack first. You need to be supported by:
- Team battle initiator like Raigor or Tauren
- Disabler like Rhasta or Atropos.

Beware of her counter:
- Nukers. Since Drow has low hp she gets raped by heavy nukers. If you get caught with less than half health you're going to get killed. The way to counter them is easier said than done. You need to Silence them before they can kill you with their nukes and once they are Silenced you should be able to kill them.

- Assassins. Pudge will be able to rape and kill you before you even know what's happening. Nerubian Assassin will be able to destroy you with your low hp 1 good combo will kill you. A good way to counter Pudge this is to Silence him so he can't turn off Rot and try to kill him. Stay away from Nerubian Assassin, sentry ward will help you from his suddenly attack. Against these heroes keep an eye on the minimap at all times incase your allies don't call miss. Against a pudge its generally a good idea to keep a creep inbetween yourself and common hook spots. In any case ask a member of your team to buy wards, you shouldn't have to when saving up for big items.

- Ether Blast. You can do nothing once you get banished except cast Silence. Run away first to avoid magic damage (with Blink Dagger if you can), then counter attack after this effect is gone or just back to the fountain if your health is low.

- Miss effect (active or passive): Butterfly, Drunken Haze, Drunken Brawler, Blind, Smoke Screen, Blur, Backtrack, etc. You can gambling: bet your dps and take the effect risk; or just run away and try attack later.

These are short strategy to play Drow:
1. Start (Level 1 - 7) : Last hit, deny and harass
2. Early (Level 7-11) : Gank
3. Mid (Level 11-16) : Farm a lot, gank with TP
4. Late (Level 17-...) : Team battle

You can choose any starting lane. Just deny and farm by last hit as best as you can. Try not to die and try to harass, especially melee hero, if possible. Don't push the lane unnecessarily. If you have been holding a solo lane and you are above level 7, you might want to go gank a low level hero. Most of the time you will want to go gank in your long lane because if they are pushing then you will be able to sneak up on them from behind and if they use a direct path to get away they will have to run past you.

What you should be doing in mid game is farm A LOT without dying and get involved in ganks. You should be getting every last hit in your lane now and also remember to deny creeps when they are on low hp so you don't push too far. If you have pushed too far you will probably notice that some of the heroes have disappeared off the mini map they have probably gone to kill you. If this happens TP out as soon as possible. If there are already heroes after you then try to Silence all the heroes with stuns and TP out.

If there are team fights happening then you should get involved chuck a Silence down to give your team an edge over the other. Make sure you don't run into the action try coming in from behind and throwing down a Silence and Orb Walking their main source of damage.

Late game is the time when Drow shines. You will own the game when you have late game items for Drow. Become massively killer will be your role. In team battle:
1. Cast Silence on nuker and disabler first.
2. Try to kill them then kill carry hero, or otherwise.
3. Last hero to be killed by you is tanker.

How to Use Frost Arrows
To harass an enemy, use the (r) hotkey rather than autocast so enemy creep won't attack you. That is called orb walking.
If you aren't afraid with creep anymore, especially in team battle, autocast is the best choice.

How to Use Silence
Silence as many hero as you can, take its AoE advantage. Two hero silenced is better than one, three is better than two and so on.

Based on: Playdota Guide

This post contain Traxex Guide & Build - The Drow Ranger Strategy. If you have different build or strategy, you can give your comments or make your own guide on the Drow Ranger Forum.

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  1. great......frost arrows and kelen's the enemy would escape almost impossible

  2. I think that early game u should pump Trueshot Aura and Stats.
    Level 1:True shot Aura
    Level 2:Stats And this continues on
    After u have max ur True shot Aura start to pump Silence and frost arrow.
    I choose to pump True shot Aura and stats is because early game is easier to farm. And if u have ur lothar or dagger after your treads. You can start to gank. Because your damage in early game to most of the hero it is very pain.

    1. better true shot aura then stats then frost arrow until you reach lv 6 for marksmanship and lv 7 for frost arrow then silence then continue stats

  3. Agree with the above, the stats-aura build is fit for trax. Last hits will come as easy as pie...
    An OMG fat traxex at late game is better than a killer traxex with slow in early game. Last hit is more of a priority.
    As for the build, dude where is the lifesteal? Or at least any good orb effect item???
    Everything else-- perfect!

  4. dominator treads lothars if she had it she owns the game

  5. My Best hero is traxex and I'll go with this guide. For me. I only max trueshot and stats when it's 1vs1. It depends. if you're good at surviving, last hitting creeps and have very fast hands, You should be able to make a play with this guide with ease. And I'll go with Lothars!!! haha

  6. I have been playin w/ traxex for quite some time and according to me, this is the best skill build:
    1.Silence/Frost arrows
    2.Frost arrows/Silence
    3-5.Trueshot Aura
    7.Trueshot Aura
    10.Frost Arrows
    12-13.Frost Arrows
    15-25.Stats and Marksmanship at level 16, of course.
    Now let me explain this build and why i think this one is better than yours.
    One level of silence and Frost Arrows is taken at lvls 1-2 because you will need silence to escape any ganks, tight situations in lane, or to prevent the ennemy from disabling you or escaping if it comes to a fight.A level of Frost Arrows are only taken to harass VERY easily w/o fear of being hit by creeps. As you said in your guide, levels 1-7 are only meant to harass, last hit and deny, which explains my choice of trueshot aura instead of frost/silence.
    Then i take 2 levels of silence because unlike you, i do not believe traxex is a good ganker.It is true she does have the potential to be one, but let's leave the ganking job to some vengeful or clockwerk, right?Traxex has early damage, and she can use it to farm early.A traxex is really better off soloing sentinel bottom lane or scourge top lane, so by level 7-9 you should be having some good lvl 6/7 gankers coming to give you a few kills, some extra exp, free farm, and maybe a tower.You would rather have 5 seconds silence and 10% slow with another disabler/slower by your side than 20/30% slow and a mere 3sec silence.Remember that you're still very fragile and a well-placed disable or nuke may just kill you, even if its your teammate ganking.
    Now to level 10. I do not take the Level 4 Silence because at this point you should start preparing for team clashes, which would probably begin at around level 11/12.You need the level 2 Frost Arrow here because your teammates would have used up most if not all nukes and disables during the clash and a bonus slow is always welcome to chase a fleeing hero.I continue to take Frost arrows at level 12 and 13 since 5 seconds silence is enough to kill all disablers/nukers before taking on the carry and tank, if you silenced well that is;if not, you're most probably dead after 5 seconds.Frost Arrows at level 4 will be a pain to any runaway hero and unless the latter has a stun/slow or fleeing spell which is not cd, you wilk orb walk him to death, flanked by teammates.
    Other skills choices are obvious.
    I will not say much about items, except that i find pathetic to add any orb effect to traxex. This really ruins the chasing potential of the hero. A lifesteal might seem good, but its not.Any good hero on which a lifesteal is convenient will kill you with or without your lifesteal, so its not worth trying to outmatch a shadow fiend or a juggernaut in a hit and lifesteal only contest.You will lose.Anyway, i believe lifesteal is only made as luxury items or helm for dominating when needed or MoM with heroes such as void(for the cheap AS only). However diffusal blade could be an option since every item should be situtional and you can still purge infernals, necro summons and take off BM ulti or Repel, and use Frost Arrows at the same time.

  7. mga vovo dae nyong alam zzzzz 1v1 nlng


    2. Tangina mo anonymous Captain Rush to

  8. mkb is also a good item as it can stun and block spells, buriza is also another option as it has critical strike and will make it faster to pawn another hero

  9. how about trueshot+Stats, then helm of dominator...treads+lothars...good starting build
    *damage type drow
    then with that you can go hunt more gold for luxury items...
    *good support DPS
    *bad build if lots of enemy nuker tank heroes
    *with helm of can actually kill neutral creeps making way for allies to have lanes/more XP

  10. I would rather pump Trueshot Aura then Frost Arrows until they are maxed (of course Marksmanship when Traxex comes of level ;) ). The I would max Frost Arrows before Silence, as a 3 sec silence wont be of much help yet.
    This is my Item Build at the end of Full Game:
    Agil Treads
    Divine Rapier

  11. i agree with your trueshot aura build at mid-game
    because when you had already built lothars,treads and dominator,,your trueshot aura will increase your damage much than selecting it at opening game..nice guide!! keep up the gud work :))

  12. hey noob its better to use

    -mask of madness -> make the frost arrow more "quick"

    just that things that useful for me

    1. frost arrows won't work with mask of madness..

    2. yes it does, turn on auto cast, you want the speed from MoM not the life steal, you noob. But MoM does make Drow a glass canon

  13. MoM is the main item for DR


  15. --UnbesiegbaR GG--

    Killer traxex skill tree(level is according to numers):

    1. Trueshot aura
    2. bonus
    3. trueshot aura
    4. bonus
    5. trueshot aura
    6. marksmanship
    7. trueshot aura
    8. bonus
    9. frost arrow - to slow escaping enemy
    10. silence
    11. marksmanship
    12. silence
    13. silence
    14. silence
    15. bonus
    16. bonus
    17. bonus
    18. bonus
    19. bonus
    20. bonus
    21. bonus
    22. bonus
    23. frost arrow
    24. frost arrow
    25. frost arrow

    Item build:

    early game -


    late game -
    - finish power threads(agi) first
    - dominator
    (after finishing dominator, find the alpha wolf in neutral creeps and convert him to gain additional damage)

    ---if you like to kill heroes, then i prefer make yasha first, but if you prefer surprise attacks/escaping, then make lothar's edge first---

    - lothar's edge(for surprise attack/escape)
    - yasha (faster ms and as(attack speed))
    - hyperstone(for faster attack speed and make it into Cuirass)

    Happy gaming!! Traxex: "End my torment!"

  16. never let frost arrows late game, you must get it as soon as possible so no one will be able to escape. Personally I buy Satanic istead of HoT. it gives you life 25% liifesteal and traxex as a very big damage so when your facing an enemy you jit him normally with your lifesteal because you need to regen and when he tries to escape you hit him with frost arrows you don't need tio heal at that moment just try it and you'll see.

    1*Power Treads
    3*Black King Bar
    6* What you want

  17. ah Monkey king bar . black king bar is optional if you want.

  18. yu should use DOMI, 2x WRAITH BAND and POWER TREADS for start of the game for stronger results... you could also use YASHA, but it is optional

  19. most important items 4 traxex are those that has movementspeed and attackspeed

  20. dude my build for traxex...

    HoT and Manta is optional

  21. Skill Build:
    stats trueshot never get frost arrows n silence
    item build:
    treas manta buriza ethereal satanic b-fly
    for all:
    fucking noobs!!

  22. There is no need to spoil the orb effect if you go bonuses + trueshot aura
    You get a helm of dominator and you will gain 30 hp per hit
    You get a venge near you and you won't need a slow effect anyone thinking to go in your range will die before he knows what happend.
    Get as starter items
    W band

    Get to lvl 11
    Get venge's ass near you
    is game over in any "balanced situation"
    try that 2 vs 5 you won't succed most probably
    Try that 2 vs 3 and they won't even get to touch you once.

  23. iL go for 5 DIVINE RAPIER..!!

  24. no no... perseverance is the best

  25. no no no no ! with HotD frost arrows won't work !

  26. i suck using this charecter

  27. what i like that characteer the easy character

  28. mali kayo lahat no
    all of you are wrong

    item built


    helm of dominator

    treads agility

    lothars edge to run the enemy


    hands of midas

    ok na
    ok its done
    bein hecho su

  29. My Build

    Wraith bandx2helm of dominator
    phase boots/powerthreads

  30. then activate auto cast or build sange instead of dominator

  31. you'll need it for skadi

  32. treads, lothars, manta-style, butterfly, satanic, buriza

    these are the items i always build when using traxex i always own em :)

  33. best items in late game i think : 
    power treads
    eye of skadi
    avatar & divine rapier

  34.  i like that character because it is easy to build an item

  35. traxexx awesome :D

  36. ShemjoshuavillanuevaDecember 28, 2011 at 8:15 AM

    i love traxex

  37. sexy ni traxex pag walang damit at bra

  38. tanga kasi 5  mins lock item na ako 

  39. mali ang helm of dominator kasi endi guamana ang slow bobo ka yo yasha 

  40. bobo threads butterfly dominator manta lothars tarrasque lng

  41. just buy 5 butterfly and 1 boot of theard and you will be the most powerfull women ever

  42. Priority for level up: Stats first, then agi, then silence, then freeze.

    monkey king
    boots (the teleporting one)

    you have all these, you can just go directly to the enemy base without even running.

  43.  my build is
    dominator + reaver = satanic
    manta style
    that's all thank you

  44. this is my core item 
    helm of domninator
    2wraith band phase boots/or threds
    lothars edge 

    and luxury itmems:


  45. best build:
    wraith band 
    + silence??   = beyond godlike

  46. nkalimotan ko lothars after domin

  47. Divine, Butterfly, Dagon, Sange and Yasha, Treads(Strength) Frostarrows, trueshot aura and marksmanship and stats max = Beyond Godlike (20+ kills)

  48. I forgot Helm of Domi

  49. bakit?? ilan item slot mo?? 

    be specific. 

    make 6 core item list.

  50. my build is
    The butterfly
    Manta Style
    and Heart of tarrasque

  51. this is my build:

    treads agi
    wraith band
    wraith band
    buriza=beyond godlike


  52. my perfect item:
    boot of travelmanta stylelotharsatanicheart of tarrasqueburiza do kyanon

  53. tanong ko lng diba speed c traxex bakit mag gamit pa sya ng butterfly?? 

  54. I like this guide very much...And the build is also rather good...But is it necessary to go with  Frost Arrows up to the 4th rank? I've never considered them being too effective and giving much damage...

  55. best build:

  56. allways beyond godlike pag ako ang gumagamit kay traxex if  i have a silence........................................LOL

  57. dota nalang tayo 1 on 1 traxex  to traxex.......

  58. lol.. so how bout defensive item ? vanguard or lifesteal?

  59. parang ang build ay??

    4 divine2 wraith band??
    kelangan nang cheat gold9999999 para dun sa divine mahal kasi tsaka meron pang recipe??

  60. mahal ba yung HOT?? xDDD

  61. dilang ikaw ang may ako rin LOL preeee!!!!

  62. First 
    wraith band 
    Ring of Regen

    Power Threads
    Lothar's Edge
    The Butterfly
    S & Y
    M K B

  63. Best Build for Traxex: (Late Game) Boots Of Travel,Lothars Edge,Buriza De-Kyanon,Butterfly,Manta,Crystalis.Satanic

  64. dmi mu amn slot

  65. carl francis ridonJune 23, 2012 at 1:38 PM

    oo nga bakit walang domi ?

  66. My Build:
    helm of dominitar
    assault cuirass

  67. TREADS

  68. mahal ung divine

  69. Tangena dis napagtalunan nyo yn e bAsic hero lng yn. Tahahaha. Vovo lng ang guidE ke traxex

  70. gggggggggggggggggggggggg weak kayo

  71. bakit magaling ka ba?

  72. My Item Build For Traxex is:
    -Power Treads (Agility)
    -Helm of Dominator / Satanic (luxury)
    -Lothar's Edge
    -Manta Style
    -Buriza (luxury)

  73. ito build up ko kay trax:

    Phase Boots
    Mask of Madness
    Manta Style
    then Vanguard ( pra kumunat )

    hahaha! sadistang traxex!

  74. Bakit walang Helm of Domi???

  75. malimali naman kayu eh buo jan ganto ha domi phase boots manta lotar burriza butter fly oh diba ganun yan ang tama kayu mali hahah

  76. treads

    upgrade domi to satanic

    tapos panalo kana !!

  77. add me De_God_03 GG yan ...

  78. doesn't matter what your built is as long as your comfortable with it. If the player is BOBO then this guide is useless. Some suggestions are good, but it will depend on the situation on the battlefield. Remember they want to own you so its your DISKARTE that matters.

    1. ang pinakamagandang gawin ay ngumanga

  79. this is my item build for Traxex[Drow Ranger]
    -boots of travel
    -manta style
    -monkey king bar

  80. According to Dota 2 The later items of Taxex are:
    Lothar's Edge (but you can also use it on early part of the game)
    Black King Bar
    Manta Style

  81. dota 2 yan eh dota 1 lang

  82. for pro builds. use 3rd /nd first. max 3rd then have consistent lasthit. always be late at clashes for clean up. use bkb for disablers. dagger is useless to a hitter hero. lothars is her bestfriend. and the most important thing. always bring hell to squishy heroes

  83. bobo pla ka u wla kayong kaalamalam
    e2 ang aking item
    ,refresher,vladimers,blademail,arcane,at ilong mu=beyond ghost like!!!! hahahaha

    1. gago dapat na item ni traxex butterfly,monkey king bar,heart of tarrasque,power treads,mask of madness,and force staff

  84. My build to trax:
    phase boots
    lothars edge
    manta style
    divineReaper/assault cuirass/armlet

    treads( agility)
    Ironwood Branch
    Ironwood Branch
    Ironwood Branch
    Ironwood Branch
    Ironwood Branch


  86. This items so usedful for me

    I always win...