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Four Nice Dota Videos for You This Week

And here we go, this week Dota videos. This time we got four -yes, four!- videos that contains lots of awesome moves and i hope it can cheer you up this week. Enjoy!

Dota - Untitled by TheZMusic. This video focusing on Hexor and Blan action. Lots of awesome stuff from them. Check out the highlights for more details.


0.20: Hexor's Nevermore blind raze on an escaping Batrider
1.11: Puck's smart way to destroy the tower
1.51: Force staff from danger and Euls for the kill
3.25: Bone Fletcher in the face of danger
4.39: Leveling up save
4.57: Force staff vs Sand King and Slayer
6.25: Lion goes up against Tiny and Naix

The second video is DotA - M² a.k.a Dota Mindplay. Nice music, effects and a lot of mind play.


1.27: AoE central
2.01: hyhy on Puck with timely Phase Shifts
3.02: Mirana lands an excellent Arrow and follows-up with a clever Manta escape
3.30: Nevermore on a rampage
4.00: Anti-Mage showing off Mana Void's AoE
4.28: Sword_777 and DIPS take on MYM
7.09: Ball Lightning jukes

The third one is DotA.Future 2, although it didn't use many effects, the scene and the song choice makes up for it.

The last one is DotA - Sweet Poison. Lots of short scene with nice move

All the videos is taken from Dota-Blog Media forums. Check out all the good stuff there. Thanks .|c000000ffJK! ;)

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  1. 1st Blood!!!
    nice vids
    nice one again alief! ^_^

  2. alief got QUADRUPLE kill!

  3. In dota future 2 i know NOOB and noob they won those games...

  4. rampage x2~ ^^ nice it! |£|

  5. tat hexor........ i play with him many times ad... only noe run...... bit pro please...

  6. how they make effct like the beginning and mirana arrow admiral of video1 ??

  7. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  8. @above
    what the hell is that wall of text?

  9. @above
    it's a wall of fashion shit.

  10. The first potm clip editing is a little more advanced including some plugins :)

  11. wow..nice team impressive..good..