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Play Multiple Warcraft 3 Instance on One Computer Using kLoader

Play Multiple Warcraft Patch
Do you ever feel that you want to test certain abilities which need 2 heroes on different side, but you don't have friends for it? Well, i do.. Of course there's always Dota AI map which can help you to do some testing, but we cannot control the enemy AI player as we like. But don't worry, Kolkoo a.k.a Aegis from the D3Scene forums has found a way out. With his tool, now you can play two instance of Warcraft 3 Game on one PC.

Here is what he said about this tool:

You type the full path to war3.exe in the config.txt file as well as any command line arguments you want to use Start W3MultipleLoader and it will Launch Warcraft III for you, you can run as many as you want. Yes the loader modifies the wc3 code but it cleans up after the game is loaded and unloads itself so it should be completely safe to use. Have fun

Download Link
Download kLoader via GameWebZ

How to Setup
1. Open the Config.txt
2. Enter the full path to your warcraft III TFT
3. Save
4. Ready to go

Enjoy it guys! I know some of you will need this tool :)

Source: D3Scene Forum

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  1. First Blood! So, what's the use of this tool? ^_^


  2. Hey. It's good to try this with -OMG mode.

  3. can this be used in Garena? If so, people can force feeed -.-

  4. @above
    no you can't since dual login is not allowed in Garena.

  5. Not working for me..

  6. could this work so that you can play yourself on LAN? im confused on how im supposed to play myself.

  7. how does it work i get fatal eror every time

  8. There are some programs that do the same thing like 'sandbox'

  9. wath about pvpgn it doesnt open the loader

  10. it works but.. i cant play with,
    i mean i created a game then, the other war cant join..

  11. It works... but yeah if one creates, the other can't join, but it gets a fatal error if both creates a game.

  12. hmmm.. so if this is "possible" cuz mine doesnt work yet.. ima try to fix it but if it is.. cant u host lc and cause feed like one said earlier ... make it so it wont let u enter bnet thatll be a good idea :D

  13. please make a video how to do this i dint get it!!

  14. It works on war3.exe but doesn't work on w3l.exe. Anyone has a solution?

  15. Instance 1: Use IPv4, uncheck IPv6
    Instance 2: Use IPv6, uncheck IPv4
    Instance 3: Use Bridge Connection
    thats how i got instance 2 and 3 to join 1(host)

    All done in network adapter settings.

  16. how to change network adapter settings and play with urself? i tried to uncheck Ipv4 and open one window of war3, then check Ipv4 and uncheck Ipv6 and open another window of war3, still can't see my other game, can't play with myself

  17. To join your own lan games do the following:
    1) Open up the number of WC3 instances you have
    2) Change the port to 6112 under gameplay options on the first instance
    3) Change the port to 6113 under gameplay options on the second instance
    4) So on...

  18. it keeps saying Warcraft is already running, is this out of date now or have i done something wrong?