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Slark Guide - Murloc Nightcrawler Guide & Strategy

Slark the Murloc Nightcrawler Guide and Strategy. Dota 6.65 give us 2 new heroes, one of them is Murloc Nightcrawler, Slark. We already see the teaser video for him, but now we can see all of his skills. Let's go! But before that, if you're playing Dota 2, you gotta better check Dota 2 Slark page instead.

Murloc Nightcrawler Skills & Stats 

Range: 128
Movement Speed: 305
Hero Type: Agility

Agility: 21 + 2.0
Strength: 21 + 1.0
Intelligence: 16 + 1.6

Dark Pact

Slark calls upon deities of the swamps to seal a dark pact. Sacrificing some of his lifeblood, Slark is redeemed of all negative effects. After 2 seconds, a dark wave of destruction emits from the Nightcrawler, dealing damage to himself as well as all nearby enemies.

Damage: 75/150/225/300
AoE: 325
Manacost: 55/50/45/40
Cooldown: 10

Deals half the damage to you immediately as part of the cost.

Tips: This skill also can remove you from negative buffs, which means you can remove Dust of Appearance effect and other tracking buff ;)


Surges directly forward and latches on to the first enemy he hits, binding it with chains of darkness. The enemy is unable to move more than 275 distance away from the point of impact for 3.5 seconds.

Pounce Range: 400/500/600/700
Pounce Damage: 50/75/100/125
Leash Range: 275
Leash Duration: 3.5

Cooldown: 16
Manacost: 75

Note: Moves forward in the direction it is looking, this is not a target position cast.

Tips: Pounce works like Mirana's Leap. You will jump into the direction you're facing. A successful Pounce will bind your enemy for 3.25 seconds. When the enemies binded, they cannot leave from the area except from using Teleport/BKB. Mirana's Leap, Morphling Waveform and Blink will useless. If you're ganking with a stunner, maybe it's better to let him landed a stun first then when his stun is almost finish, quickly pounce him. It can be great tool for escaping too!

Essence Shift

Reciting ancient Nightcrawler incantations, Slark enchants his blade to steal the power and courage from his enemies. Every time Slark hits an enemy hero, he steals 1 point from all attributes and 1 additional from the main attribute of that enemy hero while Slark gains 4 points of Agility.

Duration: 15/30/45/60

Tips: You must note that even though you steal 1 of all attribute + 1 main attribute from your enemy, you gain only 4 agility and not 1 of all attribute + 1 main attribute. Has a 0.4 second cooldown.

Shadow Dance

Has an active and a passive portion

Covers himself with a dark smoke, he becomes invisible and does not reveal himself while attacking or casting spells for 5.5 seconds.

Passively increases Nightcrawler's movement speed and regeneration when he is out of sight of hostile units. Has a 0.7 delay when activated or deactivated.

Movement Speed: 30/35/40%
Health Regeneration: 2/3/4%

Active duration: 5.5 seconds
Cooldown: 25
Manacost: 120

Tips: This skill can be used as healing mechanism. If your HP is low, find a hidden place and recovers. If you use Shadow Dance when attacking the enemy, your movement speed and regen bonus is working, except the enemies cast dust or have gem. This skill also can detect if there's observer or not. If you're on a place and your passive did not work even though all the enemies is on other place, you can be sure that somewhere near there an observer ward is placed :)

Murloc Nightcrawler Item Build

Starting Items
Healing Salve Tangoes Ironwood Branch Ironwood Branch Ironwood Branch Gauntlets of Ogre Strength

You will need this to survive the line until getting your Shadow Dance. After get your ultimate, you won't need any HP regen items.

Core Items
Town Portal Bracers Power Treads Magic Wand
Town Portal, Bracers, Strength Power Treads, Magic Wand, Diffusal/Sange Yasha/Desolator, Manta/BKB

Slark stats growth is really poor, especially his Strength. You will barely have only 1385 HP at level 25. Thats why you must get some HP items to avoid getting yourself killed before you have the chance to escape. Strength Power Treads and Bracers is barely enough to boost your survivability if you careful. Why not Vanguards? Many PPL recommend Vanguards, but i think it's a waste on him. You don't need the heals and you're also not a tank hero. Better spends those money on cheaper HP boost items like Bracers or even on Ogre Axe that can be used for BKB or Sange Yasha.

Now, which offensive items you must buy? Diffusal, Sange Yasha or Desolator? Personally, i like to have Diffusal on him. His role as a ganker will benefits much from the Purge as well as the mana burn. With a stunner mate and purge, a kill is almost guaranteed. However, Sange Yasha is also not too shabby. The MS boost will gives you max speed (522) whenever nobody see you. Desolator is also good since you are stolen their agility and reduce the armor.

What about Mask of Madness? Honestly, i don't think Mask of Madness fit him. It will force you to receive more damage and you're already fragile enough. The attack speed is great, but i think it's more fitted with Darkterror or Barathrum. RememberThe ms boost also an overkill since with Yasha and Shadow Dance you already get the max speed. If you didn't agree with me, share your thought on the comment section :)

BKB will be your main items if the enemies consist of nuker like Lion or Lina. One stun + Fingers from Lion will ensure a death to you. Of course you already have Shadow Dance which allow you to attack when invisible. But a decent player will always have dust on their inventory if you become a threat to them. Remember, you don't have a silence mechanism like Rikimaru's Smoke Screen.

Luxury Items

Butterfly will be your main luxury item, you will benefits from the agi boost and the evasion. Monkey King Bar is also a good choice if their carry is already get Butterfly. HoT will be your best items if you're being the main target. Even though the regen is somehow a waste compared to your ulti, HoT is still the best single HP boost item.

Murloc Nightcrawler Skill Build
1. Pounce
2. Essence Shift
3. Dark Pact
4. Dark Pact
5. Dark Pact
6. Shadow Dance
7. Dark Pact
8-10. Pounce
11. Shadow Dance
12-14. Essence Shift
15. Stats
16. Shadow Dance
17-25. Stats

Ok, i think this will be a little debatable. Why maxed Dark Pact first instead of the others? At first glance, i think Dark Pact is a poor skill compared to Pounce or Essence Shift. But after trying him several times, Dark Pact is magnificent. It deals 300 damage at 325 AoE with only 40 mana at level 4! Of course it also hurt you, but with right timing, it wouldn't be a problem because of your crazy regen. Murloc is a pure ganker. And Dark Pact is his only nuke that will help him get a kill on a gank. Not to mention that it also help you farming.

Pounce is maxed next because it's your chasing and escaping skills. Why not maxed Essence Shift first? I found it rather useless to max this early. 1 level of it is enough, the stats steal and agi stats addition work really nice. 15 seconds is more than enough on mid early-mid game which usually consist a lot of ganking.

Murloc Nightcrawler Strategy 
Early game, choose a side line, preferably with a stunner. Side line is a must since you will need the boots and build Power Treads a.s.a.p. Farm and try to get your ulti fast. However, if your lane enemies is lack of stunner, you can get a kill early. Getting first blood is easy if your Pounce successfully hit the enemy, of course with a decent backup.

Buy Magic Stick early if you got the money. It will help you to stay on the line and the fill your mana when needed. After get your Treads and ultimate, you can start ganking. Murloc is a nice ganker because he can get speed boost when changing line thank to his ulti. His insane regen also allow you to farm neutrals and immediately refill the HP.

If you're confident with your skills, use Pounce to open a gank. If you don't feel you can't hit it, let your friend stun the enemies first before land your Pounce. The binding is a great loss if you miss it. Use Shadow Dance only when you need it, it cost some quite mana. If your Pounce successfully hit, on most case you won't need the Shadow Dance.

However, you must use Shadow Dance on certain enemies, especially if it is a heavy nuker like Lion. Of course, check if he has a Dust or not before start attacking. Remember, Pounce bind is not a stun. The enemies still can attack and use a spell on you. If your gank is failed and your HP is low, stay calm and walk into jungle/rune spot while regen. If you're getting ganked, use Pounce to escape and immediately use Shadow Dance. Usually the enemies won't be able to catch you up.

In a team battle, watch your role. Murloc is really fragile and easily get killed if the enemies focus on you. Let your team open the wars and immediately focus on your team target (usually the enemy carry) or finish the low HP hero.

Murloc Nightcrawler Summary
He is a nice hero that have great potential for ganking and anti-ward radar capabilites. His skills is synergies well. Even though he is really strong ganker, he also fragile and easily counterable with Gem/Dust. So, he is not that imbalance :)

Do you already thought about your Slark the Murloc Nightcrawler Guide & Strategy? Share it here! Don't forget that you can make your own guide on Slark the Murloc Nightcrawler Forum :)

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  1. I played in a few games with this guy and he is very imbalanced. The first video shows it very well, Viper had no chance to escape even though it was only 1v1, his damage is really to high and pounce should only be a ministun like Lunas.

  2. a new imba agi hero ~_~

  3. ITS SO IMBA!!!!!!!! we turned the was so late game.......WAHHAHAHHAHAH

  4. His 3rd skill is like old Batrider, minus enemy attibute for few seconds.

  5. OMG talk about NON-creatability ,I mean look 2 heroes like enigma(sux) and 2 heroes named NIGHTstalker/crawler ....At least change the name of the stupid murloc :X

  6. dude this ihero is too imba, i just fought a lategame(61 min) naix and troll and lived with full hp -.-

  7. this hero is not that imba...
    maybe in publics where no noob knows what dust is
    this hero depends on his ultimate and witout beeing invis he gets killed ducking fast
    so hes a great ganker and carry but due to his low hp he is not imba

  8. so all can be said, that for late game it is too imba

  9. :( 6.65 game imbalanced

  10. Fun raping stupid scrubs with new heros. Balanced more towards people who arent terrible, as it should be.

  11. you can kill murloc with rhasta or another disabler or stunner ¬¬

  12. hes not imba he has poor stat gain and low hp...
    a couple disbles n he drops dead...
    be hes a pretty good hero, all you nid are suvabilty items and IAS and ur set, ex. hot n mom

  13. new gondar is a good hero to counter murloc... jz track and fight him...

  14. with maim, new gondar is a better hunter now...

  15. its so weak as it used to be!!!!!!! imba feeds



    if the enemy has gem sure you die easily imba!!
    great but battle fury doesn't work on soft melee heroes
    its because of his ultimate
    its all because of his ultimate

    TOTAL=59/100 NOT BAD!!

  18. too paper hp
    dies with gem,dust,disables and silence
    but great hp regeneration and movement speed

  19. i died to riki and the likes that have silence

  20. he can jump invis good regen speed steal
    but low hp
    not bad for new guy..

  21. Juz played this hero, at lvl 20 i got only 1000++hp.. Worst hp than any int hero out there(well techies is another class).. 1 net from naga siren, DEAD MEAT! With dust/sladar/BH/Gem/Ward, this hero die instantly.. A total ganker n not late game material.. Even public know when to buy gem handling this fella..

  22. heyyy, i think he is very good.

    Mask Of Madness

    Maybe Urn of Shadows, maybe Mjollnir + Vlads against Mask of Madness

    Monkey King Bar, Radiance, Hand of Midas are good too i think...

    What do you think????

  23. Skadi instead of Mjollnir could be too..

  24. i prefer Sange and Yasha for it's shitty low health...skadi when fat enuf..

    Common Build
    1. Sange and Yasha
    4.Power Threat

    Unique Build
    1.Eye Of Skadi
    5.Heart Of Tarassque
    6.Boot Of Travel

  25. 1.Treads
    2.Mask of Madness

    Late game -
    5.Skadi (dump MoM)
    6.Any situational survivability (Hood, Linkens, Heart, 1more Vang.)

    Don't play like tank n go rambo. If others are doing their part (taking out their disablers) then u will do very well. No need to go to base after lvl 6, imba regen.

    Very Imba hero, sure to be nerfed. Abuse him meanwhile.

  26. Also - Extra good against str heroes, 3rd skill takes down hp even faster.

  27. too imba,,,
    treads str

    ulti pounce

    skill 1 so useless

  28. its now very hard to cast the stun of alchemist.. and it is so fucking bullshit. you will be damaged if not thrown away

  29. all are ok except his ulti.. like wtf kind of hero has that kind of regen, not to mention his MS.. true it has a low hp but that is not a reason for a hero having that kind of passive ulti.. when you chase this guy and he is in blind spot you can never chase him anymore and he might even comeback cause of that crazy hp regen.. surely his ulti will be nerf so better abuse using it while 6.66 is not yet done

  30. this hero is not too imba.. juz buy dust of appearance or gem of true sight.. he cant make his move to you..yeah!!

  31. its too gay... even if enemy has gem they will still die unless they got a strong disabler like bane elemental or rahsta. the essence shift makes him a hero tat cant be defeated in a 1v1 situation

  32. Laguna then Dagon or
    Finger then Dagon
    bye bye Slark LOLZ...

  33. He is good but not too good! If sniper gets 3 to 4 shots on him and uses ulti then we got ourselfs a chinese frogfry! Sad hp gain! But after some hp boosting items he can rape hard! Ulti should be nerfed for sure! Troll can rape this guy late game if troll has a buriza! Overall a nice hero to play!
    Enjoy guys!

  34. this guy can't merely rape any hero witout distraction..but once it start..u will end up in the graveyard.. XD seriously ulti should be nerf yo..and change his 1st skill..very freaking hard to even land it on target hero...his health is juz too gay too be a good carry hero.. 1000++ for lvl 25??u gotta be kidding me..

  35. If you nerf his ulti you kill the hero. 180 gold counters his ulti real hard as it is and this guy doesn't really have hp does he? His nuke isn't really useful in fights and his essence needs you to be close to the enemy- "Hay d00d, so i herd you liek mah disable?"

  36. bloodsecker just rape this guy his passive gives vision of him so he cant active the passive part of his ulti and becoming an easy kill ^^

  37. put a gem on the enemy so that you could see slark with the use of his ulti

    ..slark is not imba!! only his 3rd skill!!

  38. I think this 2 new heroes is too powerful
    their skills are too strong and painful
    you should remake them on 6.65b
    you must make the murloc 4th skill have a long cooldown maybe 100 or 110

  39. Pubbers are already loosing their hopes to find somethin imba in that little fishfrog, so imagine how hard pros will trow him in the garbage.

  40. bobo mo murloc is imba!!!!!!!!

  41. not very imba if got nukers and disablers...low hp, soft, and easy to kill...if only if hp is high then it is imba

  42. I get MOM and combine it with shadow dance. Once i stole attributes till my agility was 250++


  43. in the next version maybe his passive ulti will be nerf like

    MS bonus 20%/25%/30%
    HP regen 1%/1.5%/2%

    in that way he is more balance

    then increase a little of hp

  44. People claim he's not imba because dust/wards/gem reveal him. Those people are being silly. His best attribute is not that he can be invisible for a few seconds in a fight, that helps but can be countered. His best attribute is his unbelievable speed and regeneration between fights. If you have an RoB you almost never have to go to the base, which lets you farm and gank continuously so that you out level everyone. With just power treads and his ultimate you're always running around with about 500 ms, plus you're nearly always full life.

    Nerf him. Immediately.

  45. Just Play slark with starter item
    1.stout shield (for blocking damange)
    2.ancient tanggo (3x xcharge)
    3.potion (+400HP) iron wood branch for all stat is good
    i buy this item and i got First BLOOOOD!!!!!

  46. why dont buy urn????

  47. i played a 3on3 and i owned everything...
    boots+tangos+urn recipe and 2 gauntlets of strength first...finish urn -> str treads and then i got that much kills that i could buy straight an eaglehorn.
    skillbuild: dark pact, pounce, essence, stats, essence, ulti, stats, essence, stats, stats, ulti, pounce, dakr pact, pounce, dark pact, ulti, pounce, dark pact, stats, stats, stats, stats, stats, stats.
    after butter i bought a bkb

  48. i played this hero a lot and sometimes with a lanebuddy like rasta sure the enemy would be dead but that damn rasta always has the kill cause of forked lightning so i suggest maxing dark pact 1st cause it only consumes 40mana and you will just regen the damage it will give, helps you farm and spam creeps at early game if there are many nukers and disablers...

    at some situations where you already have your core items like threads and any orb effect.. buy orchid, for mana regen, and to kill heroes like lina or lion or even puck and many more, it would really be handy

  49. i used obsidian and know what, every slark i faced just quit.. max astral imprisonment first, then essence aura.. just keep using astral imprisonment until the enemy has only about 50 max mana.. then drop the ulti and boom.. don't worry about timing it with pounce to avoid it, cause it would not have enough mana by then..

    astral imprisonment, very annoying and drains max mana

    essence aura, for random regen of mana for using astral imprisonment

    enemy, very annoyed and can't use any skills

    ulti, BOOM!!!

  50. He`s not imba.. for god`s sake! hes easy to kill.
    use a nuker and hes like mirana.

  51. this is so super duper late gamer.
    when its a start game im always dead but at the end theyre all dead men!THIS IS SO NIC HERO LOVE THIS CHARACTER.

  52. you cant counter his ulti with dust bcoz his first skill removes buffs . u will need gem or wards

  53. BTW, I played him once and can show that when enemy cant see him, his ulti will regen hp.. well.. can he be a map hack detector? does any1 try it?? cause if enemy map hack, might trigger off your ulti permenently??

  54. slark is so soft! can u improve it's armore?

  55. max skil 1 at first game
    skill 3 for 1lv
    skill 2 as you like
    stats as you like
    ulti for chasing/escape
    then got ur own killing spree

  56. this hero needs damage! to combo with his shadow dance... abuse his invi attack! also need attack speed..

  57. all slark need is hp and armor , with 1 vanguard he can survive easily . bkb can help counter nukers and disablers ... 3rd skill and ulti already give him atk spd , atk , movement speed and hp regen .

  58. di naman ako si anonymous

  59. you realize that dark pact in fact DISPELLS DUST.
    Too imba. this means he doesnt die. Ever.
    only way to counter is a tracking hero like bh or slard. gem gets you raped because u imediately get focused. Definately nerf this shit.

  60. his ulti need nerf..his 1st skill need more buff no matter if it remove buff but still gem or slardar n bs can counter it..more hp n armor n less hp regen n ms..this should be more balance

  61. ^ no slardar's AD will b gone when he cast his Dark Pact, thats the shit i dont like!! he's to imba!! bout his SS, its too imba shit!!! he's regeneration while on ulti is imba-shit!! better remove the regeneration coz his passvie skill is jaz fucking good!!

  62. hes reallY an imba..F***

  63. 1. Mask Of Madness
    2. boots of travel
    3. assault
    4. butterfly
    5. manta style
    6. shivas/heart

  64. Hey does anyone know if his 1st skill can be used to suicide?

  65. Dude.. you really need to fix the grammar, it's horrible. But thanks for making a Slark guide with such short notice. I disagree with HoT being a luxury item suited for Slark. The regeneration is wasted on him because of his ultimate.

  66. i cant die when i get
    1.power thread
    2.monkey king bar

  67. mom + treads = mega kill !!!!

  68. every skill just fit with him despite his fragile stat grow..

  69. Armlet should be his core... along with Treads, a few Bracer and TP Scroll..

  70. this heroe sucks its not imba im sure it will be totally remade his

    if someone stuns you, you are death
    if someone nuke you, you are death
    if the other have much aoe, you are death

    his abilities make no sense i mean he has dark pact that hits him half of the damage what makes it usless because you have 700 hp and 1000 with power str and bracers so unlease the other hero is almost death its preetty uselss
    the pounce is useless aswell you are melee why a leap that hits just 125 at lvl 4 and improves distance with every level. you are melee you probably cast it when you are hitting him so itss uselss aswell and his ultimate is usless dust or gem makes it usless too

    the skill build should be

    dark pact
    dark pact
    dark pact
    dark pact
    stats and then the rest

    improving the leap is worthless because max damage is 125 and almost all the time you use it when you are hitting the enemy hero
    dark pact sucks because you hit yourself and loose 150 hp + hp faster is someone hits you
    and essecen only 2 lvl why you want more than 30 sec
    and the ulti is preety much the same

    bracers X2 (then you sell)
    power treads str
    sange yasha

    the acient is really imba this one not it s

    and i hate the comments that saying imbaness you obviusly didn t used him ever D: or you are a noob or play noob pubs games with noob people

  71. and wHy the goddamn fuck people buy ironwood bunch and items like it i dont get it you buy items that you sell after 5 minutes i dont get

  72. Well, ironwoods and others stats items can give you a huge boost early games. The HP given can save you from first blood attempt or and the int boost can give you additional mana for the second stun.

  73. For me, slark is not that imba compared to Kaldr. LOL. Look at Kaldr's skills, especially the ulti. It can kill five heroes.. Woohoo. rampage. But Slark? look at the skills... they may look imba but notice the str gain? Wth? It's like 1 rupture, then you're at the sight of bloodseeker... Therefore, you cannot use your ulti... See? Is that so imba? Hmm... think he could kill riki? nope, he does not have track. plus.. at the moment you're in the fog of riki.. you're meat because of the HP. Again, is that imba? Please... Think of a while before reacting that much... You're overreacting. Of course the ulti should be nerfed. But the hero is not that imba even with no nerf. And im sure even in pubs, this fellow will not be much a problem unless the player is that strong... :)

  74. By the way, the last post is made by me, Reds... And if there are noobs that are saying his 1st skill is ****... Then, you're really a noob. Compare his 1st skill from the double edge of brad warden... His has an aoe and only half dmg to HP... Like abaddon having an AOE death coil... Wew. And if you are going to spam it, of course, go for nukers and get a defiance, the HOD really gives an edge because it lessens the damage you take(i guess) and makes the nukers more "puny". Wew. Please. stop that noobness.. O_O

  75. plus. look at the CD and mana cost. please... don't react like you know everything. wew. stop the spreading of the noobs. O_o
    If you're a good player.. Every hero becomes imba. Wew.

    by me. Reds (again)

  76. New discovery. For those who are saying you can use dust for Slark, you have made a mistake. Slark could use his 1st skill to unbuff himself as to make the dust go away. :) -reds

  77. no hero is imba. this nuker-ganker is way too soft. even with HoT, this hero is paper. in pubs, slark users dont put the first skill cause of easy counter(gem/sentry)even with dust. imho dust is a waste, unless it gains charges every 5 or so minutes.

    3rd skill overpowered(but not imba, counterable by time lapse). 10 hits get you 40agi, thats more than 1 butterfly. that makes each attack faster than of the last.(see Beastmaster skill and TrollWarlord skills. but since this 3rd skill is OP, the developer made Slark SOFT cause each attack lessens attack speed, armor, HP, HP regen, mana, mana regen.

    Easy counter. Skill Types own this hero.

    Murloc NightCrawler - 3rd and Ultimate to be nerfed.

  78. mom+armlet+threads you can kill anybody tsss rebalance this hero frog

  79. 1st skill useless? look at the passive regen..

    pounce useless? its like leap + shackles for escaping and ganking

    this hero is just ok except the passive of his ulti,,, he does not need any hp pots at lvl 6 anymore, too low hp? then go back to base, with that ms it would be fast.. the 3rd skill is also a bit annoying, -1 to all stat and another 1 for the main attribute, so thats like your taking damage and your max hp and mana is decreasing and also your as...

    imba? try facing him with ursa
    or even with lina inverse, even if slark uses his ulti you would know where he is because of the smoke so just use the stun and dragon slave then ulti if he reveals and boom.. if slark survives and escapes better bak off his life will regen fast and he will be back

    so thats where the imbanes actually starts right,, cause of that damn regen and ms..

    but still all in all this hero ain't imba, annoying but not imba

  80. Murloc is IMBA when his attack speed is fast, in every time he attacks, he gains 4 agility and the enemy loses 1 status point..

  81. you idiots its like saying riki is imba because no one can see him, ITS CALLED "GEM" and "WARDS" rofl but of course you idiots are afraid of spending gold on items that dont give you any stats...

  82. if you know how to counter, you will not say murloc will own the game... use your brain guys... troll!!

  83. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  84. This hero is NOT imba!! He's just got high damage, but really low hp and weak armor. It's a typical assassin type. The regen isn't a problem at all! I mean, Lion or Lina, any one of them can kill Murloc in 3 secs! Stun and ulti-DEAD. At level 25 the hp's like 1300+? It's a soft hero with high dmg, and that's what makes him unique. Bh and Sa, or any hero with a bash or stun could fry him easily. So quit yapping bout nerfing him.

  85. then i realize even gondar ulti could disable by skill 1 (dark patch)

  86. if u dun want him to regen with low hp and hiding in trees just pick bloodseeker and gg no?

  87. the 2 new hero have really bad hp so easy to counter not imba at all.... except maybe the cd on the int ones ulti.. wards/gem vs murloc = gg

  88. mask of madnes !!!!!! IMBA

  89. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  90. imba for those who can use it well

  91. hmm for me SANGE is 1st fot run and attack enemy in hungry

  92. how bout
    vanguard for stay alive
    hp steal (forgot d name)

    nice hp defen aspd

  93. just use obsidian destroyer,, i 4got the name of the skill w/c leaves a green mark on the ground, but anyway just keep using that skill to slark and use the ulti.. and boom slark will just be good as dead

  94. On your items, you disagree with what the majority of people (that have playtested Murloc) choose as good items. While you try to justify these decisions, your reasoning isn't very clear and your horrible spelling and grammar make it even more difficut to follow your logic. Don't apologize for poor English - improve it! Otherwise, it is very hard to take you seriously as an authority on the subject.

    You are NOT getting survivability with one bracer and str treads. At level midgame your hp is barely above 1000, and you WILL be focus fired by enemy nukes which guarantees at least 500-600 hp loss off the top before you even begin to take damage. Everyone knows by now that regen is not needed on Slark after level 6, so buy hitpoints instead of strength (the only benefits of str on an agi hero are max hp and regen). Vitality booster is much more cost-effective and you don't need to finish the vanguard (RoH) until your inventory is full. If the enemy is spamming wards/dust with plenty of disables, you should respond by booming your economy in the jungle to finish your core setup before the opponents do (see below).

    Diffusal is really a luxury item, pounce is not that hard to learn so you can rely on your allies for a secondary disable. Skipping Mask of Madness...well that's insane, but maybe you made the mistake of getting it before BKB. Once you have avatar and a teammate with disable, you should be able to chain-gank 2 or 3 enemies which leads into an all-out team push. However that said, item choice is not nearly as important as understanding the exp/gold economics of the game. Early-midgame you should be forcing the enemy to spend their precious gold on detection items; Slark is a deterrent if they DONT buy those. While the enemy bunches up in lanes, you should be clearing half the neutral camps on the map every 60 seconds while your allies get superior exp growth.

    I see a lot of guides ike this, so poorly-written you can barely understand the intent. I'm not saying you need academic perfect english just to post, but try to make some effort to write inteligibly or at least clearly. Sorting through your guide to see your conclusion was a painful process, half the time I couldn't tell if I agreed with you or not.

  95. @above - Wow, thanks for your feedback, we need more constructive comment like yours :) Ok, here we go.

    About skipping Vanguard, yes, maybe buying a vitality booster is great. But i rather buy Ogre Axe which i can use for BKB later. The HP provided is nearly same.

    About Diffusal and BKB, i already stated that you should make BKB as your main item if the enemies consist of heavy nuker. But thanks for your feedback, i will edit and make it more understandable :)

    About my English, thanks for your feedback, i'll try to improve it ;)

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  98. we're gamer
    not neglish teacher lol

  99. Lol at people who complain about a skill being too hard to use. Pathetic.... oh, I wish i could just click a button and win!!!

  100. He's so low hp Sven Ulti + Stun + Few Hits Then U can Eat Dead Frog ...

  101. slark is quite nice, but not very good against a team of tanks. One on one he can kill anyone, but 3 tanks versus one slark... doomed. Also, a guys b4 said if u can detect MH'ing with ultimate. You can, in a roundabout kinda way. I had a game where my had the thinish black smoke above my head, meaning no-one can see me, but this tiny just blinked right on top of me. He claimed it was wards, but my ulti was always there. Never disappeared

    I don't think he is imba. But very fun to use. In a game i had a scrap with a soulkeeper. He let me take down his HP, so he could ulti me. But at half health, i leashed him and ultied. Couldn't do crap. Rage quit after i fed off him 3 times. Couldn't even buy dust,because of dark pact. I still lost the game though. In the end, the other team had the rest 4 people buy dust. Someone first used dust and nuked me, i used dark pact, then the other guys just dusted again. Utter bullsh*t.

  102. Slark is not imba. Look at his stat gain.. 1 str 2 agility and like 1.5int. That's crappy stat gain so it's only natural decent skills balance it out. Any nuker can easily rape slark early/mid/maybe late game. Slark has become my favorite agility hero because he is so damn fun to play with:D
    If he is nerfed, then screw them :)

  103. Slark is not "IMBA". Logically speaking but every hero is not imba but you knew how to use it right? It only depends upon your skills in using a hero. Then if you are a so called "Pro" then you know what they will call you.

  104. Gondar will Eat this ugly insect

  105. I adore Shadow Dance than
    Permanent Invi
    of Riki
    for an Ulti..
    --Yeah a nice killer ,attack,attack then hide in the fog,....return then attack again then scape THen ASTALABIZTAHH baby...he's killing mechanism is little by little guys,,, PLUS he can scape in any traveling skill like stormbolt.(etc)
    it adapt from mirana's leap.
    -with mathcing fog hiding and jungle mingle,oh yes he own the forest!

    anyway i like diffusal for him and maleviolence..for a core item
    i prefer first his darkpact ,for gold hunting reason.
    and i cheap item like-'helm of ironwill' to help his reageneration

    and i play for a chaser for him and not a notorius killer..with a dynamic entry at the middle part of the clash...

    and this hero needs a lot of timing and proper fighting entry ,makes sure your next move before entering and opening for a massive trouble.

    lab this petit merman!!

  106. i have use slark several times.. and there is only one problem on this hero.... this hero is not a late gamer -_- ....

    in late game.. i always been killed eventhough i got HoT an BF... LMAO......

    yeah right,,. Lion/Rhasta wew... its a sure killed -_-....

  107. i've tried this hero and not bad..
    score : 17/0 !!!! (3V3)
    my item build is :
    As cuirras

    By : saxinz

  108. nice this hero great ^_^ xD

  109. hey try diffusal + basher + butterfly.. its even pawn the fat troll and ursa ;P

  110. My Build to this hero is :

    Battle Fury
    Vladimyr's Offering
    Power Threads(Agi)
    Eye of Skadi
    Heart of Tarrasque

  111. haha...imba or not depend on u la..
    got nice hero...but sucks at playing..oso no use

  112. what a f*cking character...........

  113. noob anonymous..if u thing this character is f*uck better u dun play dota bcz dota just for pro player not player noob like u

  114. not that imba.
    used huskar against slark.

    str treads
    2 braces

    tissue paper thin. this was 1v1

  115. just an idea, what if, heartstopper aura is with in range of slark, but he is in a blind spot? would he still have the regen even if is not seen? what bout other aoe effects?

    even zeus can own him i guess. if caught in ulti already, ss the chain bolt combo perhaps? benefits of the reveal

  116. Murloc nigthcrawler is the best

  117. Slark whuuu He is Powerfull bot not so he can be died in just 5hits of slardar w/ deso assault +the level 6 of SLARDAR huu even if he is 25 and slardar is 16 ^_^

  118. d weaknest point of slark is he got low HP. i think so. expect of his HP he is 2 imba hero. and a good farmer 2. he is not only hard 2 die but also 2 easy 2 get killed.

  119. i usually pick murloc in game because of his fast hp regen and ms...its best for him to have a stunner partner when ganking the enemies...dont let this one die in clash...coz murloc helps a lot in killing enemies...

    1. Team your hero in the 1,2,3,4,5 team (ctrl+number while controlling hero)
    2. Tap the numbers quickly
    3. you will notice that the hero will regen very fast according to your tapping speed (this works on any regen item but i prefer on Murloc. At lvl 6 u can regen from red health to green in just about 5 sec using this tip! :O also works at the fountain!!!

    dont know if this is a bug...?

  121. Every one who said that slark is imba because they have no guts and they are bu ll sh it mother
    fu ckers.

    Sincerly yours,

  122. hmmm..
    my build for slark :
    Yasha - for ms and damage.. really helps slark for chasing
    Sange - slark is a great ganker especially with much HP.
    1.)S&Y - for damage,hp,atk spd and ms
    2.)Power threads (strength) - for HP and movement speed
    3.)Butterfly - works very well for evasion and atk. speed especially when shadow dance is in use
    4.)MKB - for solid damage.SARAP PARE.
    5.)Magic stick - you always need this one..for gaining MANA.
    6.)*ANY OF THE FF.*
    Mask of madness - when ulti. is in use
    BKB - important in late game.Slark only has 1350hp without items at lvl 25.Slark can easily be killed and be a team target.BKB is a good response for gaining Hp.

    -kyLe MigueL-

  123. slark is not inba!!!

    just need stuner or guinso!!!

  124. hit slark w/ the nerf stick his toooooo IMBA!!!

  125. should buff his hp... he is too fragile especially to nukers. other than that, nice hero

  126. MOM is better.. than diffusal.. :D

    Rapid attack w/ MOM activated and w/ 5.5 seconds invulnerability upon using ultimate is enough to kill an opponent or to make an advantage during braul

  127. what can be d'best items for slark????

    help me pls.......:[


  129. best item for slark is skadi...because it boosts all your stats...slark is weak in stats gain per level.(skadi is cheap right now) Slark is so IMBA...while practising with 6.66b AI I can kill 80-0 insane AI in only 34 minutes..(got the replay) never did anything like that with other heroes... In live online battle,it's so fast to reach godlike with slark...just simply IMBA... but hopefully icefrog doesn't rework slark in next map...because i love slark^^

  130. i think he can buy mom cause when he mom then ulti then he can't accept any damage..

  131. butterfly
    2 HoT


    super tough

    im just a beginner


    just sharing

  132. This hero is so not balance

  133. This hero is not Imba, Even though it just has high agility bonuses, and MS. Doesnt mean its an Imba hero. well, if anyone wanna try out my build try this:: 2x Tarrasque -in lvl 25 his hp is like 3100+, Sange and Yasha -for MS, Butterfly -for MS also, Vladimirs -for greater kills,and Divine -for big damages. this makes you GODLIKE

  134. ALL heroes are not balanced.

  135. all heroes are no match for goblin techies

  136. •Vladimyr's Offering
    •Phase Boots
    •Assault Cuirass
    •Battle Fury

    i preferred this build cuz of tanking heroes for fun. too many creeps blocking you from hero? just use phase boots... doesnt give me a problem at all. Slark is just all about proper timing

  137. 2 vs 2:
    sange and yasha
    hyperstone-asault curias
    hel of dominator-satanic
    boots of fire
    hyperstone o AGHANINS

  138. Why are u making him Strength type..U must build wraist band to streghten his attack..But if ur hp is too low if u can buy ring of health his life regen is so imba when u have last skill..But if your armor is too weak better build vanguard but i preffer heart of tarrasque better more..Use agility power treads so it helps ur attack become more stronger..At the early game, u dont really need to build bracer because really for me it is a noob build if u did that..He is not strength type but agi type remember it..But the last item build (my build suggestion only):
    •Agility Power Treads
    •Cranium Basher(I use Basher cause they use Town Portal to get not killed)
    •Heart of Tarrasque
    •Sange and Yasha
    •Battle Fury

  139. dude! ur such a noob!
    Slark will be dead in 1 combo attack by the opponents! thats why u need tank items early game!
    and who wants damage boost when u have ur 3rd passive skill!? The more u hit the more damage boost u gain! U just gotta tank!

  140. dude...
    your right....
    but it depends on the situation hehehe
    like i said,
    slark is just about proper timing.
    you use skills too early
    you end up dead
    you use skills too late
    youll still end up dead

    so if you use it at the right timing...
    no matter what item, he can score a team kill or his own kill

  141. whoever uses Mask of Madness on this hero is a complete idiot, with his paper like HP and taking more damage when facing heroes all the time you would die extremely fast.

    hood if you face a lot of casters, BKB is a must against decent opponents, diffusal blade to keep people from escaping and heck even ethereal blade just for fun 100+ agi = rape

  142. blood seeker is the counter, when blood thirst activated he cant even have the regen :x rupture,blood rage = surely died

  143. BOO!!
    u rupture him,he will wait u to come close.
    he with life steal item will wait u come close and ready to die,he steal stat (please mention this)

    STEAL STAT!!!+ life steal = imba.BLOODSEEKER IS TRASH.

    BANE ELEMENTAL ONLY THE FIGHT FOR lvl 1-18(other sb(pro),tide(u should think by urself),tiny(craggy exterior ).or blademail(owh wait he lifesteal -the go die))

  144. Zeus owns this little shit just like that. A few bolts and he's dead. And u get true sight too.

  145. Zeus owns this little shit just like that. A few bolts and he's dead. And u get true sight too.

  146. Just tried this hero . Early game he gets pressured lk hell ( I'm up against cm and lion ) wif his low hp . Bought threads ( Str ) & m.o.m. Early game we r losing lk shit . Than BKB came in and cm & lion was down in seconds . This hero has a great end game potential . But needs hp . I bought HoT n BKB n my threads was STR . Gav me 2.8k hp . Start wif BKB , pwned lion & cm and ulti to pwn a bone fletcher ( a very fat one ) wif agi stolen from cm & lion giving me 260 agi . All u need is attack speed n HP (lots of HP) . After u start attacking , the agi will raise lk crazy n no 1 could stop u .

  147. ursa, lina - guinso gg! :O

  148. Well this really helps for me :D but i have a few change to item build

    Early game to mid game my build is
    (1) Carnium Basher(since your agi will be higher and higher so will attack speed a bash will help with it)
    (2) Mask Of Madness(During pounce this will really help to damage your opponent and steal attributes really fast and it works with bash)
    (3)Phase Boots/Power Threads(Phase boots catching up and damage/Power threads attack speed)

    Late Game

    (1) MKB(dmg atk speed and a ministun (take away cranium basher if you got this)
    (2) Butterfly( it's must must on any agility)
    (3) Manta Style(6.66 lower) Etheral Blade (6.67 higher) (manta style for move speed etheral blade also slows opponent and damages 2.25x(i don't remember)of your agility)
    (4) Assault Cuirass(This is making it kind of a faceless void build but attack speed helps since you drain attributs)
    (5) Heart of tarrasque(This is optional to bloodstone use for health and regen)
    (6) Boot of Travel / Phase Boots

    Well i hope my build will help

  149. its bad to put bracer

    (so stupid)

  150. items:

    3.assualt cuirass
    4.power threads(agility)
    5.sange and yasha
    6.heart of tarassque

    glad to help :)

  151. my name was migoy the one who said above this tnx to all

    pls. comment if my items were worst tnx:)

  152. my name is migs from pampanga the one who commented above this

    pls comment me if my items were worst tnx:)

  153. He really should be nerfed. I literally won a 5v1 (all allies quit) with slark.

  154. please know that bullshit steal stats.why nobody but Buriza-da-kanyon on him,his damage could raise over 215-325 -when versus hp booster hero-,damage that i get(from last game) 235 x 2.5 = (not include my additional dmg). for those who doing AC then get desolator,for those who manta can go to MJolnir,for person who wan +++ life with speed can go with sny.BASHER is important ,ur leap only catch hero for several second but u nid to disable that hero continuosly+u r agility so the percentage will be high bcoz of ur AS.versus stupid(useless) caster like Zeus juz do life steal that not risk urlife(MADNESS WILL MAKE U DEAL EXTRA DAMAGE) or diffusal blade(extra burn-int stealed),most caster life is low...whenever life low(red),juz out from battle and enemies sight for 12 second or 8 sec -regen with ulti passive.+ heart of tarrasque = imba regen.

    there is over 3 nuker(desprate game),do bkb like always,or ask ur team mate to buy Pipe

  155. items:

    3.assualt cuirass
    4.power threads(agility)
    5.sange and yasha
    6.heart of tarassque

    glad to help :)

    @migs or migoy

    ur build is a bold noob items maaah man..

    u cant get that items u suggest in a real game w/ good players..get Hp boosting items to improve his survivability..dont put threads in agi mode coz his Hp is really damn low..get vanguard or PMS (situational)

  156. 1.satanic
    4.assault cuirass

  157. @above
    pls thats only gettable if u r against an AI, im telling u, u cant get that items for slark w/ very low HP n low farming ability..
    -vanguard or PMS(IMO it should b a core)
    -luxury item(anything u want if u have more gold)

  158. @above
    what is a PMS and IMO??

  159. PMS -poor mans shield
    IMO -in my opinion
    IMHO -in my humble opinion

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  161. I still say MoM would be useful. As a starting item. Open up with pounce, shadow dance, then just go mad. If opponent is/does not have a stunner, they better run, otherwise it's your kill. I think it's kinda cheap a character, able to still hit while using SD is kinda rigged. Oh well. fun to play with tho.

  162. my build is. . .
    - Power tread asap
    - javelin + giant belt = cramium basher
    - hyperstone + etc = assault quirras
    - eaglehorn + qstaff + talisman of eva = butterfly

    then the question, why using cra bash not MoM? Using Mom makes us more easily to hit, i prefer cra bash because the stun give me more time to do hit and stealing point. My opinion is, using MoM takes more attention on clicking or using numerical keyboard. better to do some calculation to use shadow dance by doing stun by crabash.

    Hyperstone give you more aspd = more point stealed, quirras = armor, it means more protection and survivability. I don't buy purging items because i let the stunner or another doing their job. so, I guess my job is doing back attack to attack inteligent hero when the str is going straight ahead on war. when I killed the int, i have more agi so i can killed the rest of enemy teams that have been attacked by another.

    just play careful and calculation.
    Slark will be good at all, but no means he is imba. it is SKILL of the PLAYER.

  163. I just get vanguard that's all and I get dps items for the rest I just feed of heroes

  164. I think best Items are 2 Wraith Bands, Strenth Powertreads, Mask Of Madness, BF, Basher

  165. my skill build on slark are

    1.essence shift
    4.dark pack
    5.dark pack
    6.shadow dance
    8.dark pack
    12.essence shift
    13.essence shift
    14.essence shift
    16.Shadow dance

    _This item is for late game_
    MY best item is

    3.TREADS(the green 1)






  166. early game!!!

  167. anu primary items ni slark???

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  169. i use satanic for slark bec. of the satanic's effect it gives hp and lifesteel or Vladimirs,Sny,Threads or Phase boots but threads is enough for me,heart of tarrasque,assault cuirrass,&butterfly...:)) my suggestions to slark users just build first threads or magic wand and yasha and then the strategy is pounce,ulti,dark pact(when needed)and then when your opponent run you can chase and when the pounce is already cooldowned u can pounce again to kill your opponent...:))

  170. My item (regards Jiwan from indonesia xD)
    -2 tango restore 135hp (6x charge)
    -Quelling Blade +32% attack to non hero
    -and buy irron wood branch +1 all stat
    or you can buy 3x HS (restore 1200hp) (3x charge)

  171. I think Slark must be mid because when he is near water he is regenerating so this is the power of Slark! I like this hero!

  172. my best pick in dota is slark
    my builds are madness,bfury,and basher

  173. and travel thats all

  174. the third skill is so keep the stat until 60 sec on lvl4, sometimes you never know that you are facing slark with 120+ base attack

  175. not that imbalance for me. there are three heros that can fight slark. the best three are bloodseeker (*silence and rupture, slark has low hp, and if you get the timing of the silence right, he's a goner*) next is doom bringer (*lvl death and doom, plus if you devour the neutral creep that give you ensnare, it wouldnt be hard to kill slark*) third is naga siren with diffusal, (*sleep, mirror image, ensnare, diffusal then kill*) and thats done :)

  176. treads
    mask of madness
    battle fury

  177. this hero isn't imba. just use observer wards, sentry, gem and dust if you want to counter him. use blademail? counter him w/ hard carries like slardar. he will armor shredd his ass.

  178. My build is
    2 stout shields on early game and tango
    then poor mans > buy boots first
    treads > mask of madness then basher

  179. I think his skill build is faulty. I recomend getting one point of dark pact due to the fact that it removes negative buffs (like slardar and bounty's ultimates). Then maxing out essence shift, pounce and shadows dance. This allows you to escape when peopel use dust because you remove the dust and take 35 dmg for it. Very useful. (I never max dark pact)

  180. this is non-sense , its autoban so its useless to learn from this shit ..

  181. i think first dlsrk must have sange yasha ,power treads ,vladimir offering ,cranium basher ,butterfly and monkey king bar or buriza-do-kyanon.

  182. Im gonna post my item build

    Power treads(agility)
    Monkey king bar Or Basher
    Assault or Buriza
    Mask of Madness or Satanic
    Sange and Yasha Or Monkey King Bar or Buriza

    You could even buy Monkey King Bar + Basher which is also GAY ....

    For skill build

    Essence shift lvl 1,4,5,10
    Pounce lvl 2,3,8,9
    Shadow Dance lvl 6,11,16
    Dark Pact lvl 7,the rest add dark pact or attributes

    Beginning game item build

    I mostly buy a shoe and aim for first blood
    because I gain stats as i hit once most people does not buy shoe in the beginning so i juz rape them with my move speed =)

  183. the verygood Buildwit this one is BASHER n MKB!! who else agrees with me?

  184. this items not right for slark not all of them but if u want to buy this items u will need a lot of money and the game will finish before u get them in my opinion u should buy mask of madness bracer power treads and the rest of the item its random depend in the game how much money u have after that i get some damage(attack) items good luck

  185. I think it's good enough to use mask of madness . . . because slarks dammage will increase very fast and when it reach more than 150, he will steal hp heavilly . . . (+cranium basher) i allready try it and got rampage . . .

    and if enemy use dust , just use his first skill . . . i will clean him from debuff (even dust, track, Poison nova, stun, sleep, amplyfy damage, and other debuff )

  186. if slark use tarasque and butter it's very hard to killed . . . try Boot's of travell, madness, cranium basher, manta (i use it when my fisrt skill in delay, to cleanse debuff), butterfly, Heart of Tarasqu . . .
    just play safely in the first

  187. cranium basher + butterfly + ethereal blade

    you get a fairly decent chance to win against troll warlord and dark terror in 1v1

    use ether blast to finish the enemy since you get the agility +4 every attack you made because of the essence aura, damage of ether blast increases as fighting lengthens, you can also use ether blast to evade attacks

  188. heya...This guy is pretty good..
    I used that guy before...guess what??
    Rampage on the game !!