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Dota 6.64 AI Plus - Dota-Allstars 6.64 AI Plus Map

Dota 6.64Dota 6.64 AI Plus - Dota-Allstars 6.64 AI Plus Map Download News and Update. IceFrog has just release Dota 6.64 , but we can expect Dota 6.64 AI soon because it doesn't contain many changes. Dota 6.64 AI hopefully will be less bug than previous. Don't forget, Dota 6.64 AI will only work for Warcraft 1.24b Patch.  Let's hope that BuffMePlz will make Dota 6.64 AI :)

Regardless, the latest Dota 6.64 AI information is here! ;)

Final Update: Dota 6.64 AI is released!!

Update 2 from BuffMePlz (15 Oct 2009):

List of abilities that AI don't use correctly/at all

With a host of new abilities and rewrites, many abilities that previously worked with the script either aren't used properly or aren't used at all. Some abilities (like Epicenter after Burrowstrike) worked in previous versions due to hacks that I put in that I've since removed during refactoring.

If you see something that's not working and isn't on this list, let me know, I'll try to keep this updated and address these when I have time (I probably missed several). Please keep in mind that I have a real life and a real job and both take priority over this, so progress might not be as fast as you'd like, but I'll have to ask for your patience.


Sand King
-Epicenter (doesn't use after Burrowstrike)

-Black Hole (rewritten in recent version)

-Warcry (new ability)

-Devour (rewritten a while ago)

-Infest (I don't even know how to properly use this, haha)

-Electric Vortex (I think there's a problem with this ability when used by AI)
-Ball Lightning

-Decay (spams this and sometimes gets lucky)
-Soul Rip (not working anymore? I haven't changed this and the ability should be the same but I never see him using it)

-Windrunner (ironically)
-Focus Fire

-Sticky Napalm (spams this and sometimes gets lucky)
-Flaming Lasso (uses this randomly)

-Battery Assault
-Power Cog

-All active abilities

Tauren Chieftain
-All active abilities

-All abilities, invoked or otherwise

Well, it seems making AI is pretty hard. Do your best BMP for Dota 6.64 AI..

Update 1 from BuffMePlz (14 Oct 2009):

6.64 AI on the way

Got the script changes from IceFrog today, starting work on this soon.
Just thought you all should know, since I haven't updated in a while. =P

Great! Thanks BMP ^^

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Final Update: Dota 6.64 AI is released!!

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  1. Killing Spree!
    Trrrrrrrrriple KILL!!!!
    BMP are OWNing~


  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. Anonymous has just ended Anonymous' killing spree for an extra 325 gold.

  4. @top
    Anonymous was killed by naturecreeps.


  5. F@taL erRor&@*$&(*@$

  6. Anonymous was killed by a courier.


  7. update invoker spell and stat..

  8. remake naix cooldown, added rage time, magic immunity and stun immunity during rage or increase attack speed (30,45,60,80)hardly feel in the game hope it can be (50,70,90,110)thats is rage, remake open wounds, as cant cast speel during open wounds or slow for 80% for 5 seconds..infest, reduce the cooldown as it only an escape mechanism, it need escape capability.

  9. Plz rework the AI lane choosing. the mid lane should be solo!

  10. agreed with Anonymous above about naix, he is now good but cant kill, hope you can repair him a little, BMP...

    Appriciate your work and Really appriciate if you can repair naix a little

  11. madareto sag begad kos kesh chera linke dowmloado nazashti,amato

  12. Ty, BMP! Just passing by to show my gratitude. And, of course, expecting the 6.64 ai.

  13. plz make an item such as bloodstone but with damage and that damage is cumulative

  14. pls enable -fun features if can. I really love fun heroes and items.

  15. Yes, pls make a command so one can solo, e.g once there was an AI map where u could give commands to the AI, like player 2 go top player 3 follow me etc

  16. BmP,can you make the ai much more powerful and more tactical?I really hope for it..

  17. Ya, especially escaping path. AI always escape through the 3 main lanes.

  18. BMP, great work you got there ! fans of DOTA will be much more appreciate than ever !

    However if ya can port a DOTA 6.64 ai with a 6vs6 player that will be awesome than ever and ever...

    Know Your Rule and layin a smackdown hotel !

  19. fatal error..
    when ever 3v5, pwn too much will become fatal error

  20. Agreed. I don't see the point of ai. Vsing people is much more fun and can enhance your skills faster.

  21. ai is good for testing map..for greater challenge go either garena or battlenet..i do enjoy both..cheers icefrog n bmp =D

  22. At above..
    donni said...

    Plz rework the AI lane choosing. the mid lane should be solo!
    yeah.. it must be solo..

    and it will be gonna great if there is a map that is custom like 6.64aiPlus 6v6 ^^

  23. 6.64 AI mirror:

  24. Try 5 v 5 // All Ai except you

    with Ai =
    darkseer - Lion - rexxar - Sven - Puck

    Its fun >:) ... try it

    Nice Work BMP

  25. OMG....BMP face problem....what is family issue? huh...

  26. hey thres a problem with the ais from 6.5 onwards. when the ai is defending the town after going back from the middle lane ( ai gets "stuck" and dont go anywhere out of base after the first attack on the 3rd lane tower, scourge. EG. ja'khral(pl) attacks east lane 3rd tower, dirge(ai) come defend, then go back to base n dun return to any lane. fkin big problem and annoying. this happens on EVERY ai map i use! and my vers is

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  30. cm ner nk down load ni

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  32. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

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