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Warcraft 1.24b Patch (Beta) Released

Warcraft Patch 1.24bWarcraft 1.24b Patch Beta has just went live on the  Westfall server. And IceFrog following this by released another Dota 6.62 Beta Map, Dota 6.62 Beta 9. Here is what IceFrog said in PlayDota forums about the Warcraft 1.24b Patch:

A new blizzard patch has been released on the test realm. Download this patch and then download 6.62 Beta 9.

We need lots of full games on this. Either do your own games or join ones that some people will be advertising in this forum.

You can get the Warcraft 1.24b Patch Beta by choosing Westfall (ClassicBeta) option from the realm menu on the battle.net, just like the previous version. If you really want to help IceFrog or contributing to Dota development, maybe this is the right time ;)

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