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Dota-Allstars Blog Now Tweets!

Dota-Allstars Blog TwitterFor those who have a Twitter account, we got a good news. Now you can follow Dota-Allstars Blog via Twitter. Check it out at!  If you didn't have Twitter account, you can create one at I hope this will give you another way to connect with this blog in addition of email subscription and feed reader :)

So once again, now you can get updates via Twitter at http://twitter/dotablog ;)

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  1. Unang dugo!

    No twitter account yet, but i will create tn follow alief!

  2. cool now that u have tweets.. i could easily keep updated via my phone as my phone cant update ur xml feeds..

  3. @Chal - Thanks ^^
    @pluginbaby - Thanks, can i know yours ^^?

  4. ketigax!!!
    that's okay if now dota blog use twitter, but, don't forget to update the blog..

  5. @aurora - Of course! Twitter is just another way to get you updated ;)