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Dota Rune Guide - Dota-Allstars Rune Tutorial

Dota Rune Guide, all about Dota-Allstars Rune. This guide will give you a brief explanation about Runes on Dota-Allstars. Let's check it out!

Rune can be found at 2 fixed locations on the river; 1 at the top side and 1 at the bottom side of the map. It first appear at 0:00 and once a rune was taken, it will appear again every 2 min of game time (2:00, 4:00, 6:00, 8:00 etc) at 1 of the 2 locations. Their spawning location is decided randomly and their type is decided randomly as well.

There are 5 types of runes with each of them give different effects:

Double Damage - Increase your attack damage by 100% and lasts for 45 sec. It only counts your base damage and damage you gain from your primary stats (eg: Your agi hero has 30 base damage and 50 agi so DD will increase your attack by +80 damage). Raw damage are not counted so don't expect divine rapier to give you +500 damage when you combo it with DD. DD is based on roar so it won't stack with other buff that is based on roar (battle cry, enchant totem).

Haste - Increase your mspd by 100% and lasts for 30 sec. Note that haste does not give you permanent 522 mspd, you still can be slowed! For example, you pick a haste rune then a viper use lvl 3 viper strike on you (80% slow). In this case, you only get 20% mspd increment from haste.

Regeneration - Increase your regen by 100 hp/sec and 67 mana/sec and lasts for 30 sec. The buff will be removed once you're damaged. Regen rune and bottle's regen do not stack.

Invisibility - Grant invisibility. Lasts for 45 sec or until you perform an attack or cast a spell.

Illusion - Create 2 illusion of your hero which deals 50% damage and receives 400% more damage. Lasts for 75 sec.

Not limited to heroes, any units with inventory are able to pick up runes (chicken, spirit bear etc). Rune has 75 hp and can be attacked if you want to destroy it (they're immune to spells though). Some runes doesn't work well with magic immunity so please be careful with your repel/BKB.

Using Runes

Runes have multiple usage, depending on their types. Some runes are good for ganker while some runes are made for DPS-er. Sometime it's best to wait for your ally to take the rune but sometime you need to take the rune, even though you won't benefit much from it. Why? Because if you didn't take it, the opponent might take it later. Bottle users can benefit from any kind of runes because they can use it to replenish their bottle. A brief explanation on how to use each rune properly can be seen below:

Double Damage - This rune was made for DPS-er but ganker can benefit from it as well. If you have carry with massive dps like PA or troll in your team, let them take this rune and see how they rape the enemy team single-handedly.

Haste - This rune has two usage; chasing or escaping. Any ganker/DPS-er can use it for better chasing but the one who needs proper placement (centaur, ursa, techies etc) is the best candidate for it. Anyone can use it for escaping, especially the one with no escape abilities like blink or windwalk.

Regeneration - Awesome rune for lane staying purpose. Nukers like Zeus or Leshrac can abuse this rune to spam their spells for 30 sec non-stop. Gankers can use it to replenish their hp/mana between ganks so they can continue ganking without any need to heal at fountain.

Invisibility - Awesome rune for ganker, especially for the one who needs proper placing like centaur, magnataur or techies. Can be used for escaping purpose as well.

Illusion - You can use this rune for either scouting or confusing your enemy. Control it like the real hero and see if your opponents fell for it and waste their spells on this illu. You can't use this illu to tank damage or deal some dps because they can't survive long in battle. Other than that, you can use your illu for some task depending on how creative you are and how good you micro them. If you lazy (like me), just leave your illu at the rune spot so they can scout for the next rune.


Sometime a rune is better kept rather than using it immediately. For example, you find a haste rune but you see no enemy to gank for or you're not in any situation to use it for escaping. If you take it and back to farming, it'll ended up wasted. If you didn't take it, your opponent might take it later. This is when bottle will do the trick. Not only you can store a rune for up to 2 min, whenever you use the rune, your bottle will back with full charges. Storing rune can become handy, depending on what kind of rune you keep. You can store a DD rune to be used in gank/team battle later on, you can store a haste/invi rune to escape from ganks, you can store a regen rune to be used when you run out of hp/mana and so on. Then you get your bottle with full charges, use it to replenish your hp/mana. Do not forget that after using invi rune, you're free to use 1 charge of bottle without breaking your invisibility.

Rune Control

Now we know that runes can give you some advantages and they become even more useful if you have bottle with you. However, do not forget this: if you can take advantage of runes, so do your opponents. It would be frustrating if you have a bottle but can't find any rune to refill it. It would be more frustrating to see your opponent use runes for their advantage and for worst case scenario; use it to pwn your entire team. So, how could we prevent this from happening? The answer: get vision of the rune spots. You can do this by using wards or other skills that provide vision. By doing this, your team gain full control of the runes and able take it whenever they spawn.

Other than wards, you can use:
Eye In The Forest
Broodmother's web
Psionic trap
Remote mines
Rexxar's hawk.

Just place them over the rune spot and you'll be able to see if any rune has spawned there or not.

Mid Soloer

With bottle, they can abuse runes to refill it so they can stay at their lane with sufficient hp and mana. Compared to those who lane at btm/top lane, those who in mid lane can access both top and btm runes easily. All left is to rely on luck and hope you get to the right spot every 2 min. If your team has wards, it would be easier for them.


Ganking consumes mana and hp (due to tower dive). The best option for ganker to replenish their hp/mana is bottle. They'll spend a lot of times crossing river so there's a high chance they'll find a rune on their way. Runes can help them gank easier and once they use it, their bottle will back with full charges. Use the charges to replenish your hp/mana and go back to ganking.

Source: Mugen89 Rune Guide

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  1. how to store a rune in a bottle?

  2. why to store a rune in a bottle

  3. empty the bottle,
    click the bottle,
    click the powerup.

  4. if u use a bottled rune you'll get a 3free bottle charges

  5. you should bottle hahahaha

  6. i saw a guy using a crow to bottle a rune and then he managed to use the rune to the hero howd that happen??

  7. isee two power up!!!



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