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5 New Languages Added, GetDota is Updating!

ThreeFourFive new languages are now added at GetDota. Now you can have the map on France, Germany, Taiwan, Brazil and Czech. Well, not yet actually.. If you click the flag, it will say:

No Latest Map available for this language at this moment. Check back soon.

Regardless, it seems IceFrog is preparing the site for the Dota 6.60 launch. Sit tight guys, it's near!

Update: Taiwan added. Brazil added.

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  1. Thanks for the update ;)

  2. u are so quick with update and news!
    gj ;)

  3. PT-BR will be there soon.

  4. Nc alief! Keep up the good work! Ur updating us quick!
    T-up 4 u!

  5. Well you could always have gotten the map in France, Germany, and in the Czech Rep, since they have internet.
    Now the maps are available in French German and Czech

  6. Hey check out icefrog.com!
    New update, i just said he will update be4 he release!
    So this is what i'm saying, the update b4 d release! Yeah, 6.60 will really be out 2morrow!
    JUNE 10 or 11, 2009

    Alief, looks like u need 2 update ur blog again=)

  7. It will be out either today or tomorrow according to icefrog.com

  8. yeah i already check

    this from icefrog.com

    Submitted by IceFrog on Tue, 06/09/2009 - 18:39

    Hey guys. I plan on uploading 6.60 tonight or early tomorrow unless a critical issue occurs, but right now it looks very likely.

    I'll edit this post here with another update in a few hours

    yaataaa, at least the map will release..

  9. For you guys (phila)

    It's not really tomorrow, you just have to wait a few hours.

    Remember that IceFrog lives somewhere in GMT-3 or 4 or5.

  10. guys i live in +2 gmt its now 3:47 am and this is the really quikest uptade in the latest moment of the day (night) i have never see

  11. here in taiwan,shanghai,macau,hongkong,philippines,indonesia..we have the same GMT so it'll be tonight or early dawn tom wil be the release..

  12. Yeah! I think early tomorrow on icefrog zone is tonight around 5pm-7pm here n ph!
    So tonight, i'm planning not to sleep...zzZZZzz
    so, who wants to spend night with me? Just add me up!
    Garena ph=> esequel

  13. @esequel
    waaaahahaha..r u a stud? or do u work? u r one hell of a DotA addict man..no offense...jaz kidding..

  14. Do you know How many players of dota in the Philippines?

    better to have also the philippines!

    little jealousy JOKE!!!

    this is good for Pinoy addict players!

    Kati ng kaso-kasuan e jacol na yan!