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Dota 6.59c Bug - Dota-Allstars 6.59c Exploit

Dota 6.59c bug Dota 6.59c Bug - Dota-Allstars 6.59c Exploit. After knowing that IceFrog will release Dota 6.59d, i believe that there's serious bug/exploit on Dota 6.59c. After searching for a while, i found it and want to share it with you guys ^_^ The bug is on Armlet of Mordiggian. If you follow the step on this video, you will be able to activate Armlet without losing any HP! Woot!!! No i'm not wondering why he has to release Dota-Allstars 6.59d before Dota 6.60 ~_~

Here is the video:


And there's other more bugs on Dota 6.59c:
Pudge can use Kellen Dagger
Cooldown Abuse

So, if you curious about Dota 6.59c bug, here is the answer. Enjoy! :)

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  1. Nice bug...great finding alief.

  2. i saw this b4 on youtube...IceFrog maybe saw it too and fixed it on the next map...i wonder how the guy who found this figure this it out??

  3. The guy found it by testing it. The guy probably knows the triggers behind the map. The guy tested stuff out and found a leak or flaw in the item binding triggers. If possible, Froggy, fix it on 6.60 please.

  4. hahaha..
    i can cheat my friend!!

  5. Nice finding alief, btw another site is copying your words

  6. Same as the pudge bug, where you can use blink dagger.

    Do the same thing but instead of armlet use the dagger on Pudge.

  7. Just found a bug in Windrunner vs. Enchantress:

    when you use focus fire on enchantress... the untouchable skill doesn't come of!

  8. these bug/exploits already exist since 6.59 therefore you can use against AI in 6.59AI map

  9. Well, I don't think its a bug. I think its a hidden recipe by IceFrog.

  10. this guy "Kuarinofu" is great...Not olny he found the armlet bug... he also found the "Cooldown Abuse" bug...

    see this link

  11. Can someone tell me if this is a bug?

    Windrunner x Lanaya

    If windrunner cast focus fire on lanaya and Lanaya is with Refraction, Lanaya's health regem...
    I tested it on 6.59b and c, but not on 6.59d yet. But do you guys know if this is a bug?

  12. Yes, actually first 5 hits using Windrunner ulti targeting Lanaya under effects of Refraction will heal lanaya.
    This also works with other trigger heals, Void...Visage...Abaddon...Spectre...

  13. same with gem of true sight...
    i tested it with the recipe...
    and it works!..

    a crow with true sight!..

  14. this bug is present from v6.51 up to v6.59c, test it with yourselves

  15. i know d armlet bug but not d dagger. haha

  16. Its simple...Do the same as what you do for the armlet bug...Pudge and VS can blink! lol

  17. armlet untradeable after u do it?