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Dota 6.59b Official Map - Dota-Allstars 6.59b

Dota 6.59 - Dota-Allstars 6.59 Dota 6.59b Official Map is released with the Dota 6.59b side quest. In the side quest you will find Tauren Chieftain that will be introduced on Dota 6.60. Share your find about Dota 6.59b quest.

Here is the complete Dota 6.59b changelogs:

* Fixed various memory glitches from recent optimizations that sometimes resulted in abilities/items malfunctioning

Here is the download link:
Dota-Allstars 6.59b via Warcraft 3 Map
Mirror 1 of
Or you can check more mirror on

Enjoy the quest ^^
If you confuse, you can see the complete guide on Dota 6.59b Quest

Update: Dota 6.59 AIplus, the latest Dota 6.59 AI is finished!
Dota 6.59c is released!

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  1. YES! FIRST TO COMMENT! Btw what are the optional minigames/quests? I heard they were exciting

  2. may i ask a question alief to you??

    im playing the new map 6.59b about the quest i try using "whosyourdaddy" but it doesn't work.. i mean the cheat doesn't work... can you teach me how to encode the cheat.. i think that is the only thing that can beat TC...

    i press ENTER follow by the word WHOSYOURDADDY and ENTER... still the code doesn't work while i'll playing??? sad:( can you help me about this... ty in advance...

  3. @PkerYH - Hehehe, nice seeing you here again. You can see the quest guide on this link:
    @anonymous - Make sure you are playing in the single Player mode. If you play in the LAN game, type -test in the beginning of the game. I think that's work, but since i forgot when the last time i use cheats, i could be wrong ^^"

  4. My friend and i found out that the totem might be the TC fountain.. so we bring him out from the RD circle and voila- it works

    and we still do not understand how to un-invulnurable the totems since the froggy keep dying when entering the circle

    if you wonder how we bring TC out, we use ES to block TC path and until the trees grow back..

  5. You just have to send the frogs 1 by 1. Send 1 frog first(keep the others away, so tc won't kill them if he follows you). That should make just 1 totem vulnerable, destroy it, and repeat the whole story again until there's no totems or frogs.

  6. 1st find all 4 totem and summon TC at RD circle, then buy 4 bottle it use for sealing the 4 frog, once they sealed bring them into RD circle and unsealed the 1st frog then u destroy the 1st totem, continue this step till all totem destroyed. so TC will be no longer have super regen, max AS and addictional huge amount of armor and damage. well i try 2 hero with my friend, its naix and necrolyte at lvl 11~12 took us 10 min to kill the TC. happy trying

  7. Update : DotA 6.59C is out.

  8. IceFrog Also removed the quest @ DotA 6.59c

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